Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


31. Don't call me "Love"

Zayn's Pov

I marched down the stairs and saw Louis standing at the bottom 'you have bagged your self a nice one there haven't you' he smirked, I rolled my eyes and grabbed him and pushed him against the wall. 'What the fuck are you doing here?' I spat, he chuckled 'calm down mate... take it easy, thought I would just pop around' he smugly stood there with his hands in his pockets, 'Well how about you just pop out' I said, he smiled 'Zayn if this is about yesterday then... Can we just agree to disagree' he asked, I scoffed 'you tried to stab me!' I yelled, 'Its an easy mistake to make' he defended, 'no it isn't... look just go and don't go near Brook' I warned, 'I am here to build bridges not hurt you or take your girl... then again, she is quiet the looker isn't she? I might have to' he cheekily said, I felt anger build inside of me, 'seriously get out' I yelled, 'Zayn I-' he was stopped by Brook at the top of the stairs, 'Why are you yelling?' he asked gently walking down the stairs, I looked at Louis and his eyes were glued to her.

'Brook go and get dressed' I demanded 'I don't mind she can stay like that... more on show' Louis grinned, she stepped in front me when I went to go for him, and wrapped her small hands over my clenched fist. 'Louis can you please go?' she asked him, he smiled 'I don't think I can' he said walking closer to her, 'Louis!' I yelled 'GET THE FUCK OUT... TAKE A HINT!' I yelled, he chuckled, 'that's the thing Zayn we kind of need a little chat' he said brushing past Brook and coming up to my face. 'What could we possibly need to talk about?' I shouted, 'things, that... your lady friend here might not want to know' he said turning to Brook, 'Now run along and let the grown ups talk' he said waving in her face, 'Excuse me?' she asked putting her hand on her hip, 'how are you love, 15?' he asked, she looked pissed off and I was not going to stop her. 'I am 17... 18 next month actually' she was getting angry, 'like I said... .et the adults talk' he wafted, 'if the adults are talking why are you here? how old are you 12?' she asked, I held my tounge and let her carry on, 'and what gives you the right to come in here, and flirt with me in front of my boyfriend, demand to speak to him, not leave... and then tell me to "run along"... who the fuck do you think you are? Fucking god! no your not!' she yelled.

Louis was not too shy to fight back, 'sorry sweetheart but who do you think you are, I have known him longer, just cause you fuck him that doesn't give you more of a right to him than me? I may not be god but I am fucking close... now like I said run along, go and play with mummy and daddy' he grinned proud of himself, now I know she will go mad because of the mummy and daddy thing. 'I can't play with my mummy and daddy you dick... you know why? Because my parents are dead... yeah now what are you going to say, cause please I am all fucking ears... you think you are so fucking big and manly when a fucking ant is more of a man than you... wow you did time in prison, wow you can beat a guy up that is really going to get you fucking far in life isn't it? Now why don't you drag your sorry little ass out of here before I fucking kick your ass out of here?' she was now angry to the point where she could explode. 'Well sorry about your mum and dad, but love you can't afford to touch me! Now take your ass and park it up right next to the play area up stairs yeah?... me and Zayn need to talk, you can have your carer. foster dad whatever you want to call him back when I have fucking finished' he sassily said.

Then. Brook. Lost. It

She slapped Louis across the face, then punched him, wow those boxing lessons were paying off. I pulled her arms back restraining her. 'Zayn let go of me' she yelled, 'I AM GOING TO FUCKING KILL THAT COCKSUCKING MOTHERFUCKER!' she screamed, as much as I would love to see her rip him limb by limb she needed to calm down. 'Doll... Stop' I whispered, she clamed down, 'You Louis fucking Tomlinson are the biggest prick I have ever had he dis-pleasure of meeting... you are an arrogant annoying big headed fucking twat, and I wish you have fucking stayed locked up its fucking saver for everyone!' she yelled. I threw her over  my shoulder and carried her upstairs. I put her in the bedroom, 'Zayn! you can't just leave me here?' she begged, 'you get changed and calm down then you can join us, when you have calmed down' I said kissing her softly. I felt her sigh beneath me 'Zayn you don't half know some fucking cunt's' she said, I laughed at her 'Come down later Doll, remember to calm down' I said, kissing her forehead.

