Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


51. Dresses and Drama

Brook's Pov

I woke up the next morning, I sighed and sat up. The bed wasn't empty. I looked down and Josh was happily asleep, he looked so cute. I smiled and pull myself from his arms. I walk toward the door, 'Where are you going?' I heard. I spin on my heel, and Josh has proped himself up on his elbows, he is shirtless... and looking hot. I smile 'I am going downstairs' I told him, 'Hmm... What are you doing today?' he asked, 'Nothing' I told him, 'Wrong, me and you are going out' he smiled. I laughed, 'Do I get a choice?' I asked, he shook his head 'I am afraid you don't' he chuckled.

Zayn's Pov

I walk down stairs, and Niall is not in a cupboard thank god. I didn't sleep last night, I just keep thinking about Brook. I sighed and walked into the living room, the boys were all laughing at a programme on the tv. I sat down beside Louis. They all turned and looked at me, 'You okay man?' Niall asked, I looked up at him with tired eyes, 'I am fine, stop asking' I ordered, 'Come on Zayn, go and get dressed we are all going to go out, look for some fit birds you know the things we use to do' Louis nudged my arm, I sighed 'I don't want another "bird" I only want Brook' I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair. 'GO, get drssed' Liam told me, 'Do I get a choice?' I asked, 'NO!' they all yelled.

I pull on some black jeans, a black shirt, and a leather jacket. I walk down stairs, and they are all waiting just pissing around. 'Come then, lets get this over with' I state miserably, 'No Zayn, come on! This is going to be just like old times! Me, You, Niall, Liam, Louis... just the five of us' Harry smiled, 'Yeah well, sorry to dissopoint, but it isn't you five I want' I told them. They sigh, 'Come on lets go' Liam comemnted. I sighed and followed them all out. The drive was full of useless small talk, I didn't bother to part take in. 'Where are we going?' I asked, 'Well girls like shops, so shopping centre' Louis explained, I nod.

Brook's Pov

Me and Josh pulled up outside the shopping centre. We walk in the shops hand-in-hand, 'Where to first?' I asked, 'Anywhere you want to go' he smiled. I haven't felt this happy in a while. Not that Zayn didn't make me happy, its just with Josh there is no drama... No hassle. I smiled up at Josh. We walked around, 'Come on' Josh pulled me into a dress shop, 'Josh? Why do I need a dress?' I asked, 'Because there is the annual Village ball here isn't there? You have to come, its tomorrow' Josh laughed, 'I am not one for dancing' I laugh, 'Well neither am I so we can do it together' he smiled, and squeezed my hand. I rolled my eyes but followed.

We look around, and around and around. So many dresses. 'This one!' Josh shouted at me, I turned. He held a light pink dress, it was long and slightly puffy, sparkles around the chest and was amazing. 'Go try it on' he smiled, I looked over. 'Josh have you seen the price, even if I did suit it, I can't afford that' I told him, taking it to put back, he stopped me 'I am paying' he laughed, 'Josh you are not spending that much on me' I laugh, 'You don't get the choice' he smiled, 'Now go and try on the dress Cinderella' he ordered.

I walked into the changing rooms. I pulled on the dress, I had some help lacing up the back from one of the shop assistants. I heard Josh's voice, 'here take these' he smiled, sliding a box under the door. I looked inside, and there were some silk shoes. I smile and put them on, 'You ready?' I asked, 'Come on Princess' he called, I laughed and pulled back the curtain. I walked outside, and he looked me up and down and smiled. 'You look beautiful' He beamed, I laughed and looked down to the ground, smiling. He took my hand and gave me a spin, making the dress puff out. I laugh, 'I look okay then?' I asked, 'You look more than okay' he chuckled, 'You can defiantly be my princess' he smiled, I laughed loudly. I smiled, 'Thanks' I smile. 'Brook...' I heard.

Zayn's Pov

I follow them all around. 'Zayn!' I heard someone yell, I turn and see Lilly. Oh. Gosh. 'Hey Zayn who is that?' Niall asked. 'An ex' I mumble. 'How have you been' she shouted, toddling over in her red heels. 'Hey' I force a smile, 'You okay?' she asked, 'Fine thanks, Oh Zayn we should hang out, how long has it been? Wow your looking good, Muscles? Nice one' she continued to rabbit on... Now I remember why we ended it... she talked to much. 'Yeah... Ermm look, I am a bit busy with my friends at the min-..' Liam interrupted, 'No... Let her come on along, it will be nice for you to speak to her again' He chimed, she smiled and grabbed onto my hand. I gave Liam an why-the-fuck-did-you-do-that look.

