Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


8. Dangerous Business

Brook's Pov

I woke up in Zayn's arms, I smiled at him a simple smile grazed his face as he slept. I slipped out of his arms, and checked the time, it was 10:30 I had to be in work in an hour, I grabbed the shirt I left a Zayn's last time. I went and got dressed then walked down to the kitchen, I made a drink but then two arms slid around my waist, 'Morning doll' he whispered, I turned around and met his lips, 'good morning' I said, 'why are you dressed, leaving me already?' he asked, 'I have work' I said, 'can you not take the day off' he complained, 'no I cant' I said, he sighed 'I will go and get dressed and give you a lift' he said, 'oh no its ok, Logan will come for me' I said, he stiffened, 'ermm... I would rather me give you a lift if that's ok' he insisted, 'sure I guess Logan can miss me for one morning' I sighed, Zayn ran upstairs and got dressed. I wonder why he was acting so strange this morning?

Zayn's Pov

If she sees Logan today then she will know that something has happened to him, he will be ignoring her... well that is if Steve got to him yesterday. I pulled my phone out and called Steve 'Hey did you get it done last night' I asked, 'calm it Malik, yea I did I warned him what would happen next time if he even looked at her funny' he said, I sighed 'you think he'll stay away?' I asked, 'well after what we did to him, I don't think you will need to worry about him' he said with a chuckle after it. 'ok thanks again Steve' I said, 'no problem, but still owe me the other half of the money' he said, 'I will get it don't worry' I said, he should worry. I don't know where I am going to get the money, 'I want it by  noon' he said, 'I will try' I said, 'I don't want you to try I want you to get my money' he said, I hung up the phone and I walked down stairs and Brook was waiting for me there, 'are you ready now?' she asked, I nodded and she looked at me concerned 'are you ok, you look a bit worried' she said, 'no I am fine' I said.

Logan's Pov

Everywhere ached, I had a bruised ribs and a busted lip, and a black too add. I looked in the mirror, I looked terrible. Zayn clearly meant what he said, I need to take him more seriously but... I can't let him stay with Brook who knows what he could do to her, if she over steps the mark. I need to warn her even if it means getting myself hurt. I drove down to work and parked up, I was stood in front of the store just about to go in then I turn around and hear a sweet voice calling me 'Logan wait' I turn and she is stood there, he smile fades when she sees my face, 'W-what happened?' he stammered in a state of shock.

Brook's Pov

I am sat in the car with Zayn, we pull up just outside the store, 'what time do you finish' he asked, '8:00' I said, 'I will come and pick you up' he said, 'ok see you later' I said, I went to get out of the car 'wait no kiss?' he asked pulling me back, I smiled and rolled my eyes, and kissed him softly. I got out the car, and Zayn drove off. I saw Logan 'Logan wait' he turned around and smiled, I ran over to him, but my smiled faded as I saw what happened to his face, 'W-what happened?' I stammered, shocked at what I saw, 'Hello to you too' he said, forcing a smile. 'Seriously Logan what has happened?' I said, grabbing his arm and turning him to face me, 'I will tell you inside' he said, walking in before me. I have a feeling about what happened, I just hope I am wrong.

we walked inside and out our bags in the staff locker room, our shift wasn't for another five minutes, so I sat down. 'Logan tell me what happened' I begged, 'you already know though' he said, I sighed 'it can't have been Zayn he was with me last night' I said, 'it was his friend, apparent he said he will do to me what he did to josh? whatever that means' he said, 'it means he will put you on life support' I said, he gulped 'well I think you know everything' he said, 'what did he say to you' I asked, 'he said that if I don't leave you alone he will be paying me another visit' he said, I sighed and put my head in my hands 'I am so sorry Logan, I didn't mean for any of this to happen'  I said, 'its ok its not like you meant for any of this to happen' he said, I sighed 'I will talk to him' I said, 'Don't he might angry and I don't want him to hurt you' he said, I smiled 'Zayn won't hurt me, he might yell but he won't hurt me' I said, well at least that what I think, 'only talk to him if you want to don't feel like you have to, I will get better this is nothing' he said, I smiled and hugged him 'I will talk to him, I am going to more than talk to him he is practically dead' I said, he laughed.