Louis's Pov

This girl is going to be such a challenge but it is one worth trying for. Zayn is my mate, but... who said bro's before hoe's was so wrong. I mean seriously... she is hot... I am hot... it works. Zayn loves her I can see that, but if I made her fall in love with me then... what a stir that would cause... but the thing is... I won't love her. This is all a favour... this is a favour for someone who wants revenge on Zayn. Zayn has a long line of casualties. Zayn has a long list of people that I need to go through until the old Zayn is back, it is going to be difficult, but it should be worth it. I never meant to hurt Zayn I was just like him, I got involved with the wrong people at the wrong time. I changed, Zayn has changed. This is all about revenge for those Zayn has hurt, and Revenge for the people who has hurt him, and me.

Brook would just be a bonus.

Brook's Pov

I HATE HIM! Who the fuck does this boy think he is?! I stepped into the shower and let the hot water cascade over my body, I ran my fingers through my hair, and sighed. Zayn really knows how to pick fucking friends doesn't he? I got out of the shower and got dressed, I wore some leggings and a rolling stones shirt. I paced the room making sure I was extra calm, I sighed and opened the door and walked down stairs to face Louis and Zayn. Zayn turned when he saw me at the door, he smiled and walked over and kissed me softly, 'you ok now?' he asked concerned, I nodded. I looked at Louis and rolled my eyes, I turned and flicked the kettle on. 'Sorry about before Brook... I don't take orders very well' he grinned, I turned 'I don't take to twats very well either' I said flashing a clearly fake smile. He laughed 'your a tough one to crack aren't you' he asked, I nodded and looked at Zayn, 'just ask him how long it took to get me' I smiled at Zayn and put my arms around his neck and kissed him, just so Louis knew I was taken.

I let go and smiled at him, 'So what did you so urgently need to speak to him about?' I asked Louis, he turned 'its not my place to say love, you can talk to him about it later' he said nodding towards Zayn. 'I will don't worry' I smugly smiled, I turned my back and walked into the living room. Louis was horrible, even when he was trying to be nice he was annoying, he just rubs me up the wrong way, why does he have to be such a tosser? I took a deep breath and walked into the kitchen and the two of them were laughing, 'excuse me... what happened ten minutes ago you hated each other?' I asked, they both looked up at me, 'we talked things through didn't we Louis' Zayn said grabbing my hand, I pulled away and wrapped my arms around me. 'Listen Love, I am not here to cause any trouble with you two, I just want my friend back... and we have some uncovered pieces we need to sort out, so I am not threat' Louis beamed, 'why would you be a threat' I asked, 'I am just saying I am not going to jeopdise your relationship' he continued.

'Well if that's all allow me to walk you to the door' I smiled, he nodded 'see you later mate' Zayn smiled. I got to the door, and pushed Louis against the wall, 'Listen I don't know what your fucking game is... but you leave Zayn out of this, he might not see what your up to but I can see right through this shit Louis, so don't fuck around... the last guy that fucked around with me and Zayn was left on life support... are we clear?' I asked, he laughed 'your smart Love... but I am not trying to pull anything' he said tapping my nose, and walking out 'Louis one more thing!' I yelled, he turned and had a playful smile 'Don't call me Love' I called, 'whatever... LOVE!' he called back. I slammed the door, and walked back into the kitchen.

I hit Zayn in the back of the head, 'ow' he moaned, 'are you stupid' I demanded, 'excuse me?' he asked, 'Louis... he is fucking playing you!' I yelled, Zayn grabbed me and kissed me and when he pulled back he whispered, 'I know... but we are going to play him at his own game' he whispered, 'we?' I asked, 'me and you are a team Brook' he smirked, I kissed him. 'We have to keep our friends close.... but our enemies closer' he whispered again.


Who is Louis getting revenge for?

Is Louis good or Bad?

Will he get Brook sweet side out?

Can Zayn and Brook put up there fight?




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