Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


30. Early Morning treat... Louis?

Brook's Pov

I woke up and smiled at Zayn, who's arms were wrapped around me. 'Morning Doll' he smiled looking up at me, I smiled at him and he groaned and pulled me in, and kissed me softly I pulled back. 'Your in a good mood this morning' I said laughing, he beamed 'why wouldn't be? Your here, things are perfect again' he said, I smiled at him and kissed him softly again. Zayn stood up and I couldn't help but stare, he was only wearing boxers of course I was going to stare. 'Like what you’re seeing?' he asked and I nodded and blushed, he walked back over and climbed under the cover's with me. He smiled as he pulled off mine and his remaining clothes. I smiled as he kissed me harder, his hand rubbed the inside of my thigh driving me crazy.

'You little tease' I whispered as he kissed down my neck again as he kissed he as me I felt his erection brush against my thigh. He reached down and rubbed my clit as he eased himself into me, I gasped but then moaned under his touch. 'Doll, you’re tight” he groaned and you winced in pleasure. He rubbed my clit faster as he eased out of me and back in again, very slowly. He was clearly trying to distract me by rubbing you but it really felt good.

“Fuck, stop” you whispered and he almost pulled out of me but I clasped my legs around his waist. 'Just allow me, ok?” I said as I reached up and kissed him. We made out for a few minutes and I hadn’t noticed that he was slowly thrusting in and out of me, I stretched and felt the pleasure, Zayn was kissing and sucking every inch of me, and I ran my fingers through his hair.' faster' I whispered and panted against his lips as he continued to kiss me, then he grabbed my hips and started thrusting into me, I closed my eyes and moaned, letting the feeling take over me.

'feel me baby you're so fucking tight you don’t even know” he whispered, he leaned back down and rested his weight on his elbows as he started to thrust deeply into me. 'Fuck. SHIT ZAYN!' I screamed as I reached up a closed my fist around the sheet, clenching it tightly, my other hand was on his back, my nail's dug into his back. Zayn sucked on my neck as he went faster and faster into me. 'I’m close Zayn, shit” I moaned as I exploded around him, I let out a breath trying to recover. He stood up and pulled my body towards the edge of the bed and started thrusting faster and faster. Zayn took one hand off of my hip and circled his thumb over my clit, causing an intense sensation as he continued to thrust into me. I felt a climax approaching, again... this boy is going to be the end of me.

'Fuck Zayn!' I screamed as I came again and he still pounded into you over and over again.

'PLEASE, FUCK IT’S TOO MUCH ZAYN!' I yelled and he thrusted one more time before exploding into me. Zayn pulled out and pulled me back into bed with him. Zayn and me lay there catching our breath I turned and smiled at him, he laughed 'round two?' he said, I laughed and grabbed his hand. 'I love you Zayn' I said putting a hand on his face, 'I love you too' he smiled. 'Now back t my suggestion' he said, I smiled at him 'what is wrong with you this morning' I asked, he grabbed my hips 'It's not my fault... if you weren't sat there looking so hot, then I wouldn't be like this now' he beamed, and kissed down my neck.

I rolled over so I was on top of him, I kissed down his neck and he smiled, and moaned under my touch. I looked up in his dark brown eyes, 'your such a fucking tease Brook' he said hardly, I grinned 'its what I do' I said, biting his bottom lip. He smiled and kissed me, then there was a knock at the door. I turned my head 'look's like round two will have to wait' I smirked kissing his nose. I grabbed my underwear and Zayn's shirt and walked down stairs, I opened the door and there was a tall Brown haired guy, he had pale blue eyes, and looked like he had soft skin. His smile was sweet, almost to sweet, I leant against the door. 'Can I help you?' I asked sweetly, his eyes wandered my body looking at every inch, I suddenly felt a bit conscience. He grinned 'Nice to meet you... you must be Brook?' he asked with a playful grin, I smiled a bit 'yeah I am brook, who wants to know?' I asked, 'Tommo' he said, 'is that a nickname?' I asked, he laughed 'how did you guess.... Louis' he said, I smiled and then realised 'Louis?' I asked, he nodded and walked past me.

I closed the door, 'I take it Zayn has told you about me?' he asked, I nodded and suddenly a wave of fear washed over me. 'Yeah... he mentioned you yesterday' I said quietly, Louis turned and faced me. He walked closer, his warm fingertips traced up my arm, causing me to shiver. 'I-I' I stuttered, he laughed hardly 'ooo I have this effect already?' he teased, I pushed his arm off me. 'Feisty, you don't really seem like Zayn's type... fancy taking a whack on me' he offered, I rolled my eyes 'sure let me just get changed' I said sarcastically 'really?' he asked 'No!... I will go and get Zayn for you' I scoffed walking up the stairs, I turned around 'and you can stop staring' I yelled.

I walked back in the bedroom, where Zayn had got dressed 'who was that doll?' he asked, 'Ermm... that Louis guy' I said, he suddenly got angry, he rushed over 'did he touch you, hurt you?' he panicked, grabbing my arms and looking over me, I laughed 'no he just flirted... but Zayn don't be stupid' I asked, he nodded and kissed my forehead 'you wait here' he ordered, I nodded and lay on the bed.


Again another short update but been busy... sorry guys hope its ok?

Why has Louis turned up?

Will Louis steal Brook?

How can Zayn stop Brook from falling into Louis trap?



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