The day went by slowly, it was coming up to my break and I needed to get out of the shop I was so close to hitting the next rude costumer, 'Logan I am going for my break you need anything' I asked, 'can you get me a coffee' he asked, I smiled and nodded 'I will be back in about five minutes ten at most' I said smiling, I walked down the street and felt a hand grab my wrist, and pulled me down a small ally, 'afternoon love' said the man, 'who are you and what do you want' I asked, 'I am Steve, Zayn's friend' he said, 'what do you want!' I spat, 'calm down doll' he said, 'get your hands off me' I struggled, 'tell Zayn he needs to get my money before the end of the day' he said, 'what money' I asked, 'your little friend that got busted, he will need to pay up for what I did to him' he said, 'w-what will you do if you don't' I asked, he chuckled, 'I will just have to use something of his for a while, and you'll do' he said, 'How much?' I asked, '£60' he said, I sighed. I looked into my purse, I have £70 I was suppose to buy a new outfit for my brother's work do that I had to go to, but I think this would be a more effective use of money, I pulled out £60 of it, 'take it and leave me and Zayn alone' I said, 'Zayn wouldn't want his lady paying for his own mistakes would he' he said, I sighed 'I don't care what he would want just take this and leave me alone' I said, he smiled and took the money, 'see you around sweet cheeks' he said walking away.

I went over to Starbucks and grabbed two coffee's. I go back to the shop where I work and saw Logan I handed him his coffee 'you ok?' he asked, 'yeah I am fine' I said, 'you sure? You look a little bit shaken' he asked, 'no I ma fine I just bumped into an old ... old... friend? Well not friend just... you know what it doesn't matter' I said smiling, hoping he knew it wasn't fake, 'only if you are sure' he said, I smiled and nodded reassuringly, I went round to the front desk to finish the rest of my shift.

Zayn's Pov

I sat down on my couch, I pulled out my phone and rang Steve 'Hey about your money-' I was stopped, 'its fine, its sorted' he said, I was confused, 'by who?' he said, 'I paid your girlfriend Brook a little visit' he said, I immediately got angry 'if you laid even a finger on her, I swear to god-' he stopped me, 'I didn't touch her pretty little face, she just paid me so I would stay away from you' he said, I hung up the phone and threw it down, god that girl gets her self in to positions she doesn't have to be in.

Brook's Pov

I sighed and waited outside in the cold for Zayn to come and pick me up, Logan stayed with me until he came. 'What are you going to say to him?' he asked, 'I haven't decided yet' I said, then a beep of a horn distracted me, it was Zayn. I turned to Logan, 'I will text you later' I said hugging him, he hugged me back and I let go and walked over to the car and sat down. 'Hey Doll' he said, 'hi' I said, he started the engine 'are you ok?' he asked, I nodded. 'can you take me home?' I asked, 'you aren't staying at mine tonight?' he asked, I shook my head no, 'why not?' he asked, 'I have to sort something out' I said, 'look if this is about Steve I know you paid him off' he said, 'its not that' I said, 'then what is it?' he asked, 'you hurt Logan! you paid Steve to hurt him and I hate you for that, I am appalled that you did that Zayn, he is my friend and just because you felt threatened by him you went and did that' he said, 'look, I did it for you' he said, 'for me, you did it for yourself' I said, 'why don't you believe that I did it for you' he said his voice getting louder. 'Zayn just take me home' I yelled, 'no your coming home with me and we are going to talk his through' he said. we drove to his house, I didn't get the choice.

Being in love with Zayn Malik was going to be Dangerous Business.


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