Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


7. Dear Heart, Why him?

Zayns POV

I drove down to the store where brook worked, I walked inside and the room seemed to go quite. I looked around and saw Logan in the corner I walked over to him. 'Hey pretty boy' I said leaning against the wall, 'zayn?what do you want' he asked, 'just thought I would stop by' I said, 'well brook isn't here' he said, 'I came to see you' I said, 'why' he asked, 'just to let you know brook is dating me' I said, 'that is nothing to do with me' he said, 'that's exactly right, your gonna stay away from her OK, she doesn't want you' I said, 'me and brook are just friends' he said, I laughed 'just friends?.... I have heard that before... I have seen the way you look at her, you like her and you think she will fall for you... But she won't and that is because she has me.... She likes me' I said, 'OK you have made your point' he sighed, 'no I don't think I have' I said inching closer, the look on his face was a scared one, 'your not even gonna look at her, if she wants to hang out you say no your busy do you get it' I asked, 'she is my friend you can't just expect me to blank her out' he said, 'I can expect that because that's what's gonna happen' I said.

'Well I am not just gonna ignore her because you are insecure' he said, I laughed 'I am not insecure in just know how easily influenced she is' I said, 'well I am not gonna stop talking to her she is a very good friend of mine and you are not gonna ruin it' he said, 'that's what you think but I have my ways and if you get in my way you'll be the one that ends up worse off, I know people Logan and if I have to hurt you to keep brook then thats just what I'll do' I said, he rolled his eyes 'your all talk... Now if you out excuse me I have to get back to work'  he said walking off. Yet another visit will need to be paid to Steve.

I drove myself down to Steve's place, I knocked on the door, and a pretty blonde girl answered. 'Hey zayn' she said leaning in and hugging me, 'hey em' I said pulling away, she was Steve's girlfriend, or at least that's what Steve called her to be honest she wasn't anything special just whenever he wanted a quick bit of fun she would be there. I walked into the living room and Steve was sat there 'hey Steve I need another favour' I said sitting opposite him, 'what is it now malik?' He asked, 'logan reed, I need you to pay him a little visit' I said, he laughed at me, 'I thought you promised that pretty girl that you would stop with all this'  he said, 'yeah I did but she won't find out this time' I said hinting to the fact that he told her, 'OK in get it, I won't tell her this time but this time it is gonna cost you double' he said, I grinned 'ok I don't care, I just want him to know he can't touch what's mine' I said laughing, he smiled as I passed him the money 'he will have learnt his lesson by tonight' he said, I shook his hand and left the house.

Brook's Pov

I was sat at home, i called hannah and asked her to come over. After about an hour she came into my room, 'hey hun, whats the big emergency?' she asked, 'I am kind of offically dating Zayn?' I said, she looked at me wide eyed. 'What, I thought I said you should give it some time to think about your feelings' she said, sitting down on my bed, 'I thought about them and it turns out I might like him, and he seems to care' I said quitely 'silling girl... he doesn't car, he just plays girls, and you are clearly his next victim' she said sourly, I sighed 'whos side are you on?' I asked, 'which ever side stops you getting hurt' she said, 'you havent spent time with him, you dont know what he is like' I said, 'well from everthing you have said, he doesn't seem like the caring kind, he is just pretending to like you' she said, 'you are sounding like my brother' I said, 'Look, I know you think he could be the one, but just remember what kidn of person he is, and before you make any commitment just think about what he does, and just remember what he did to that josh and  think about what he is capable of... you just do what ever you think is right' she said, she stood up and walked towards the door, 'oh and a quick reminder... he will just break your heart' she said before walking out of my room.

Was she right? Is he only pretending, maybe this is all just a game to him? Bty getting closer to Zayn, I seem to be losing the people I love, Jack my brother is dissopointed in me, for trusing Zayn. Hannah seems to be saddened by it, but I dont understand why, she excited the other week, but now I am thinking she she thought it wasn't going to excalate with Zayn, but now she has seen it has she doesnt want me to get hurt.

