Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


34. Cousins

Zayn's Pov

I handed him the money, 'You know what you have to do?' I whispered, 'Zayn don't panic I know what I am doing' he reassured. 'Thanks and if anyone asks... your my cousin' I told, he nodded 'I know the plan' he smirked, 'good don't let me down' I told, he nodded 'I will do my best' he confirmed, 'make sure you keep Brook safe, I am counting on you' I sighed. 'Zayn I know! Keep Brook safe, stop the psychopath that is coming after your family I have this' he whispered, I sighed, 'thank you, make sure you keep her busy today' I smiled, he nodded and walked off/

Now I have to go and find out what this psychopath wants. I need to stop him before anything else happens, I am on my way to a meeting with this person, its about time this stops before it gets out of hand.

Brook's Pov

Louis came down the stairs, now fully clothed. I turned back into the kitchen, and he followed. 'You really don't understand get out do you?' I spat, 'sorry love, I am on my way now' he grinned. 'Good, allow me to walk you too the door' I smiled, and walked him forward. I pushed him to the door, and opened it. I leant against the door frame and waited for him to walk out, and as he got half way down the drive, he stopped. 'Hey wait! I forgot something' he shouted running up the drive, I turned and saw him. He walked up at the door, 'what exactly did you forget?' I asked, 'This' he smiled and lifted up my chin and kissed me. He pushed me further into the house and closed the door, he dragged my into the living room and pushed me hard against the wall.

'So…' I gasped for air, he went back up to me and kissed me roughly. 'Give me head' he demanded. 'You want what?' I asked shocked, but I smiled at him, someone tell me what I am doing? 'A blowjob please' He groaned and me, and kissed my neck.

I sighed might as well, Zayn is hardly ever here anymore, and he won't find out. I went on my knee and took of his sweat pants slowly. 'Don’t tease me Brook' he moaned, I laughed. I took of his boxers seeing his member shoot up. My eyes widen, he was so huge for a guy who looks like a 17 year old. He rubbed his cock trying to be a big tease. I fit his dick in my mouth gagging . He grabbed you head pushing me in more to fit him all in all of my mouth. Many moans and groans slipped through his mouth.

'God I’m so close put more in' He demanded. 'Shit god Brook put more in you slut!” He screamed making me pump his dick even more. 'Yes just like that' He breathed, I pulled him out and looked at him. 'What? Keep going!' he yelled. He exploded into my mouth and smiled rather pleased with himself. I stood up and wiped my mouth, he smiled 'I can see why Zayn wants you now' he grinned, I then felt annoyance, why the fuck did I just do that?! I sighed and grabbed him and pushed him 'your going to keep your mouth shut' I told, 'what like you kept yours shut?' he mocked. I rolled my eyes, 'go now' I said dragging him to the door and pushed him out.

I slammed the door, and walked inside the living room. I lay down just when another knock came at the door. I sighed and trudged to the door. I opened it, and a tall boy with short black hair and was tanned was stood there. 'Hello?' I asked, 'hi... ermm I am Zayn's cousin, is he here?' he asked, I smiled, 'no he is out at the minute, but come on in' I smiled. He smiled and walked in, 'so who are you?' he asked, 'I am Brook Zayn's girlfriend' I smiled, he shook my hand, 'I am Celic . 'Do you want a drink or anything?' I asked, he shook his head.

I sat down and so did he, 'well you are welcome to come and stay here?' I offered, 'thanks but I think Zayn will need to be consulted' he laughed, 'he will be fine about it' I smiled. 'Okay then thanks' he smiled. 'So.. who was that boy that just left?' he asked, 'Oh that was... Louis, Zayn's friend, he stayed over last night' I rushed, I needed make him believe he can't find out. 'oh you seemed to be trying to get rid of his pretty fast, your were practically throwing him out' he chuckled, 'yeah we had something of a heated argument' I smiled flakily, heated it defiantly was... it was no argument though.

'Really what were you arguing about?' he asked, 'you know just... stuff' I croaked, he nodded and laughed. 'You don't like him then?' he asked, I rolled my eyes 'no I really don't' I scoffed. Lie! I like him a lot more than I did when I first met him, I am not saying I like him, but I am saying I like him a lot more than when I first met him.

My phone then rang. 'Hello?' I asked, 'Hey Doll' it was Zayn. I felt guilty again. 'Hey, what's up' I asked, 'nothing, just making sure your ok' he asked, 'I am fine, Louis is gone now, but your cousin is here' I told, 'oh really?' he asked, 'Yep... Celic' I smiled at him. 'Oh right, well I will be back soon... I have just have one more thing to do' he smiled, 'oh and what would that be? I asked, 'its a secret' he grinned the other end of the phone. 'Okay then fine, I will se you later' I smiled, 'bye Doll love you' he hung up the phone.


Who is Celic really?

Who is the person tracking Zayn's family?

Is Louis getting to close for comfort?

can Brook resist him?

What is Zayn up too?



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