Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


53. Conversations

Brook's Pov


I open my eyes slowly, am I dead? I looked around and see blurred figures, I rub my eyes. I try and sit up, but pain in my hips stops me. 'Whoa, slow down there' said a voice. I look up and a doctor is stood over me. 'Where am I?' I asked. 'Hospital, do you remember what happened last night?' he asked, I think back and remember the blaze, the plan the boys had, Jack hurting me... Harry. 'Where is the boy I came with?!' I panicked, 'Lets just talk about you' he tried to calm me down. 'NO! I need to see him' I protest.


The doctor sighs, 'You can see him in a little while, he is in surgery... but you have some visitors' he told me, leaving the room. I sighed in defeat, I could barely move so there was no running away. The door opened, and Zayn and Louis walked in. They came in slowly looking at me. 'How are you feeling?' Louis asked sitting one side on me while Zayn at the other. 'Like shit' I told them. 'Who did this too you?' Zayn asked, I looked up at his dark eyes. 'I don't remember them, I didn't see' I told him. 'Have you seen Harry? Is he okay?' I pondered, Zayn's fist clenched. He suddenly got tense, 'Yeah we have... he isn't in a good state Brook' Louis told me, 'Yeah he might die' Zayn spat standing up and walking out.


I looked over and Louis, 'Don't ask me' Louis told me. 'Well do you know?' I asked anyway, 'He is jealous' Louis confirmed, 'Of Harry? Why?' I asked, 'Because, Last night you two were together, and he was there when they found the two of you... and you were in his arms, he hated it' he told me, guilt swept over me. 'I didn't mean too' I whisper, 'I know you didn't. But Zayn doesn't know that' he told me, 'Look do you still Love Zayn?' Louis asked, 'Of course I do' I told him, 'well, Zayn loves you, and he thinks you like Harry' he told me, 'Do you?' he asked, 'Like Harry?' he continued. 'Er...' I was interrupted by a knock at the door.


'Niall!' I smile, he comes over and give a light hug. 'We can talk about it later' Louis whispered, I nodded. There was no way, I was going to have this conversation. 'How you feeling?' Niall asked, 'I have been better' I told him, he laughed. 'Do you want to go and see Harry, he is back from surgery and they want to wake him up... He would want to see you' Niall asked, I smile 'yeah I would love that' I smile. 'Here get in the wheel chair' Louis told me, 'If you haven't noticed, I can't move myself' I commented, Niall and Louis lifted me up to the chair.


The door opened, 'You guys ready?' It was Zayn. 'Your coming?' he asked me, I nod and force a smile, only to see him advert his eyes, and hold the door, while Louis pushes me out. We go down the corridor. We get to a room, and walk inside. Harry is lay there, with wire connected to him, linked up to a heart moniker, I can't help think this is my fault. We all go and stand around his bed, I get help, they help me sit on the bed with him. Zayn is stood with his side to me, Niall behind me, Louis at the bottom of the bed, and Liam at the other side.


'Shall we wake him?' the doctor asks, we all nod. The needle to wake him is injected and we have to sit and wait. I looked up at Zayn, I know he worried for his friend, hurt by me, and jealous. I see his hand, and I grab it with mine. I intertwine our fingers, and he doesn't stop it. I smile at him, and he give a crooked smile back. I also grab Harry's hand, so I am holding both. Zayn doesn't seem to mind, as long as he is touching me as well.


We wait and wait. Then his hand started to twitch. His eyes flutter open, and he smiles at us. We all sigh in relief even Zayn. I smile, he looks down at his hand, and sees me holding it. 'Brook' he smiled, I grin back. I let go on both hands, and lean in slowly to hug Harry, I wince slightly in my own pain, but I don't care, Harry is alright. 'Don't you ever hurt you self trying to save me again' I whisper in his ear as we hug. 'No promises' he laughed. I smile and sit back. I am helped back into my chair.

'Shit Brook what happened to you?' Harry asked, I lifted up the hem of my shirt and revelled the two wounds on my hips. 'Who did that?' he asked, I shrugged. 'Well, we need to examine Mr. Styles now, your welcome to come back later' The doctor smiled, telling us to go. 'See you later Harry' I smile, and get pushed out of there. 'Guys I will take Brook back to her room, I will meet you in a bit' Zayn told the boys.


(If you want a song to fit this part with Zayn and Brook, listen to Hand-On-heart by olly murs, I listened to that writing it)


We went back to my room, and I sigh in deafeat, I am going to have to talk. Zayn helps me back into bed. 'So' Zayn begins, 'I think we need to talk' Zayn told me, I nod. 'You know about what I had planned to do last night' he stated, I nod. 'I am sorry, its just... I miss you Brook... but I hate the way your always smiling around me, and the way you smirk when our eyes meet, the way talk and act... because they are the reasons I can't let you go' Zayn told me. 'Zayn I-...' he stopped me, 'let me finish' he spoke. 'All my life, I have never been able to open up to someone, because they all fucking leave me, I don't want you to be just another girl who left me... No... You different... I actually love you' he sighed. 'You mean so much more to me than you might think' he whispered.


