Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


71. Bang. Bang. Shot.

Zayn's Pov

I rolled over and opened my eyes to the bright light that was covering my face, I squinted and looked around. Unfamiliar, I got out of bed, pulling on my clothes. Where's my shirt? I opened the door to the bedroom I was in, and walked down the stairs, to the kitchen and there stood the girl from last night in my shirt. 'Morning sweetheart' she smiled, 'Want some breakfast?' she asked, I rolled my eyes 'Can I have my shirt back, I need to get going' I mumbled to myself, my hangover suddenly hitting me. 'You'll have to come and get it' she smirked, 'I don't have time for this' I moaned, 'Just give it to me' I told her.

She frowned, and removed the shirt handing it to me. 'Your not staying?' she asked, I shook my head 'Things to do. People to see' I told her. Leaving.

I walked down the cold street. If I went home, I would just get questions. There was just one thing I had to do. Tell her parents. My feet carried me along to their house, I stepped up to the front door. Something tells me this would be easier with a bottle of vodka. The door opened, her mum stood there, the spitting image of her and it tore me apart. 'Hello lovey, you want to come inside, take a seat, I will get you a drink, where brook?' she smiled, I sighed 'Can I get that drink?' I asked avoiding the question, she nodded.

I walked into the living room where her dad was. 'Hello Zayn' he smiled, as I sat down. Brook's mum walked back in, and placed a mug of tea on the table for me. 'What can we do for you Zayn?' she asked, I took a deep breath. 'Its brook' I croaked, not wanting to cry in front of them. 'Is she okay? What's happened?' her dad asked. Suddenly, I broke.

'She's gone... I wasn't there to save her, I let her down... and now.. I have lost her' I cried, 'Zayn slow down what has happened?' she asked, coming over to me. 'Brook's dead' I told them. 'W-What?' he dad mumbled, 'She died two days ago' I whispered, 'How?' her mum whispered, 'I barely know myself' I whispered, I stood up and walked out. I couldn't do it.

I trudged heavily down the street. Wanting the world to just disappear. They say only the good die young. They say that? Yeah, because its true.

There was one thing I still had yet to do. Talk to Liam.

Liam's Pov

I walked back in the room quickly putting my phone away, so no one could see.

'Why haven't they called? Do you think they got him back?' I asked, Harry just shrugged and looked at the wall. He had stared at it all day. Nothing. He was broken, like I thought he would be. I sighed and walked to the kitchen and grabbed a plate of food, and walked over to Harry. 'Here you have to eat something' I told him, he shook his head and wafted his hand to push me away. 'Harry what good is it going to do you not eating?' I frowned. 'Hurting yourself won't bring Brook back' I whispered to him.

His eyes fluttered to me. Rage, Hurt, Pain, Love, anger. All passed his eyes. Then he let a single tear roll, 'if she hadn't have been coming to save me none of this would have happened, I would rather me be dead' he croaked out, his voice sore from so much crying.

My phone began to ring, I looked Zayn. Shit. I stood up and answered it, Harry’s eyes wide on me. 'Hello?' I asked, 'You fucking liar' he growled, I looked back at Harry 'Zayn wh-' he stopped me, 'Brook's dead and you were going to keep it a secret' I looked at Harry, 'Did you tell Louis?' I frowned, 'He needed to know' he whispered. I went back to Zayn, 'Look Zayn, you don't understa-' he cut me of once again, 'Your right I don't fucking understand, you lied to me! YOU TOLD ME SHE WAS FINE!' he shouted, 'Zayn, I did it to protect you and Niall' I defended, 'Put Harry on the phone' he growled.

I reached my hand out holding the phone to Harry, he gulped 'Hello' he croaked. I had no idea what Zayn was saying. But everything Harry said. 'Zayn I am so sorry... I know okay?! I know its my fault... I tried.. I tried to stop her but she wouldn't listen... Zayn... The last thing that she said was that she loved you' he began to cry, I sighed and picked the phone from him, 'Zayn?' I asked into the phone, 'Liam. Don't.' He snapped and hung up the phone.