I was lost in a train of thought and I heard Taping on my window, I opened it and Zayn was stood dont there. 'Zayn what are you doing?' I asked, 'surprise' he said, 'you know you can use the front door' I said, 'no I can't I dont think your borther would appriciate that' he said, I laughed. 'I am coming up' he said, he climbed up the tree and came throught the window, 'always make an entrace' I said, he smiled and went to kiss me, I diverted him to kiss my cheek instead of my lips, he looked at me confused 'everything ok?' he asked, I gulped and nodded. I sighed and walked over to my bed, I crossed my legs and sat there, 'your not ok are you?' he asked sitting next to me, I shook my head, 'just alot on my mind' I smiled, 'like what' he said, 'Zayn? Do you really like me, or are you just using me?' I asked, he chuckeled, 'I wouldn't use you, I think I might be in love with you' he said, I blushed 'you can't love someone after a week' I said, 'well I loved you the minute I met you' he said. Zayn leant in and kissed me, his reputation fooled what was really there.

He kissed me softly, and pushed me down gently. He lay down on top of me and kissed me again, he kissed down my neck and chuckled deeply, 'your perfect' he whispered, I blushed. His persona could change so easily, one minute he had hard tough personality he wasnt willing to let anyone in or break his walls down, but now he was smiple he was sweet and soft, I smiled at him. The room was hotting up, his kisses got deeper. Then the door opened, 'brook I was wonderi-' I looked up and saw jack stood there, Zayn jumped up and helped me up, 'Jack we were just-' I was stopped, 'I think its about time you leave' Jack said in an authoritive tone, 'ermm.. Jack no I want him to stay' I said, he looked up and down at Zayn, 'I dont think we have offically met' said Zayn walking over to Jack, 'I am Zayn, you must be Jack' he said holding his hand out, 'I know who you are now get out of my house' he said, 'I am sorry but as long as brook wants me here, I am gonna stay' Zayn objected, 'Brook can you tell your friend to leave' asked Jack looking over at me, 'Jack please try and understand-' he stopped me 'I dont want to understand I want this prick out of my house' he siad, Zayn tense in the corner, I walked over to him, and put my hand over his clenched fist 'Zayn clam down' I whispered, 'Zayn can I call you tomorrow' I said, 'are you seriously gonna let him decied what you do?' he said, 'you heard her go' Jack said, 'Jack shut it' I said.

'come with me, you stay with me tonight' Zan said, 'I think I need words with my brother' I said, 'what about later' he said 'Zayn' I begged, 'I just dont want you to be alone with him' he said, 'you dont want her to be alone with me?! She is actually safe with me, I dont lose my temper so easily' jack said, 'Jack I said shut up' I yelled, I walked Zayn down stairs, I hugged him tightly and pulled back and kissed him, 'I will text you later'  I whispered, 'make sure you do, and if you need to get away call me anytime' he said, I nodded 'I will' I said kissing him once more, Jack glared at him, and Zayn left.

---------Later that Night----------

Me and Jack had been arguing for about an hour; about Zayn, 'You know what, I am going' I siad, 'where to Zayn's because we all know what a gentleman his' he said sarcastically, 'look you dont know him' I yelled, 'I know him well enough to know you shouldn't be with him' he yelled back. I text Zayn telling him to come and pick me up. Minutes later there was a knock at the door, I walked over and opened it, and smiled at the boy infront of me. I stepped outside, 'you were here fast' I said, as we walked to his car, 'I never left I knew you would need me before the end of the night' he said, I smiled. We drove to his house, when we got there we went to his room, I changed into one of his shirts.

I lay down on his chest as he wrapped his warm arms around me, I cuddled him close, I feel asleep wonder why I choose him, I dont know why but something about being there with the bad boy made my heart race.

Dear Heart,

why him?



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