Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


60. Finding them

Brook's Pov

The next morning came. After last night with Zayn's mum, it kind off killed the mood. I rolled over and saw Zayn staring at me. 'What?' I asked, 'Nothing' he smiled playing with my hair. 'So what did you say to your mum last night?' I asked, 'Oh... I couldn't say anything, she just laughed and said "I can tell your busy" and hung up' He explained, I laughed 'its your own fault I mean, who answers the phone like that?' I chuckle, 'I thought it would be one of the boys, it normally is' He defended. I rolled my eyes, 'Well wanted sex god, get dressed... we have some searching to do' I smiled and kissed his nose.

I got out of bed, and left Zayn sat there. I walked to the bathroom to shower and get changed. I wore a baggy shirt, skinny jeans and wedges. I walked back to the bedroom, and Zayn was on the laptop. 'Right, your mum and dad should be in 14 green avenue' he told me, 'Were is that?' I asked, '10 minutes from here' he told me, I smiled and kissed his cheek. 'Lets go and get some breakfast then, and then go and find them' I smiled. He pulled his jacket on as I toddled to the door, 'Doll?... Don't get your hopes to high, Okay? That is were they should be, it doesn't mean they defiantly will be' he told me, taking my hand and locking the door. I smiled 'I know but it means a lot that we might be able to find them' I smiled, and hugged him.

We walked down to the dining area. We had coffee and Pancakes and sat down, I placed my phone next to me. 'So I was thinking, after we find your parents?... What are we going to do?' he asked me. 'I don't really know... I haven't thought that far a head' I told him. 'Hey guys!' I heard a high pitched squeak. I turned and Annie and Dan were walking towards us, Annie sat the other side of me and Dan the other side off Zayn. 'Isn't this weird! I mean first the flight now this?' Annie grinned, I rolled my eyes. 'Yeah weird' I agreed, My phone started to ring. I looked at caller ID. Harry. I can't answer so I decline. 'Who was that?' Zayn asked, 'Oh... That call centre again' I told him, he nodded.

My phone went off again, I went to grab it but Annie picked it up. 'Who's Harry?' she asked smirking, I looked at Zayn, and he raised his eyebrows at me, someone was annoyed. I yanked the phone from her hand, 'He is no one' I told her, 'Would you excuse me?' I asked, and stood up and walked outside. 'Harry? What do you want?' I asked, 'Hello to you to' he mocked, 'Harry seriously this is not the time' I told him, 'No I know you said not to call, but its an emergency' he told me, 'Why has something happened?' I asked, 'Not exactly' he told me, I sighed 'Harry tell me' I yell, 'Its Louis' he told me, 'What about him?' I asked, 'We can't find him...' he told me, 'He is probably out, is that all?' I asked, 'No... We went out last night, celebration for me coming home and then we lost Louis at the club... and we think he is with a girl' he told me, 'Harry! This is not the time, why did you call just for that. I am having my own problems right now, Your and Zayn ex Annie has shown up and now won't fucking go' I told him.

'Annie?' he asked, 'Yes! God, what did you even see in her' I moaned, I could feel him smile the other end of the line. 'Is someone getting jealous?' he joked, 'Why would I be jealous, she is flirting with Zayn, but... I don't get jealous ok!' I told him, he chuckled 'What if she flirted with me, would you get jealous then?' he asked, he always knew how to stop me being angry at him. I leant on the wall, 'I would be so jealous Harry. I mean your mine' I joked, he knew I was messing around 'Ooo really? Well what happened to just friends?' he asked, I laughed 'No one has to know' I laughed, 'See your not mad any more are you?' he asked, I laughed 'No I am not... I will speak to you soon, and have Louis ring me when he gets back from his conquest' I told him, he laughed 'Alright bye love' he told me, 'bye bye' I smiled and hung up the phone.

I turned around and Zayn was there. 'Care to explain?' he asked, I looked down and then up at him 'I thought you said you ended it with him' he asked angrily. 'I have, there is nothing going on' I told me, 'Don't bull shit me, you just said he was yours, and no one has to know... Excuse me but they all add up to you cheating' he growled, 'We were joking, I was annoyed at Annie for sticking her nose in, and he was calling about Louis and then... He made me laugh so I wasn't angry anymore' I told him. 'Come on we should be going' he told me, I pulled his arm back 'Zayn... you do believe me right?' I asked, he sighed and ran a hand threw his hair 'Yeah... Yeah I do... Its just going to take time to trust each other again' he told me, I nodded and hugged him tightly.

We hire a taxi to take us to the address for my parents. We sit there silently until Zayn talks. 'What did Harry want?' he asked, 'Louis is missing' I told him. 'What?!' he asked shocked, 'No they went out last night, and he hasn't come home, he left with a girl' I explained, 'Cheeky bastard' he laughed, I smiled at Zayn. 'Your here' said the driver, we got out and Zayn paid him.

