On the day of Emily Lilac's fifteenth birthday, her father gives her a purple amulet - a lilac amulet – an ancient relic of her family. When she puts it around her neck, her world, her life changes.
She discovers that she is not human. And neither is everyone else.
She is part of the new generation of Psychics in a world of monsters. She is one of the only, one of the rarest species in existence and she is the key to ending the war between the two most powerful species around.
And in the midst of it all, there is a love. A Gravern and an Eternal come together, set apart because of the war, and must keep down in fear of death.
So Emily fights: not for the Eternals from the sky; not for the Graverns from the ground; but for the love that her friends share.


26. Tom

In form Antony and Tom tried to talk to me about my strange behaviour, but I just tell them I’m tired – which is partially true – and I don’t elaborate.

“Emily, why won’t you talk to us?” Antony moaned like a four year old that hadn’t got their favourite chocolate bar after their dinner.

“I’m tired. You wouldn’t understand because you’re always hyperactive.” I told him in reply.

“That’s not true! No, I can be calm. Really, I can!” Antony says in an excitable tone. Me and Tom just laugh at him.

“You ate a massive chocolate bar this morning Ant, how the fuck are you going to be calm?” Tom says laughing. Antony just shrugs it off. I take this opportunity to drop another hint about Naomi. We have been doing that all week, and I can tell Tom is really interested in her! I decided I’d definitely try to talk about her, despite how tired I am.

“Naomi goes really hyper if you feed her Skittles. She not only tastes the rainbow, but she sees and hears it too!” I joke to him. Tom laughs, but blushes slightly as well. I have to admit, he’s cute when she’s embarrassed, with his chubby cheeks and awkward brace-filled smile. He runs his hands through his chocolate brown hair before speaking again.

“Really? I can’t wait to see her hyper! What is she like?”

“Well,” I begin, trying to pick the correct words “she finds everything funny, even if it’s not, and she also jumps around all the time. Oh yeah, and makes really bad ‘dirty’ jokes. They all end in “I’m having sex” which is the worst ending ever.”

“That doesn’t sound too bad.” Tom says, blushing again. “Antony is definitely worse, and so are you!” This time I blush. Seeing me hyper is one of the things you never want to do. I act like an excitable drunk! It can be really embarrassing for me, so I try to turn the attention away from me and back to Naomi.

“You know,” I say, taking the plunge “I think you two would make a really cute couple!” He’s surprised by my comment, and blushes even more. Is it working? Antony joins in.

“Yeah, I think you two would really suit each other. We should get you together!” Tom gives an awkward smile. “Come on, what do you say?”

“Um, actually,” Me and Antony lean forward as he stumbles over his words “I actually kinda like her already...” I let out a little squeal. This is perfect! Antony turns to me and grins.

“Tom, that is adorable!” I say in the girly ‘aw’ voice.

“But I don’t think she likes me and I’m too scared to talk to her about it? Could you drop some hints for me Em? Please? I’d really appreciate it if you did.”

“We don’t have to!” His face lights up as I say it. “Luckily for you, I know she likes you too! You guys would be perfect together, you should ask her out!”

“I don’t know...” Tom says, clearly lacking in confidence.

“Don’t worry Tom, go for it! What could go wrong? You like her, she likes you; it can only end in happiness! I’ll be right there with you if you want.” Antony tells him. He smiles.

“And if you come at break or lunch I’ll be there too!” I say excitedly. I’ve finally done it! Naomi and Tom together, I wonder what they’re going to be like as a couple?

“Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. How should I do it?” Tom directly asks me this question. I shrug.

“Why are you asking me? I’ve only had a couple primary school boyfriends, what do I know? I’d probably start by saying something like you’ve liked her for a long time and you’d finally like to take it to the next level. How does that sound?” I suggest.

“Cheesy as fuck.” Antony jokes. I scowl at him, but Tom laughs. The bell rings for first lesson, and before we go Tom tells me:

“Thanks for the advice. I’ll ask her at break. Thank you for telling me, without it I would have never dared to talk to her, let alone ask her out! Seriously, I really appreciate it. Wish me luck!”

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