In The Sky - Chapter 3

This is my entry for Chapter 3 of the Branch Movella. This is following on from Chapter 2 Branch Number 3 which is by White Ravens.


1. In The Sky - Chapter Three - The Room


Someone was calling me.

“Izalla, Izalla...”

It was so faint but I could just about hear it.  I clung onto that sound with all my might.

“Izalla, open your eyes...”

But I didn’t want to open my eyes.  I was terrified of what I might see.  The last thing I remembered was the darkness.  It had come from nowhere and, although this sounds stupid, it seemed to swallow me up.  It made me weak and I succumbed to it.  The darkness was broken only by swirling mists which touched my skin with icy fingers and made me shiver.  And then, from within the mist came these eyes, deepest brown flecked with fiery orange.  They bored into me, and then disappeared, leaving only the darkness again.

Was it him that was calling me, this man that I had seen at the station, the man with the dark, dangerous eyes?  I wasn’t sure.  I listened harder, straining to pick up the faint cry.

“Izalla.  Izalla, where are you?”

No! It was my dad.


My eyes shot open and I sat bolt upright.  My heart was racing.  “Dad?”

I was alone.

I stared around the room that I found myself in.  It was quite spacious, and surprisingly, quite pleasant.   I was on a soft, comfortable bed, deep with pillows and made up with thick, fresh smelling sheets.  There was a small vase of daffodils on the bedside table, providing a splash of bright colour against plain cream walls.  There was a door on the wall opposite the bed, wooden with a silver coloured handle.  This was my escape route, but oddly I felt no desire to run.  The daffodils seemed to be nodding their approval at me.  They wanted me to stay.

There were some small windows above my bed.  Three of them.  I stood up and tried to balance on the bedstead, craning my neck to see out of the middle one.  Again, I wasn’t trying to escape I was merely curious as to where I might be.  One last stretch and I could see the sky outside. It was grey, heavy with clouds.  Clouds that were moving together, changing before my eyes.  Forming shapes.  Shapes, symbols.  There was something I had seen before, what was it...?  What did it mean?

Suddenly loud voices from the room next door made me lose my balance, toppling to the floor and twisting my ankle as I landed.  It hurt, but I knew I couldn’t cry out.  Fear was beginning to creep over me again.  There were two voices.  Or was it three?  They were not happy.

“How have you allowed this to happen?”

“I’m sorry.  I didn’t think for one moment that she would...”

“That was exactly your problem.  You didn’t think.”

“What are you going to do now?”

“We stick to the plan.  We have to keep to the deadline.  We don’t have any choice.”

“What about the girl?”

I breathed in and waited for the reply.

“The girl is of no interest to me.” 

“But surely she knows too much.  It isn’t safe.”

“She’s just a child.  She knows nothing.” 

That voice.  Was it the woman from the platform?  With the raven black hair.  I just couldn’t be sure.

The voices continued.

“We can’t take the chance and you know that.  We must...”

But the speaker was stopped mid sentence by the sound of breaking glass.  My ankle had been throbbing and I tried to pull myself back onto the bed, but the bedside table had tipped under my weight and sent the vase of daffodils crashing to the floor.  Broken glass and water spilled around my bare feet.


All I could hear was my heart thumping.

Shadows crossed through the crack of light that shone from under the door.

My eyes widened as I watched the silver coloured door handle begin to turn.

I held my breath and waited.




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