On the day of Emily Lilac's fifteenth birthday, her father gives her a purple amulet - a lilac amulet – an ancient relic of her family. When she puts it around her neck, her world, her life changes.
She discovers that she is not human. And neither is everyone else.
She is part of the new generation of Psychics in a world of monsters. She is one of the only, one of the rarest species in existence and she is the key to ending the war between the two most powerful species around.
And in the midst of it all, there is a love. A Gravern and an Eternal come together, set apart because of the war, and must keep down in fear of death.
So Emily fights: not for the Eternals from the sky; not for the Graverns from the ground; but for the love that her friends share.


5. Species

“Okay...” My Dad points to a woman with incredibly light blonde hair. She also has very golden skin and seems to sparkle. Another strange thing is that she has wings; big, feathery, angelic wings. In fact, she seems pretty angelic all over. “Who’s this?” Her face is familiar, but I just can’t place it. “It’s Suzanne Collins, the author of the Hunger Games.” I suddenly recognise her. “She is what’s called an Eternal. They represent Light, and they are sort of like the image you would have seen of angels. See the tiara in her hair? That’s like your amulet.” He moves on it another picture.


“Eternals have an opposite, you know. Darkness. This one represents Dark. Who’s this?” The figure is more familiar than Suzanne was. It is a short male with a lot of dark brown hair on his face. His skin is grey, like someone has sucked the life out of him. He also has a long pointed tail and little horns mostly disguised by his shaggy hair.

“I know who this is. This is Simon Helburg, right? The guy who plays Howard on the Big Bang Theory.”  My Dad nods.

“Correct. He is a Gravern. Graverns are the opposite of Eternals but they are equally powerful. They are associated with Hell and the devil, but that doesn’t mean they are evil. Don’t forget that: don’t discriminate anyone because of their species. The Eternals and the Graverns are the biggest groups on Earth. There are more of those two than any other species. They aren’t getting along very well though now-a-days. Oh, and Graverns have neck chains instead of amulets. Ready for the next one?” He keeps going even though I don’t answer.


He points to a hairy, dog-like man. “This is a Werewolf. Guess who the celebrity is?” I shrug. The creature, man rather, has light brown fur all over his body and he looks like the missing link between humans (actual humans, mind) and dogs. “This is Taylor Lautner.” My mouth opens wide. This thing can’t be the celebrity I crushed over?

“Just a second Dad, I need to go and tear down all of my posters of him.” He laughs as I approach my poster collection.

“You’d be surprised Em, because he is actually one of the better looking werewolves!” I scowl, and walk back to my father.


“Now this is what your mother and your brothers are: this guy is a Vampire. Can you name him?” I don’t even have to look at the new features to know who this man was. Even though he had fangs, pointy ear lobes and extremely pale skin, they didn’t cover his baldness or his collar.

“It’s Harry Hill! He doesn’t look at all different!” My Dad laughs.

“Even though you can’t see it on Harry, a characteristic of Vampires is that they all have shiny black hair. They have to drink blood to survive, but they don’t randomly attack people like in the movies you saw. Once you turn 18 you’re going to have to donate blood for them once a month. You get used to it, don’t worry.” I roll my eyes. “You get paid for it too. And another perk of being a Physic, you get paid much more for your blood. Now, quite a lot of your family are Vampires so get used to them!”

“So Sam and Will are Vampires too?”

“Not yet. You are still human until you receive your little jewel, which is a chain bracelet in a Vampire’s case, so you’ll see everyone younger than the Age of Knowing as humans. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t know what some of your friends are or will be.” I smile. I think to myself how awesome this new world is. The more my Dad tells me the more I believe it’s true, and the more I warm to it.


My Dad points to a girl with blue, translucent skin and flowing green hair. She looks like she just arose out of the ocean, with sea weed for hair and water for skin. She looks like she could be naturally pretty, but she covers it up heavily with makeup.

“Is this... Ashley Tisdale?” My dad shakes his head.

“Close, it’s Paris Hilton. She is a Water Sprite, but they’re often just called Sprites. They are one of three elemental species; they control water and they are stereotypically beautiful. It’s true, though, they often are quite pretty. In fact, 82% of models are Sprites.”

“Where did that fact come from?”

“My book: ‘How to tell your teens what’s what on the Day of Knowing’...” I grin, and give him a big hug.

“You’re doing brilliantly Dad; I bet you could do it great even without the book.” He smiles and continues.