We walked around, 'Oh Zayn you have to come to the village ball, bring your friends too' she smiled, 'Well I ermm... I am not really one to dance' I told her, 'No Zayn it will be fun' Louis Commented, he got the same look Liam did. I sighed, 'Come on help me choose a dress' she pulled on my arm, I dragged the boys with me, they got me into this. We walked into the dress store, and I already could tell this was going to be along dead. I sighed and walked around, then I heard a loud laugh it was a very familiar laugh, I would know it anywhere.

'I will be right back' I told Lilly. I walked into the changing area, and I saw Josh? What was he doing there, then I saw Brook. She was stood in a long pink dress, and she looked beautiful. 'Brook...' I whisper.

Brook's Pov

I turned and Zayn was stood there. I looked at him and smiled, 'Oh hey' I stated. I felt Josh get tense behind me, I sighed 'Ermm... I will get changed and you can ermm... take this a pay, if you still want too I mean you don't have to' I reminded. He laughed, 'No of course, you get changed, I will pay and ermm... I am guessing you will want a word with Zayn' he told me, 'Yeah if you don't mind' I told him. I quickly go and get changed, and walk out. I hand the dress to Josh and the shoes, he walks off and Zayn is sat there.

I walk and sit next to him. 'Hey' I smile, 'When did he get back?' Zayn spat. 'Last night, he came over' I told him, he chuckled 'You move on fast' he spat, 'Zayn... I didn't do anything with him' I told him offended. He scoffed and rolled his eyes, 'Is he staying with you?' he asked, 'Yeah' I whisper 'Ha! He is only trying to get with you, now your not with me' he spat, 'Don't flatter yourself sweetheart' I defended, he looked at me. 'Look I am sorry but, I want you to stay with me, Your brother is now involved with Andy and Steve, Josh is now staying with you and he just wants to fuck you Brook... Please just come back and stay with me, I am not saying we have to get back together I am just asking to let me keep you safe' he asked, I sighed.

I grabbed his hand, 'Look Zayn I am sorry but I need to stay away, and I can look after myself... I am not going to lie I do miss you but if anything does happen to me, Josh will protect me and Jack will protect me' I told him, 'I want to look after you' he whisper. I smiled and lifted his chin up, so his dark eyes met mine. 'Zayn, Trust me' I told him. We looked at each other and both leaned in. 'ZAYN!' someone shrieked, I sighed and pulled away stopping myself from kissing him. He groaned.

A girl came around the corner. Dark Brown hair and Dirty brown eyes and tall. I looked her up and down, 'Oh sorry, Zayn you coming, me and the boys were looking for you' she smiled, grabbing his hand. I let go of his other hand, he looked sorrowful. 'I ermm... Just give me a minute' he sighed, she nodded 'Okay see you in a minute baby' she smirked and walked off. I rolled my eyes, and turned grabbing my bag. 'Where are you going' he sighed, 'Away from you, You can't tell me not to go out with anyone, or not to be around Josh when you are bring out tramps like that' I spat angrily. 'Jealous much? And that is completely different, I just bumped into her today I didn't spend the fucking night with her!' He yelled, 'OH YOU KNOW WHAT ZAYN FUCK OFF' I shouted and walked away.

He stopped me, 'No' he whispered and me pulled to his chest . 'You and me the ball tomorrow' he smiled, I struggled under him. 'Get off me Zayn... and NO I am not going with you... I am going with Josh, You go with your trampy little friend yeah? Bye Zayn' I spat and walked off to find Josh.

Zayn's Pov

I am going to make her mine tomorrow, she needs me and I need her. We are not right with out each other. There is something about Josh I never liked, not just the fact he was always hitting on her. Tomorrow night, I have a plan, but nothing is going to wrong, for once everything might just stick to plan. I saw the boys and we got in the car, I was smiling to myself. 'Why are you so happy' Niall asked, I smiled 'I saw Brook today, she almost kissed me' I smiled, 'What did we say about her, we like her Zayn we don't want her hurt you know you should stay away from her' Louis explained, 'I know I should but I just can't... she is too far involved anyway, she needs me to protect her, and you guys are either with me or against me' I told them. 'We are with you all the way Zayn' Liam told me, 'Good then tomorrow... I need your help, you need to keep Josh away, do what ever you need to do?' I told them, 'You don't mean-..' I stopped Niall, 'Whatever you need to do... do it' I growled.


OOOOO What has Zayn got planned now?
Will Brook and Zayn get back together?
What will happen at the ball?
What will Jack do?
Will things really run smoothly?
Old faces return who?
What ever happened to Logan?

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