'Zayn, I love you too... but, everything keeps getting in the way. We try and try but we keep getting knocked back, You still mean everything to me, but I am not sure we are worth the fight any more' I spoke to him. 'Are you telling me we are done for good?' he asked, 'I am not sure what I am telling you' I told him. He grabbed my hand, 'I won't give up us... Your everything I need, want and had' he spoke softly. 'Its not just that.. I mean do we even trust each other any more?' I asked, he was silent. 'I know you don't trust me, because you though I was with Josh so many times, and when I was just at Logan's I know you were uncomfortable. You never trust me to be with any guy on my own' I told him, 'Can you blame me? I mean... Josh wrote you that letter, Louis you gave into, Liam you almost did, Niall you use to date and Harry... you love him' Zayn whispered.


I looked at Zayn, 'No... I love you, Harry and me are close but nobody compares to you' I smiled, he looked at me, 'then... why do you trust him more than me' he asked, 'He doesn't take it too far, and he won't do things that he knows will upset me, like hurting Josh... he wouldn't you, would' I whisper, 'I promise if you give me one more chance, I won't blow it' he begged, 'Zayn I don't know...' I confess, '...One day you'll realise I am not a great as you think I am' I told him, 'That will never happen' he whispered, 'Please Brook' he begged, 'I need you... We can just get a away for a while' he smiled, 'Where would we go?' I asked, 'Anywhere, we just take a suitcase and we go... me and you' he smiled, I laugh 'We can't just leave, running away won't help anything' I told him, 'Okay then, a holiday me and you... we can get a away for a while, leave the boys, leave Steve, Andy, everyone' he smiled.


'I will think about it' I smile, 'Okay, that’s all I needed to hear' he smirked, and hugged me. I pulled back and we looked at each other, we leaned in and our lips met. Sparks ran through my body, I ran my fingers through his hair, and he kissed me passionately. I smile and pull back and bit my lip, I laugh to myself. 'I was stupid to think I could live with out you Zayn' I smile and laugh, 'so we can get away?' he asked, 'Not yet... I want to wait until Harry is better... I still need to talk to him' I told him, 'Why?' he asked, 'Just... Never mind, just don't worry about it' I smile, he smiled and kissed me 'I can't tell you how long, I have wanted to do that' he smiled.


Even though, thinks were right with Zayn again. I can't stop thinking about Harry, I mean... Why? He is nice and sweet and knows me well. But I love Zayn, nothing will stop that. Can you love more than one person? I think Harry is a friendship love, I hope he is anyway. I can't lose Zayn, not again... I love him too much to let him go.


I fall into a deep sleep, with Zayn next to me.


Harry's Pov


I saw the look on Brook's face when I woke up, I think she was happy. I know Zayn loves her, but I think I might? I can't though, we agreed friends. 'Hey Haz what you thinking?' Louis asked, 'Nothing' I mumble, 'Liar' he coughed. 'Fine, I am thinking about Brook' I confessed, Louis came over 'You love her don't you' he asked, 'I don't know, I know I like her... but I might love her a like a friend, I don't know' I sighed. 'Well, I asked her about you before and she looked like she might like you' he smiled, I grin 'Really?' I blush, 'yeah but I know she defiantly loves Zayn' Louis continued 'Oh right' I sighed.


The door opened, and Zayn walked in. He was happy. 'Boys, good news' he smiled, no please no. 'Me and Brook are back together' he smiled, my heart sunk. I would treat her so much better, I wouldn't hurt her. I didn't think I would get so jealous. Louis looked at me sadly, I shook my head, as if to say I am fine, but I am not... I think am I in love with her.


Brook's Pov


I looked up and I am in a forest. I walk through and look around. 'Can you hear me Brook?' Said a familiar voice, I turn and Harry is there. 'Brook?!' he calls, 'Harry I am here' I told him, standing in front of him, 'Where is she?' he whispers to himself. 'Harry I am here!' I yell, getting annoyed because he can't see me. I roll my eyes, and follow him through the forest. He walks up to a meadow, he sits down. 'Brook where have you gone?' he sighed to himself again. I sit in front of him, 'Harry I am here, why can't you see me' I asked.


He looks around, and sees a girl. The girl has dirty blond hair, green eyes. The girl is me. 'There you are' he smiles and runs over to her. He picks me up and spins me around, I look happy. 'I have been so worried' he sighed, embracing my other body. They sit down at the top of the meadow. I go to walk over, when a hand stops me. 'Where are you going Doll?' it was Zayn, he was smiling at me. Why can he see me and Harry can't.


Zayn took me to the other end of the meadow. He set up a picnic, I can't believe this. We sit and talk and eat. I laugh, then I look over at myself with Harry. I look happy like, really happy. He has his arms wrapped around me, he laughs and kisses my neck making me laugh. I turn to Zayn, 'If only things were so simple eh?' Zayn whispers in my ear, 'What?' I asked, 'You know, you love Harry, and me, if there were two of you then there would be no problem' Zayn whispers, 'Yeah, I guess it would be easier wouldn't it?' I asked, he nodded 'Harry loves you, but not like I do' Zayn whispers, I look up at Zayn and Kiss him, I look over at Harry... 'I love you Brook, I will never hurt you' he whispered to the other me, the other me smiles and kisses him softly.


I gasp and wake up. I sighed and roll my eyes. That makes things ten times harder! I mean, I loved being with Zayn but I liked the look of life with Harry too... this is to difficult. Can't I have both?


Borry or Zook?

Who will she choose?

Will Harry have to play dirty to get Brook?

Will Zayn whisk Brook away to save the relationship?

What will Jack do next?

What ever happened to Logan that night?

New boys on the block?


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