Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


6. dating a monster?

Brooks POV

In walked over to Hannah's house I was not going home I just needed someone to talk to, I knocked egaerly on her door. 'Brook what is it' she asked, 'I think I might be dating zayn ' I shouted, she smirked and let me in 'I thought you hated him' she asked, 'so did I but somethings have happened and he is growing on me' I said, 'and what would those things be' she asked 'well if Logan didn't call me we would have gone all the way and he has kind off paid someone to hurt the guy that came on to me at the club and now he is in hospital' I explained 'you need to stay away from him I warned you' she said 'I know you did, and I know he is bad news but he is getting harder and harder to stay away from' I said, 'do you have genuine feelings for him?' She asked 'maybe all I know is I am starting to enjoyed spending time with him.... But he still terrifies me in a way because I know his mood can change like that' I said, 'I dont know what you expect me to do' she said, 'maybe you were the wrong person to talk to' I said, ' no I wasn't all I am saying is maybe you need to think about your feelings, stay away from him for a while and figure out your feelings' she said, maybe she was right I needed to figure things out.

I walked home to face my brother, I walked through the door and my brother was stood there 'brook I can't believe you sometimes' he yelled 'sorry' I said 'why don't you ,listen to me' he said 'I do listen to you, you dont listen to Mr you aren't going to get the choice in this any more, I have my own life and you can control it' I yelled 'I am your big brother I know more than you,I am looking out for you do you not get that I don't want to see you hurt' he said, 'jack I need to make my own mistakes you can't keep trying to stop me zayn  maybe trouble but I think I might like him' I said, he rolled his eyes 'your 17 he is 21 bit of a difference he has a reputation,you have such a bright future ahead of you college universities all want you and your going to throw it all away for him? Well when he breaks your heart it will be your own fault' he said harshly 'yeah it will be my own fault but I will learn from it' I said walking up stairs.


'Jack please don't leave me on my own' I asked quietly 'I am not going to' he said, we sat down on the couch and watched the news, it was everywhere 'two dead after horrific car crash' tonight my mum and dad died the truck hit them from the side, there car we flying off the road, the driver was drunk. 'I promise I won't let anyone or anything hurt you' jack said 'thank you' I said.

#######end of flashback ######

Jack only had my best interests at heart. I walked back down stairs and went into the kitchen where jack was, 'I am sorry' I whispered 'I know your only looking out for me' I said smiling he looked at me and smiled 'its OK, I know I need to let you make your own mistakes, .... And if that means you get with zayn  then I guess I will just have to deal with it' he said, I hugged him,'thank you for understanding' I said, 'its fine ... Just you understand I can't lose you too' he whispered, I smiled at him, and let go of him, 'I will see you ,later I have some thins to sort out' I said smiling, 'OK are you going to make it home tonight?' He asked, 'I dunno I will let you know later' I said, I walked out the front door.

I went over to zayn  house I knocked on his front door, and there was no answer, but his farm was on the drive, so I grabbed the spare key from under the mat and walked inside. I heard someone up stairs, I creeped up them and looked into zayn's  room,  he was stood in there and some random girl was in there getting dressed 'thanks for that zayn ' she said, 'yeah well that is going to be the last time for a while' he said, I scoffed. I walked down the stazuirs, loudly thudding my feet I don't care if he hears me. I got to the bottom and a girl walked passed me, 'you must be brook' she smiled, 'yeah I am why' I said coldly, 'just asking, you must be pretty special if zayn  is dropped his bad style' she said grinning before walking out of the door.

I stood there for a while and then Zayn  appeared at the top of the stairs 'brook?! How long have you been here' her asked walking down shirtless, 'long enough to wonder why I was actually going to give you a chance' I said grabbing mg bag, 'no wait you don't get it' he said 'really what don't I get' I said harshly, 'she is just a friend who wanted a bit of fun' I laughed, 'and to think in was actually considering a real relationship with you' I said turning to walk out.

Zayn  grabbed my waist and pushed me against the wall, 'she is nothing, your all I care about' he said in a raspy tone, 'you don't care about me you just want to fuck me then you will get rid of me' I said, 'I am never going to get rid of you, the fuck you though.... I might just have to do' he said, this not was driving me crazy, he bit his lip and looked me up and down, but I wasn't I ready for that yet.he grabbed me and pulled me up stairs, we got into his room and he placed me gently down and kissed down my jaw line, I ran my fingers through his hair, I moaned under his touch, he pulled and the button of my jeans, I pulled his hand away, 'no zayn ' I said, he groaned in annoyance 'in want you now' he begged, 'well you have to wait' I said, 'why' her said still kissing my collar bone, 'two reasons, 1. I can't trust you yet... And 2. I am.not ready' I said, he pulled back and ,looked and me grinning, 'are you still a virgin?' He asked, blushed 'yeah' I said, he brought a hand to my cheek and kissed my lips 'I will wait until your ready, but can you do something for me' he asked cheekily, 'not now no' I said, he signed and kissed me, 'can I at least kiss you when ever' he asked, I smiled 'that I can do' I smiled.

'What does this mean for us' he asked, 'I don't know maybe we are dating' I stammered, 'good, I told you you would be mine' he said. what I just agreed to I can't believe that I have actually just said yes am I dating a monster?

Zayns POV

I knew i  would make her mine, I want her so much, but I just have to wait. 'Do you want a ride home?' I asked her 'yes please' she said smiling, we drove her home and she was silent most of the trip, we got her house and I stopped the car, leant of to her and kissed her softy, her lips were warm, she pulled away and  smiled, I put my hand on her thigh she grinned at me, I rubbed circles on her thigh, my hand got higher and higher, her chest raised and fell quickered,her heart beat harder, I loved the control I have over her.what she didn't understand was the control she had over me, to be honest I could make her do what I wanted, 'Zayn  I have told you' she said, I sighhed and slowly took my hand away savouring the touch of her skin. 'Call me later' I said,  she nodded 'I will' she said.

She walked inside her house, I drove off. I think it was a about time I paid her friend Logan a little visit, now she was mine he needed to know not to cross me or he might end out getting hurt.

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