Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


37. Friends or Enemies

Brook's Pov

We went home, and Celic got sacked. I was lay there on the bed replaying the events of today. I looked at Zayn who was walking around the room, I walked over to him and stood in front of him and hugged him tightly. I ran my fingers over his trimmed chest, my fingertips ran over his skull tattoos. 'You okay?' he asked a grin pulling at his lips, 'Zayn... I need you' I begged, 'Baby are you sure?' he asked, '... Zayn... you just called me baby? Not Doll' I pointed out, 'thought I would try it out' he grinned, 'I prefer Doll' I smiled, and pushed him back on the bed so I was straddling him. 'Doll... you have had a long day are you sure you want to do this?' he asked again, 'Zayn I need to feel you' I begged running my fingers through his hair.

Zayn's Pov

Oh shit I shouldn't let her do this really should I, she said she wants it. She leant back down as she pulled her own shirt of, and my lips wandered as I kissed down her neck. My hands travel up her curves and she moaned. 'Are you sure you want to do this?' I asked again, she nods 'more than anything' she whispered, and she entangled her fingers in my hair again and I rolled over so I was on top. God how I want her right now... but I know she is fragile right now, she is still taking in everything.

 Brook pulled down my pants, I think she felt like she needed to do this so she knows I am hers. I bent down and kiss her again, harder this time 'You do know I am yours' I whispered, she nodded and pulled me down again. My tongue entered her mouth, he tounge fought for dominance. I unclipped her bra and started kissing my way down to her chest. I started to kiss her pelvic bones and she moaned beneath me 'Zayn' she moaned, and left a trail of love bites, while she continued to moaning underneath me. When I finished there, I moved lower and lower until I reached her knickers, I tugged them lower till she was also completely naked. I looked at her in awe, she was beautiful. 'You don't have to do this' I told her, 'Zayn I want to... I need to' she whispered/

Brook's Pov
'You don't need to feel like you have to prove anything' he said and kissed me once again, I need this so much I need him. Zayn lined him self up to me and I gasped. 'are you sure Doll' he asked and I knew he would stop if I told him too, 'Zayn Just fucking get on with it' I moaned grabbing the bed sheets in my fingers, I just wanted him to do it already.. I just want to feel him inside me. 'yeah.... Zayn' I moaned as he thrusted slowly into me. I felt so much pleasure it was unreal, Zayn looked so hot. 'I am so close' he grunted as he pushed that little bit harder. Our hips jerked and he gripped mine and pushed into me harder, he held me down as I screamed his name out loud.

I fell limp next to him, as he lay down. 'Thank you' I smiled, he kissed me and we lay down and drifted to sleep.

-----------------------------------The next day------------------------------

I thought it was about time I went to see Jack, I haven't seen my brother in a while. But first I needed to see Courtney. 'Zayn, I am going out, I will see you later' I smiled and kissed him good bye. 'Wait where are you going?' he asked, 'I need to see Courtney' I smiled devilishly, 'Oh Okay' he sighed, I smiled and walked out.

When I got to there flat, I knocked on the door. 'Courtney can I have a word?' I asked, she smiled 'Oh yeah sure come in, Logan is out at the minute' she smiled. I walked inside, and sat down 'you want a drink?' she asked, 'No thanks' I smiled. 'So what was it you want?' she asked, 'So Lola was talking to me yesterday and... well no she was holding me and Zayn hostage. Lola told me that when you started dating Logan... it was because she needed to get me paranoid' I told her, 'yeah but... It started like that but... I actually fell for him and well... look please don't tell him' she begged, 'I won't I just need to know you won't hurt him' I told her, 'I won't... thank you, we are already having a rough time at the minute' she told me, 'really why?' I asked.

Courtney's Pov

-----------------------Flash Back----------------------------

It was just me and him, sat alone in the apartment. I smiled at him and he just stared blankly, ‘Logan is everything ok?’ I asked him ‘yeah fine, I’m just going to go and get something from the store’ he said standing up, and walking out the door. Strange. I  saw his phone on the table and it was just vibrating, it wouldn't hurt to look would it? He was in a group text with his mates they were talking about there girlfriends, when it came to Liam he came up short. ‘well…she is … let’s just say… we are losing that spark!’ his message read, the other boys text back a series of why?

The door flung open ‘I’m back love’ he said ‘we’ve lost our spark?’ I asked him, tears in my eyes ‘you weren’t meant to see that’ he whispered coming over to me. He tried to comfort me but I just couldn’t deal with him. ‘Logan I love you, I love your eyes, your smile, your perfect and every time I look at you I still get the spark, why don’t you’ I asked him crying ‘I-I  don’t know, I want to love you but…but’ he stammered ‘but what Logan?!’ I raged ‘but I’m not sure if I love you’ he seemed to whisper, he words were sharp and brutal. ‘Logan you don’t love me?’ I asked, letting the tears fall down, ‘I don’t know any more’ he whispered.

I walked over to get my bag and keys ‘where are you going?’ he asked me ‘I’m not staying here…when you don’t know if you love me or not’ I cried, ‘please just stay we can work it all out... I don't want to lose you... just because I am unsure that doesn't mean I am definite about it' he whispered

------------------End of flashback -------------------------

Brook's Pov

'Oh I am sorry I didn't mean to be nosy' I sighed, 'no its fine...' she sighed, 'Hey why don't me and you spend a day together, get to know each other, now I know you are genuine, I mean we got off on the wrong foot' I smiled, 'Okay sure, I would like that' she smiled.

I left then to see my brother.

Courtney's Pov

Me and Logan haven't talk since I the thing I told brook about. He is a prick … that's all that is going through my mind. ‘we have lost the spark' the words play over in my head … what's the fucking point in seeing each other anyway. You had been on a having the same discussion for a week now... and it is killing me. Everywhere I looked it reminded me of him. I  turned on the laptop, I realised he had left Facebook logged in, he had a new status that was uploaded by mobile.

It caught my ‘to be honest me and Courtney are .. not good … I have been an idiot I suggested hat we didn't have a spark and it was the worst thing I ever did …  listen Courtney I love you I'm stupid I cant live with out you I cant imagine being with out you I hate the fact I have made you cry and the fact I can t make it better … well this is my attempt I love please just take let me prove we have that spark' Later that night Logan came home and  we make up with him realising I can’t live without him either.


Are Brook and Courtney really friends now?

What Else will get in the way for Brook and Zayn?



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