As we stood outside the new house, Zayn grabbed my hand. He tugged me forward, 'Zayn I'm scared' I told him, 'its alright I am here' he smiled at me. We walked up to the large door, and banged on it. I shuddered, I heard muffled voices inside. Zayn reassuringly squeezed my hand. The door opened and before me stood 'Jack?!' I almost yelled, 'Hey sis' he grinned. Dad appeared behind him, 'Jack said you were coming... You have grown' he smiled, walking towards me. I smile at him, and Zayn stares viscously at Jack. 'Come on inside sweetie your mother wants to see you' he smiled, I pulled my myself back, and knew Zayn wouldn't want me to go in.

'What is sweetie?' Dad asked, 'I'm not coming in... if Jacks here' I told him, he chuckled 'Come on don't be silly' he pulled on my arm. Zayn stepped in front of me, making my dad let go. 'She said no' he growled, 'You don't have to look after her any more... I am here' my dad told Zayn. I saw Zayn clench his fist. I put my hand over Zayn's hand, and intertwined our fingers. 'Oh... So what's this?' my dad asked, 'He is my boyfriend' I whispered, my dad groaned 'you said you would look after her... Not fuck her' he shouted, 'Dad!' I yelled. Then from behind, Jack and Dad. Mum.

'B-Brook? Is that you?' he smiled, I pushed past my dad and brother and jumped into my mum's open arms. She hugged me tightly, and kissed my cheek. 'Oh Brook.. I am so sorry we lied to you' she whispered into my ear. 'No forgot it, Zayn explained it all' I pulled back and wiped my tears. 'Now come on everyone come in for tea' mum cooed. 'Bye Zayn' Jack went to slam the door, Zayn put his foot in the door frame, 'You don't think I am going to leave her here with you, do you?' Zayn growled, I held my hand for him to grab.

We sat down, and Zayn kept tightly hold of me. 'So what is going on kids? I mean... How has life been?' Mum asked, 'You wouldn't believe me if I told you' I laughed, looking up at Zayn. 'Try us?' Dad told me, 'Well... I met Zayn, we had a bumpy start, then I fell in love with him. Then he did fights, but he stopped, then some other stuff happened, Zayn was accused of murder, his friend Louis came, and well we thought he was bad, but it turns out he was good, and then I had a miscarriage and then, Niall... You remember him right? We bumped into each other and he knows Zayn, and then Harry came along. Then we went to find Liam. When we did, we had more things to battle with. Then there was a fire at this party thing...and Well all know what happened there don't we Jack?' I asked.

All eyes turned to Jack. 'Well... What happened there?' mum asked, 'You know what I will show you' I told them. I stood up and lifted the corners and showed them the fresh scars Jack left me with. 'He stabbed me twice, because I didn't do as I was told... Oh and has he told you, he is involved with Andy... You know the reason you guys had to fake your death' I shouted, Zayn came behind me and pulled me back to him, and wrapped his arms around my waist. 'Calm down' he whispered, 'I'm fine' I took a deep breath.

'Is that true?' Dad shouted at Jack. He looked down at his lap, and stood up 'I think I should leave' he whispered sadly. I sighed and looked away from him. 'No you should explain your self' Zayn shouted at him. I stood up and pushed on Zayn's chest for him to sit back down, 'Stay here' I told him. I walked up to Jack and I grabbed his hand tugging him to what looked like the living room.

'Tell you didn't mean to do it, and tell me they made you, or tell me something that means I can have a brother again' I begged, he sat down and ran his fingers through his hair. 'I wish I could... I did mean to do... Well I did, but I was angry with everything. I mean you just disowned me, and Zayn... I mean why are you with him! and then Andy and Steve... I took my anger out on you' he confessed. I walked over to him and hugged him tightly, 'I love you Jack... But you need to understand Zayn is part of my life now. I disowned you because you didn't care, and you involved with them... Can we start fresh?' I asked, he nodded.

Me and Jack walked back in the kitchen. Three sets of eye all on me and Jack. Zayn stood up, and walked over to me, grabbing my hand, 'its okay' I smiled. 'I am going now, I will come and see you two in a little while' Jack smiled and walked out. Me and Zayn sat back down, our chairs were touching. Mum was doing the dishes and dad was finishing his drink, I looked up at Zayn 'Thank you' I smiled 'For what?' he asked me playing with my fingertips. 'Keeping them safe... and for forgiving me' I smiled, he grinned and kissed me.

My mum sat back down, and smiled at us. 'So this is love?' she asked, I looked up at Zayn. 'Defiantly' Zayn grinned, I nodded in agreement. 'Well Zayn your a nice boy, and I have no doubt in my mind that you'll look after her' my mum concluded. I smiled 'Thank you, I don't plan on letting anyone hurt her' he smiled. I smiled up again. 'So I have to ask... Miscarriage?' Dad spoke up. I looked down, 'Yeah' I whispered, 'Was it planned?' he asked, 'No it.. It wasn't... It was a surprise' I told him, 'Do you to think that you could cope with a baby?' Mum asked, 'I think we could' I smiled looking at Zayn. 'A baby is a lot of work' Mum warned, 'I know... We didn't say now did we?' I defended.


Sorry for the late update

Who is thinking baby?

Did Jack mean it?

Can the past now be past?

What is Annie up to?


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