Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


44. Death of Me

Brook's Pov

We were sat in the campervan about half an hour from home. Zayn was driving now, I was sat with Harry and Niall either side of me. My legs were over Niall and Harry had his arm over my shoulder so I could lean on his chest. Liam was staring intently at me. I looked at Louis and he was grinning like an idiot down at his phone. Was he blushing? I smiled and got up and moved next to him. 'Louis?' he flinched and moved his phone from my sight. 'Who you talking to?' I encouraged, 'Just a friend' he smirked, 'Really?... I don't believe you' I smiled, '...Fine, I am talking to some one called Jessica, she is really nice' he smiled, I grinned. 'LOUIS IS IN LOVE' I cooed. The boys laughed at him. 'Shut up' he blushed.

I smiled and moved back to Harry and Niall. 'Zayn can we pull over, I need the bathroom' I asked, he sighed 'sure, we are near a station anyway' he stated. I stretched and looked over at Liam, his eyes were staring into mine, I smiled awkwardly, and he smirked and bit his lip. I turned to Niall, 'So how is your mum and dad oh and Greg? and tell about this new girlfriend of yours' I smiled at him, he laughed. 'Mum and dad are fine, so is Greg just got married, and my girlfriend is called Leah... she is nice' he smiled, I squinted my eyes in suspicion. 'Just nice?' I asked, 'yeah... Nice' he smiled.

Not long after Zayn pulled over, he jumped out the door. And we opened the big doors at the back. Everyone got out, but as I turned around to get out, I slipped. When I felt two hand grab me, I looked up and saw Harry smiling there. I blushed and looked away, and stood up. 'Thanks Harry' I smirked, I saw Zayn shot Harry a glare, so I toddled over to Zayn and grabbed his hand, 'its nothing' I smiled, he nodded. 'I know, but ... your mine' he smiled. Well that reminds me of the first time we met.

I walked inside to the bathroom, and when done I stood and washed my hands. Then the door opened, 'Hello?' I asked, I shook my head and dried my hands. 'Hey babe' I turned and saw Liam standing there. 'Oh... You scared me' I gasped, 'sorry about that' he smirked. 'You know... Zayn is a very lucky guy' he smiled at me, '...thank you?' I spoke softly, he walked closer, as I walked backwards.

I walked until I was at the wall, and he was right in front of me. 'Do I make you nervous?' he chuckled, 'No...' I whispered, I looked down. Liam had one hand over me pressed against the wall, and the other reached for my cheek. 'Would you mind if I kissed you?' he asked, I gulped 'Liam I am with Zayn... you know him right? Your friend' I told, 'No one will have too know' he grinned, and leaned in forward and smiled, his lips softly grazed mine. It was different, it wasn't like the kiss that we had earlier, now it felt like he meant it. I pushed him off, 'No Liam' I whispered, and walked out of the bathroom. I walked out with my head down, and Harry bumped into me. 'Hey love' he smiled, I looked up 'Oh hey' I forced a worried smile, 'are you okay, you look a bit flustered?' he asked, I nodded 'I am fine' I smiled.

I got to the van, Zayn was sat in there drivers seat and waited for me. 'Hey Doll' he grinned, I smiled and kissed him softly, yeah I prefer kissing Zayn. I sat down next to him in the passenger seat. 'You okay?' he asked, I nodded, 'Yeah... perfect' I smiled. I felt my phone vibrate, I checked and it was a text from Courtney.

From Courtney: I have big news when we go shopping tomorrow :D xx

To Courtney: Yeah me too :D I want to get away for the day xxx

I wonder what her news is?

Courtney's Pov

I woke up early this morning, due to the sound of bangs in the kitchen. I went down stairs to find my perfect boyfriend cooking breakfast ‘hey’ I say and give him a hug from behind, he turned around and met my lips ‘morning beautiful’ he grins, I sit down and Logan handed me a cup of tea, I take it in my hands a slowly begin to drink it. Logan put a plate of food in front of me, I smile and dig in, chocolate chip pancake’s my favourite.

