Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


59. Flight troubles

Brook's Pov

I sighed and pulled back my covers. Zayn was down stairs and I was upstairs getting ready for the day ahead. It was 5:00 am. Our flight to California is at 8:00. I quickly get dressed and walk down the stairs, Zayn is pulling all the suit cases to the door. The boys are all sat in living room, 'You guys didn't have to get up' I laughed, 'TOLD YOU!' Niall yelled, 'Shut up Niall, we wanted to say good bye' Louis laughed. 'Taxi's here Brook' Zayn told me, I nod. 'See you soon then boys' I smile, they all surrounded me in hugs, and Zayn too. 'Come on, we are already late' Zayn tugged my arm. 'See you soon boys' I tell them.

They all walk us out side and Zayn puts the bags inside the taxi. Liam helps, Niall is stood there falling asleep. I am stood with Louis. 'Give this to Harry' I whisper, 'Does Zayn know about this?' he asked, taking the paper from my hand. I shook my head, 'He doesn’t need to, its nothing bad its just explaining everything' I tell him, 'I hope for you sake it is... because I was serious, if you play them, I will make sure your gone... You maybe like my sister, but they are my brothers' he told me, I nodded 'I wouldn't play them, Thanks Louis' I smile and hug him, 'Okay... I will give it him' he told me, I nodded and he hugged me.

'Brook!' Zayn called, I turned. 'See you later guys' I smile, and run over to the taxi. 'You ready for our adventure?' he asked, tightly holding my hand. I took a deep breath and nodded. He kissed me softly. We drove to the airport, the ride wasn't long. When we got there Zayn payed the man, and we went inside. We gave our bags in, and then went to look around the shops until our flight.

We got breakfast, and walked around for a while. Then it was time to board the flight. We got on and put away our hand luggage, 'You ready?' he asked, kissing me sweetly 'As ever' I laughed. I turned around and bumped into someone. 'Oh sorry' I mumble. She looked up at me, Brown hair that was long, and brown eyes to match. 'Oh no its-... Zayn?' she asked, looking beyond me. Zayn looked up at her, and a flicker of joy grazed his eyes. 'Annie?' he asked.

My heart could have stopped there and then. Annie? The same Annie that was the girl that made Harry and Zayn kill each other. 'Yeah, oh my you haven't changed a bit' she smiled, pushing past me giving him a hug, and he didn't shy away from the hug. 'Annie?' a voice smiled behind her. 'Oh Dan, this is Zayn' she introduced. He waved at Zayn, 'What are you doing here?' Annie asked, 'Oh me and Brook are going to California' he told her, not letting his eyes leave her face. I moved and stood next to Dan. 'She your girlfriend?' I asked, he nodded 'He your boyfriend?' I nodded.

I could tell he was just as annoyed as I was. The two of them were stood talking, me and Dan were stood awkwardly. 'I need to ask you too take your seats' the air hostess said. I went to go and sit in MY seat, but Annie sat there. 'You don't mind do you Doll? We are just catching up' Zayn smiled at me, 'Dan, you and Brook sit together' she told him, he nodded 'Come on' he smiled at me, 'Brook!' Zayn called I turned around. 'You don't mind do you?' he asked, 'No' I spat and turned away.

I sat next to Dan. We were behind Zayn and Annie. 'You know this was meant to be a fresh start for us?' Dan told me, 'I know, same for us' I rolled my eyes. We could hear the two of them laughing. 'Does Zayn get jealous?' he asked, I nod 'Very easily' I mumble, 'So does Annie' he told me. 'Why?' I asked, 'Fancy playing them at there own game?' he asked, 'They aren't doing it on purpose though' I told him, 'really? Annie is! I know you are jealous of Zayn' he told me, 'Okay... What did you have in mind' I asked.

He didn't have anything in mind. Instead we decided not to make a mountain out of a mole hill. We sat and got to know each other. I couldn't help but laugh at some of the things we was telling me. I moved and put my legs over him, and he rested his hands on them. We were aloud to move about now, so we thought why not. 'Would you two love birds like anything?' Asked the Air hostess. I was laughing and wiping tears of laughter from my eyes, as was Dan. Zayn turned around 'Love birds?' he asked angrily. 'Oh no, we aren't together' me and Dan both laughed at the air hostess. 'Could have fooled me' she laughed, carrying on.

'How about we swap over now?' Annie suggested, me and Dan looked at each other. 'Well the flight will be over soon, might as well stay where we are' Dan spoke, I nod 'He is right' I told them. 'Fine' Zayn and Annie turned around angrily. Me and Dan couldn't help but laugh. 'What have we done?' I asked, he shrugged 'I have no idea' he laughed.