'Are you alright?' I asked Harry, he nodded and wiped his nose as tears.

I began to walk out, then turned to Harry. 'Brook loved you too' I spoke solemnly, 'How do you know?' he asked, 'They way she looked at you, she loved you' I spoke. I knew she loved him, not nearly as much as Zayn did, but she did love him, she loved us all.

Mystery Pov

Thoughts ran through my head. Where to go from here, by doing what I did last night. Its all over now, I have lost the one I love. I have lost everything that meant something to me. How will be able to do this now? How can I cope alone. I know I will always have the boys, but its just not the same.


Zayn's Pov

I rolled up my sleeves and tied the knot in my tie, tucked in my shirt, and tied my laces. I looked at myself in the mirror, the suit clung to me tightly. A light knock came from my door, Liam. 'Yeh?' I asked, he walked in. 'We are leaving now mate' he spoke, I sighed and sat on the edge of the bed.

The weeks events hadn't gone well. Liam came home with Harry, and after three nights of us fighting, we had three nights of tears. The final night stunned silence as we prepared for today. We were holding a small get together in Brook's remembrance.

'When we have done this Liam, it means she is gone for good' I whispered, running my hand through my hair, 'She might be gone, but that doesn't mean we will forget her' he told me, I nodded and looked down. 'What was she wearing that night? What did she look like? Was she smiling.. I always loved her smile' I cracked a small smile, the first in a week. 'She was in a red dress, heels, and her lips were crimson... she was smiling' he told me, I smiled 'I really loved her Liam' I sighed, he patted my back, 'Come on we are going to be late' he told me, I nodded and we left.


I took a deep breath as her friends were around, he aunt and uncle. Her mum and dad didn't come, afraid. Courtney came too, as did her friend Hannah, she hadn't seen her much since she met me. I looked around taking in the faces, the priest began to speak.

'We have some of her friends that wanted to say a few words.?' He spoke, Niall walked up to the stand, and stood with a crumpled piece of paper shaking. Tears in his eyes, barely speaking, but when he began everyone listened to his every word.

Hi. I am Niall. I knew Brook when we teens. We dated, and she was my first really love. I am not going to go on an on about how perfect she was, because... she wasn't. She had her down points, her “Quirks” as she would say. But I loved all her quirks. I know with out her. I wouldn't be who I am today, she made me this. Zayn was a really lucky guy, because he was the one that got to love her the most, he got to spend her last few months wrapped up with her... and I am jealous of that, because I do wish to a point that it was me who got to hold her hand, but I had my time with her and it didn't work. I love her now. I love her still. Good night Brook. Sleep tight baby”

He left the stand, throwing me a weak smile, I nodded him a thank you. I didn't mind that he loved Brook. We all did that's why we were all here. Liam plucked up his courage to go next, he didn't look as weak as Niall, much stronger in fact.

Thank you all for coming. I know it would mean a lot to Brook. Er... Well I had my fair share of arguments with Brook, we didn't exactly get off on the right foot. I tried to bed her in the first week. But she became like my little sister, and I wanted to look after her, that’s why I did all the things I did. I tried but it wasn't enough, to keep her here with us. I just want you all to know that Brook, was so much stronger than any of us gave her credit for. Zayn loved her, with good reason. I have never seen a girl more in love then Brook was with Zayn. But she loved us all for a different reason. Wait for us darling.”

Liam left the stand and sat next to Niall. Louis stood up tears already falling, I sat back in my seat. Ready to listen to what Louis would have to say, he looked at me and forced a gentle smile. I could see he was broken, I never thought the boys cared as much as this.

Hey guys. Erm... I don't really know what to say. We just miss you Brook. We need you here... we aren't right you know? The next time we should have all been together like this should have been Brook and Zayn's wedding, but it’s her funeral. Thing about Brook was she knew how to make a situation better, She knew when you were upset and she would listen she wouldn’t leave until we were okay, We all had such a close relationship with Brook in the end, you wouldn't have thought at the beginning, And everyone in this room she loved, Brook has had an impact on is all, Sometimes no matter how much faith we have we lose people, but that doesn’t mean we forget them, we just treasure those memories and that is what gives us the strength to carry on, Brook wouldn’t want everyone here crying she would want them to be happy and smiling, thinking of all the good she did, So everyone think of a time with Brook when you were happy, and treasure that memory and keep that memory because that is what will help keep you going, goodnight baby girl, Wait for us.”