“This should be a giveaway with the wheelchair.” He points to what looks like the child of Albert Einstein and Lady Galadriel: an elvish version of Steven Hawking. He has pale, yellowy skin and pale green hair. He also has the pointy ears that everyone associates with Elves.

“Let me guess, Steven Hawking, he’s an Elf and Elves are clever.”

“You’re right, but the full term is Wood Elf. Elves are incredibly clever; you’ll probably find that most people in your top sets will be Elves. Elves can also control things in nature like plants and trees. Only a couple more species left now!”


He points to a man I feel I should recognise, but his species’ features get in the way. He has dark brown hair and very dark skin, with red lines like veins across his arms and skin. He also has tattoos of little droplets of water across his left side.

“I’ll give you a clue: he’s an athlete.”

“I’m sorry Dad, that one’s just too hard!”

“This is Michael Phelps. He is a Fire Beast, or just Beast, and they are known to be very strong. They get a tattoo every year at the time of their birth. The tattoo forms naturally, they don’t go and have it done like other species. They also control fire.”

“The tattoo thing sounds pretty cool.”

“When it forms it is very painful. Next year you’ll see some Beasts suddenly scream out in pain on their birthday; that’s when a tattoo forms.”


“Then there are Witches. Guess who this famous Witch is.” The woman he points to has chocolate brown hair and light green skin. She also has a glow about her, some sort of aura; it’s light orange. She’s also holding a guitar, a dead giveaway on who she is.

“I thought Taylor Swift would be a Vampire.”

“Nope, she’s a Witch. They can cast spells and such. You see that orange glow? That’s their aura. There are six different colours and each one means that they are good at a different type of spell. You get 6 Witches in a coven, one of each kind of aura. Do you know of a group of 6 people that always hang around together at school?” I nod. “Chances are they’re Witches. Even before you reach the Age of Knowing you’re naturally drawn to people the same species as you.”

“So, who’s the example for a Physic?” I ask and I look at the last picture. It’s a slightly older man who is, again, very familiar. I mentally punch myself for not knowing, and I suddenly feel surprise when I actually feel pain. I then remember my powers and smile.

“Think about it. He’s a politician with a colour as a surname.” I instantly get it.

“Gordon Brown.”

“That’s right. There is also one other species you should know, but I have no example. They don’t get famous. And, they won’t go to your school either. They’re Orcs, and they go to special schools designed for them. They aren’t particularly smart and they’re satisfied doing menial jobs. The school janitor will be one, and your bus driver will be one. They look fearsome but they can actually be very kind.”


“Any questions, Em?” I think. All this to take in, there are loads of questions I need to ask!

“Um, okay, will I keep my last name?”

“Yes. All other species apart from Physics keep last names no matter what, but Physic last names are only for Physics. Next question?”

“What species are my friends?”

“Hm, I only know a couple. Um, the tall one, what’s her name?”


“No, I haven’t met her.”


“That’s it! She’s an Eternal. Also, Bella and Naomi are Elves. And Alice is a Beast, but those people are all I know.”

“Okay, how did you keep this from me for so many years?”

“Ah, that is pretty impressive. First off, we don’t tell anyone underage. It’s that simple. But it does get more difficult. On everything electronic that you own we put in your date of birth and it limits your stuff. In shops do you notice how we disappear? That ‘Staff Only’ alarmed bit you can ask for the code for, and in there are versions of things for people above 15. Also, on the TV, it’s wired so the minute someone under 15 steps into the same room, it changes to the under 15 channels. Everything is worked out.”

“That is so cool!” I think of all the things open to me now. I’m special, I’m unique and I have powers! What could be better?


“Before you go downstairs, don’t you want to see yourself in the mirror?” I smile, and he hands me a pocket mirror, and I take a peek. My skin is like a canvas bag, it looks so smooth and untouched. My hair is still curly, but it’s a beautiful lilac colour, better than I could have imagined. The most wondrous thing, though, is my eyes. Many colours in my pupils swirl together, and as my mood changes from shock to wonder, my eyes change from florescent orange to rosy pink. ‘I look beautiful!’ I think to myself. A smile creeps across my face.

“You should go downstairs now. You’ll get presents from all your siblings and from Grandma. If you need any help, come and talk to me. I need to go to work soon though.” He gives me a massive hug and leaves. I hear his voice as he shouts back to me: “Sit upstairs on the bus!” I laugh; what a strange thing to tell your daughter when she has just transformed into a magical being.

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