Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


42. Friends with Harry

Brook's Pov

I found my self jumping up out of bed surprisingly happy. I shook Zayn awake, 'Babe, get up!' I cooed in his ear, he fluttered his eye lids open. 'Morning Doll' he grinned, I smiled 'get up and ready, today we leave' I smiled and ran out of the room to wake up the others. Niall, Harry and Louis stayed in the same bed last night, so they were all heaped in a pile and all looked super cute cuddled up. They couldn't stay cute for long, I ran over to them and jumped on the bed. 'WAKE UP OR ELSE!!' I yelled, they all moaned as I continued to jump 'Brook...' they all moaned, 'come on get up and I will leave' I laughed. Niall tried to bury his head in the pillow, Louis pulled the quilt around him and Harry fell out of the bed.

I laughed and looked down at Harry, he looked up weakly with a tired face. I smiled and jumped on to the floor, I sat on him. 'Brook what are you doing?' he groaned in a sexy wake up voice, 'Will you get up if I move?' I asked smiling at him, he laughed 'yeah' he nodded. I stood up, and Harry stood up 'See I told you' he smiled, I looked at him grinning. I noticed he was only in boxers, I am not going to lie this boy had a hot body, perfect v-line, abs and oh my god those collar bones? I smiled at him, 'Enjoying the view?' he smirked, I gulped and forced a laugh 'yeah you don't look to bad' I joked.

I pulled Harry's arm and ran down the kitchen, 'Grab that mop bucket' I ordered, he grabbed it as I grabs the dish bowl. 'What are we doing?' he grinned, 'we are going to wake them up' I smiled, 'by throwing water on them?' he laughed, 'cold water' I grinned. He smiled, as we walked back upstairs, 'Are you out of bed yet?' I called, silence. I creaked open the door and walked inside with Harry with a bucket of water, Harry had the other. I went to Louis, Harry went to Niall. '3.2.1' I mouthed. We tipped the water at the same time, I have never seen two boys move so fast.

Me and Harry dropped the buckets and ran. We ran into the living room, laughing. We fell on the couch side by side, 'That was so funny' I laughed, Harry looked down and smiled at me. We looked at each other for a moment, 'not interrupting am I?' Zayn coughed, I stood up. 'No of course not... we have just woke the boys up' I smiled proud of my self. 'Yeah and wet the bed sheets in the process' he laughed, I smiled and hugged him 'won't be the last time' I smirked playfully, and pecked his lips. 'I better go and get ready for our trip then' Harry awkwardly left. 'Okay... I need to get dressed too' I smiled and followed Harry upstairs.

I got into my room, and got dressed. I put on some joggers and a baggy shirt and hoody. Long ride, comfy clothes. I got my bag and pulled on my beanie, grabbed my phone, IPod and went down stairs. All of the boys were in the kitchen, 'Morning lovely to see everyone awake' I grinned leaning on Harry's shoulder with my arm. 'I think we need to take you more seriously when you say "OR ELSE!" ' Louis imitated, 'I would be nothing, with out Harry he is like my partner in crime' I smirked at him, a grin smothered Harry's lips, and a frown passed over Zayn's face, he was angry. 'But in reality the only partner I need is over there' I smiled at Zayn, he looked up and bit his lip to stop a smile, I walked over to him and smiled, 'I only want you' I grinned and kissed him, 'GET A ROOM!' Niall yelled.

I laughed at him, 'Shall we get going' Louis asked, I nodded. 'Road trip!!' I yelled, they all laughed. We all got into the van, Louis said he would drive first. We all sat around, me and Zayn sat next to each other, Harry was opposite me and Niall up front with Louis. 'Guys lets play a game' Niall turned and faced us. 'Okay then' I smiled, we all looked at each other. 'well choose a game?' Harry laughed, 'Ladies choice' Niall smiled. I looked at Zayn, he was no help 'ermm... Would you rather?' I smiled, 'Okay then' they nodded, 'ME FIRST' Louis shouted. 'Okay then go' Niall told him.

'This is for... Brook' he smiled, 'Oh no' I sighed. 'Would you rather... Run your tounge down Niall's chest, or... suck on Harry's... collar bone' he grinned, I sighed and rolled my eyes. I looked at them both, Niall was on his knees lifting up his shirt and puffing out his chest.  Harry had turned to the side, and threw his head back. I was smiling and laughing at them, Zayn's grip was tight around me. 'Ermm... Harry?' I laughed, 'Okay... can we turn this into dares' Harry playfully grinned. 'No we can't... cause dares will get us into bad places' I laughed. 'Next one is for, Zayn' I smiled up at him. 'Oh god' he sighed.