The plane landed very soon. We got our hand luggage, and went to wait for our suitcases. We were all stood in a four. Me, Dan, Zayn, Annie. Me and Dan were still in full conversation, Zayn and Annie looked more pissed off. 'Come on Brook, here are our cases' Zayn grunted. I sighed, 'It was so nice to meet you Dan, you have my number so call me sometime' I smile, and hug him. 'You too Brook, I had so much fun on the plane' he laughed and hugged me back. 'Brook!' Zayn called, 'Bye Dan... Annie' I rolled my eyes, and wave to Dan.

We got out side the airport and hailed a Taxi. We walked over to it and put our bags in. Zayn ignored me. 'Your not speaking?' I asked, he rolled his eyes. 'Well someone is being immature' I told me. 'Me immature? You the one that was flirting with that Dan the while plane ride' he spat, 'I wasn't flirting, I was being nice... You were the one that let her take my seat' I told him, 'You said you were okay with it' he defended, 'Zayn, she is your ex, of course I am not going to be okay with it!' I yelled, 'Annie offered for you too move back' he told me, 'The flight was landing in ten minutes, it wouldn't have been worth it' I told him.

'Oh... And when that woman called you “Love Birds” you didn't jump to correct her did you?' he growled, 'No because I was laughing' I told him, 'You still should have said' he sighed. 'Then you give him your number! You have know him for five minutes Brook!' he yelled, '10 hours... We were on that plane for 10 hours' I told him, 'That's not the point, you don't give boys your number when you have a boyfriend!' he yelled, 'He is a friend... But wait your aloud to reminisce with Annie? Who you use to date and I am not aloud a boy who is a friend?' I asked, 'No your not, because they never stay just friends with you' he growled.

We got to our hotel. The bags were just put in the room. Zayn was really pissed off with me.

Harry's Pov

I looked at the door and Louis came in. 'You ready to go Harry?' he asked, I nodded and grabbed my bag. 'Wait' Louis spoke, 'What' I asked. 'Here take this' he handed me a small white envelope. 'What's this' I asked, 'Its something Brook wanted me to give you... I don't know what' he told me. I put down my bag a ripped open the small envelope. I looked and it was a letter.

Dear, Harry

Things are going to have to be different now, I don’t know what we are going to do, But we can't be together, and I think we both know that's for the best. With me going to California maybe now is a chance for us both to focus on something else. I am not meant for you, I meant for Zayn. But we both knew that already. You deserve a nice girl Harry, someone who isn't in love with your best friend. I think we are alright thought, I will be there when you need me, and I know you will be there when I need you. I just can’t lose, you have been my best friend since I met you, and now with you not being here it is tearing my heart apart, please just remember, we can be friends no matter what. We can survive this, we can do this, because we are best friends. We both need to move on and accept the fact we can't be together, but I wouldn't change a thing, because you are my Harry. My best friend.

Love From Brook.

I smiled, and folded the paper. 'Everything okay Haz?' Louis asked, I nodded 'Everything is perfect' he smiled and we walked out to his car.

Brook's Pov

I sighed and walked over to Zayn. 'You going to speak to me yet?' I asked, 'I have nothing to say to you' he spat. I walked over and sat behind him, and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his neck softly. 'I am sorry' I kissed him again, he moaned and turned round to meet my lips. 'This doesn't excuse what you did' he told me, 'I didn't do anything' I told him, he pulled back. I sighed, 'Can we just forget it? I mean this is meant to me about me and you' I told him, playing with his hand. 'Your right... me and you' he kissed my forehead. I smiled and pulled him back down to kiss me, that was when my phone went off. 'Hang on one minute' I smiled, and kissed him once more before grabbing my phone. I left the room.

I answered it. 'Hello?' I asked, 'Hey Its me' Harry spoke. 'Hi... Did Louis give yo-..' he stopped me, 'Yeah he did, and I completely agree... Just friends, you have fun with Zayn... You deserve it' he seemed to smile. 'Thank you Harry' I smiled, 'Bye Brook' he told me. I hung up the phone.

'Who was it?' Zayn asked, kissing my neck. 'No one... Call Centre' I lie. He smiled and kissed me pushing me back onto the bed. I smiled and he kissed down my neck, he pulled my shorts off and my shirt. He pulled his own shirt of he kissed my stomach and I ran my finger through his hair.

Then his phone goes off. He stay straddling me, and has the phone to his ear. 'Hello Zayn Malik wanted sex god with a half naked beautiful lady underneath him' he cockily answered, I laughed. Then his face dropped, 'MUM! .. Hi' he gasped, I clasped my hand over my mouth. He crawled off me, and left the room to get back some dignity. I couldn't help but laugh.


Will Annie come back?

Will they find her Parents?

Will there be any trouble in paradise?

An old friend comes to visit.

Who will it be?






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