After half an hour I still have my drink and Logan is sat across from me and has hold of one of my hands smiling at me, ‘what?’ I asked smiling ‘nothing’ he grinned still. I reach the bottom of your tea and I could see something shining in the bottom of it ‘Logan...’ he begun to blush ‘just look at it’ he encouraged, I pick out the object and its a ring … and engagement ring, I begin to smile ‘Logan…’ he is still smiling ‘will you marry me?’ I smiled at him, I love him for sure, but marriage? ... I looked up and he had a cute grin plastered on his face. I smile and run round the island to get to Logan and jump on him .. ‘yes yes yes yes yes.. Logan I will marry you’ I say pressing your lips against and we spend the rest of the day looking at locations for our wedding. I text Brook, and remind her about to tomorrow, I can't wait!

Brook's Pov

We got home later that night, we were back by seven. I smiled, Niall went to see his girlfriend, Harry and Liam went drinking, and Zayn had gone to... but he wouldn't tell me where. I walked upstairs, and Louis was stood in the room he was sleeping in with Tins of paint. 'Louis? What are you doing?' I asked laughing, 'Well the room was a bit dull so I thought I would brighten it up' he smiled, 'Can I help?' I smiled, he nodded and handed me some white dungarees, with paint on already. We cover the floor with some plastic sheets. So none would go one the floor.

I got the ladder so I could start at the top of the wall while Louis did the bottom, I rested the tray of paint on the top step, I lost my balance and the ladder shakes making the tray fall straight onto Louis head, I laugh Louis, 'Oh Louis!' I laughed at this but he is not look as amused ‘think this is funny do ya?’ he said standing up, ‘yes I do’ I said wiping a tear of laughter, he had a sickly sweet smile on his face ‘lets see how you like it. he throws the tin of paint all over me, 'LOUIS!' I yelled, 'oops!' he smirked, I laughed at him, at him and throw paint back, I open the other tins of paint and they get thrown as well, we continued to throw a lot, he was cover in orange paint, (I KNOW ORANGE) I had orange and white. When we finished, we fell of the plastic sheets, he has only one thing left to say ‘I think we might need more paint’ I laughed and kiss his cheek, my paint coloured lips left a mark on his cheek ‘by the way … I won’ Louis laughed ‘of course you did babe’ I now that I won but he looked quite satisfied with himself.

I went and got a shower and got into my Pyjamas.

Zayn's Pov

'Why are you backing out Zayn?' Andy cockily joked, 'because... Brook will get hurt' I told him, 'always the caring kind?' he mocked, 'NO! I JUST FUCKING DON'T WANT TO SEE THE GIRL I LOVE GET HURT' I yelled punching the wall, 'calm down... but I am telling you this now... don't do the fight and worse things might happen to her' he smiled, 'you don't even lay a finger on her' I spat, he walked out of the room laughing, 'Remember tomorrow night Steve wants to meet up this "gang" of yours' he laughed and before he was gone.

Brook's Pov

The boys came back later, and then went out again it was now me and Zayn on our own. 'I have something for you' I whispered in his ear, he turned and grinned 'Oh yeah?' he smirked, I nodded and kissed him. I though I would surprise Zayn, so I went upstairs and put on my black and baby pink lingerie. Zayn quickly went into the kitchen, I don't know what for. I sit down on the couch, and waited for Zayn to come in, I hear someone open the door and stand up and see harry stood there … with Zayn. ‘Oh My God’ Harry stated smiling but not realizing it. ‘dude?’ Zayn warned looking at him. ‘oh sorry’ he said leaving ‘text you later’ said harry, looking at me once more. Zayn then adverts his attention back to you, ‘all this for me?’ he said pulling you close to him ‘yes all for you... but why was Harry here I thought he went out’ I blushed, 'he did he came back to get his phone that's why I went to the kitchen to get it for him' he told, I rolled my eyes, 'So where shall we take this? Bedroom?' he suggested, 'Why not? I grinned, he then carries me bridal styles upstairs. I can't help thinking where he went though before?

These boys will be the death of me?

Logan's Pov

This is working, this is going to be perfect.


Liam or Harry for the fling?

Will Zayn have to do the fight?

Will Brook and Courtney have a day with out Drama?

What is working for Logan?

Will everything work out?

What happens next?


Big BIG plot twist coming up :D xxx


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