'Would you rather Lose me? or never fight again?' I grinned, he suddenly went quiet. 'I-I would rather never fight again, cause I wouldn't want to lose you... no matter what' he smiled and kissed me softly, 'Well aren't they just adorable' Louis grinned.

Zayn's Pov

--------------Flash Forward------------------

I got in from the fight, and sat down on the couch. My ribs were bruised and, my fists red. I pulled my head back on the couch. Then I realised my house was silent. I walked up the stairs, and called Brook's name. 'Brook?' I yelled, I walked into the bed room. Niall was lay there on the floor, passed out. I walked over to him, and shook him violently. 'Louis!' I yelled, his eyes slowly forced themselves open. He put his hand on his head, 'What happened? Where is Brook?' I yelled, 'I-I .. What?' he asked, waking up properly. 'Brook! Where is she?' I yelled, 'She was asleep' he muttered, 'well she isn't there anymore!' I yelled.

I walked down the stairs and paced, 'where has she gone' I muttered. I sat back on the couch, and must have fallen asleep, for at least an hour. I was awoken by blue and red flashing lights through the window and a knock on the door. I walked up to it, and opened it slightly. It was the police. I opened it fully. Very confused. 'Are you Zayn Malik? Boyfriend Of Brook? They asked, I nodded confused 'y-yes, why?' I muttered ;I think its best if we come in' they told me' I immediately let them in and showed them to the couch. They sat down in sync.

--------------End Of Flash Forward-----------------

We pulled over in about two hours, but Brook needed to change. I waited outside the van.

Brook's Pov

‘I am ready’ I say walking out of the van, ‘how do I look?’ I ask, we were only going to a dine in but I wanted to look nice, ‘ermm… Yeah you look fine’ he says, I can see something is wrong with the way I look, I am wearing leggings and a collar flower top and some high heeled ankle boots, HE hasn't been normal really not since this morning. ‘Zayn what is wrong with the way I look’ I asked, ‘nothing I just think maybe you should have dressed down a bit, who are you trying to impress, you know Lola only ever wanted to impress me... not my friends' he said quietly, I stood there angrily ‘well I am sorry, but I am not Lola, maybe you should have brought her... you know got her out of prison, and maybe she can go physco again!’ I spat and walked back inside the van, ‘look Doll  just meant-’ I stopped him, ‘you what Zayn just go in on your own, I am not going, why don’t you call Lola... I have suddenly lost my appetite’ I stated and he walked off.

I closed the door. I got changed back into my other clothes. I stand there looking the mirror that hung on the wall, I shake my head. Maybe he is right? I am never going to Lola, he is always going to compare me to her. I lean over and grab a razor from the toiletries bag, one clean straight cut along my arm. I winced in pain, I haven't done that since my parents die, why did I decided now was the time to? Then the door opened 'Brook...' Harry whispers seeing me cry on a ball on the floor, looking fragile and broken. 'what have you done?' he whispers tears leaving his eyes 'What are you doing here' I whimper into his chest, 'I came to see if you were going to come in, and... to check on you-... Why?' he asked, 'Because- I am never going to be her... I will never be Zayn's, Lola' he stopped me 'no! You don't need to be anyone else, you are fine the way you are, and Zayn shouldn't care, he should love you for who you are, come on promise me you'll never do this again?' he said letting a tear fall 'I promise' I whisper.

Harry stayed with me and I pulled on my hoody to hide my arm. Zayn and everyone came back into the van. I wrapped my arms around myself, Harry sat opposite me. I looked up at Zayn, he sighed and sat next to me, pulling me close to him. I squeezed my eyes shut to block out the tears. 'I love you... not her... I didn't mean it' he whispered, 'Zayn just stop talking' I sighed, he sighed and kissed my forehead. I wrapped my arms around him tightly. 'Lets go find Liam!' Niall chimed in from the front as we passed the welcome to Wolverhampton sign.


Will Zayn see the cut?

What happens to Brook, when Zayn goes to fight?

Will they find Liam?

Will Zayn be able to go through with the fight?

Will Liam be Good or Bad?




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