Louis came down from the stand and went straight to Liam, he patted Louis's back as he let tears roll. Harry stood up. I was dreading his, because I know he would say he loved her. That worried me, because I am sure she loved him to, I know she loved me, but she wanted to save him because she loved him. Harry sent me a simple smile, trying to hide the tears.

Hi... I don't want to do this. I just know I have to say good bye, so here I go. Brook, we all miss you like crazy. I know your listening somewhere now. I know your missing us to... and I just want to say I am sorry because I know that if it wasn't for you saving me, you would still be here. I want you to know that we all love you, and that... you and Zayn... are perfect. I know I was said I was okay, but I wanted you to be happy. The night you died, I went into your room and found my shirt that I gave you, and thought it was mine, it smelt just like you... but you kept a picture of Zayn on the side. I know you love us and I know you would want us to be happy... but Brook we can't with out you... I wish it was me not you... You always were the hero. The worst part it we never got say a proper goodbye, she had died before we had the chance, and now I remember walking out of the house... and sitting there with Liam, and just breaking down becasue I couldn't grasp the fact you were gone. I couldn't grasp the fact that I was actually in love with you. But your gone now and not coming back, so... Good bye Brook... We love you”

He stepped down and looked at me, I nodded, I couldn't be mad. Not today anyway. Then all eyes fell to me, 'Would you like to say something?' The preist asked, I gulped, I wasn't ready to admit this all. But I know I had to.

I miss Brook so much, her not being here... its like I’m not even here. I wanted us to last. I didn’t want us to have an amazing couple of months and then it is all over in a flash, but it was. I didn’t want to experience the feelings of hurt, confusion and disappointment, but I did. I wanted us to last, and if this didn’t happen then I would be sat down with a ring on my finger and I would being calling Brook my fiancé, we ermm... talked about kids a few times, she really wanted them... we almost had one once.

I don’t know what to do with myself anymore; this weeks ... has just killed me. I mean we have been apart before, but now its ... for good.

Brook promised me she would love me to the end, and she kept that promise because right before she died she told harry she loved me, and ... and ... she-e always tell me that the boys were like her family, and she loved you all.

I have so much to say about Brook but I can’t put it into words, because ... well what words do you use to describe Brook.

I remember when I found out she was gone, and I didn't beileve it at first. I just wouldn't let myself beileve it, that the girl I loved was dead. Then when it sunk it, I went off the rails and I did something I regret, but I can't change that now. I hope if your listening Doll, I didn't mean it.

I am so sorry, ... but Doll if you are listening to this I love you.... I miss you and ... I need you Doll ... I miss everything about you .. I don’t know if you can even hear me ... but if you can then please ... just come back ... your never going to come back ... life is unbearable with out you, You said no matter what we run into and no matter how hard things get, that you want us to stick together. Where are you now, you’re not here! And its my fault ... I am sorry Doll ... I love you .... forever and always ... rest in peace babe ... at least now ... I can’t hurt you ...”

I walked from the stand and left the church. Walking outside, and taking a ciggertte. I promised Brook I would stop, but she promised me forever. I guess were both bad a promises.


He is sat there Broken,

Cigerttee in hand.

She watches from above,

her empty promises in hand.


One will know.

One will fall.

One will break.

One will stand tall.

One will make it.

The other will not.

One is dead.

Bang Bang. Shot.


Oh my god. I cried writing this. Its not got long left now :(

I know what your thinking, OH MY GOD! But calm down, things will get better ;) I promise.

What do you guys think of the bit at the end?

I think that the ending will be perfect, if you all stick with me.


AND!!! If you want kind of a bad/ cheeky Louis, read BREAKING THE BAD... My new movella :) x

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