On the day of Emily Lilac's fifteenth birthday, her father gives her a purple amulet - a lilac amulet – an ancient relic of her family. When she puts it around her neck, her world, her life changes.
She discovers that she is not human. And neither is everyone else.
She is part of the new generation of Psychics in a world of monsters. She is one of the only, one of the rarest species in existence and she is the key to ending the war between the two most powerful species around.
And in the midst of it all, there is a love. A Gravern and an Eternal come together, set apart because of the war, and must keep down in fear of death.
So Emily fights: not for the Eternals from the sky; not for the Graverns from the ground; but for the love that her friends share.


2. Party

“I can’t quite believe it.” Harry says, shaking his head. “My little sister is turning 15.” He gives me a big squeeze that is slightly uncomfortable, so I squirm out of his hold.

“Harry, you need stop babying me! I’m almost 15, remember?” I laugh and give him a quick friendly punch on the shoulder. He smiles, and pushes me over on the sofa like he always does. I sit back up again and try to push him back, but he’s already shifted his attention to his wife, Sophie. He may be my brother, but seeing as he’s almost 13 years older than me, he seems more like an uncle.


I wander across the room, trying not to get in the way of the adults um-ing and ah-ing at my mother’s new, miniscule bump, and sit down next to my youngest brother Will, who’s 7. He’s sitting alone in the corner on the DS, clearly not interested in my family party.

“Hey Will, what ya playing?” I peek over his shoulder.

“Picross on my DS.” He casually replies without looking up. He’s playing a game that looks like minesweeper, but with less danger and the numbers are around the edge. He is careful and never hits a wrong point. Soon the blocks he has chosen begin to make a picture: a person playing golf. Only after he finishes he looks up at me.

“This is your party Emily. Why are you speaking to me?” I look at him carefully, and then hand him a chocolate button. He gobbles it up and turns back to his game.

“I’m talking to you because nobody’s talking to me. They wished me a happy 15th birthday and then turned their attention to mother’s new child. At least they aren’t swarming over Natasha like they normally do. You would have thought, the first Lilac girl to turn 15, the age everyone says is big, and they give me no attention.” I sigh. “I’m also talking to you because you look lonely.” He smiles and keeps going with his game. I understand, and I stand up and move on.


“Dad?” I pull my father out into the hall and sit him down on the stairs. “I’m not sure I want to be here anymore.”

“Why not sweetie?” He suddenly looks concerned. “This is your family party!”

“Dad, it’s my 15th birthday tomorrow and nobody is paying attention to me. Even when they do congratulate me its sounds sad, like they don’t want me to grow up.”

“There’s a reason for that Em, I’ll tell you later. Not at the party, at home.” His face changes again, into worry and guilt.

“Oh, and another question Dad, why are all your children born 4 years apart? And why the 18th, why are all our birthdays on the 18th of a month?”

“At home honey, I’ll tell you all that at home.” He suddenly stands up and walks towards my grandmother’s living room. “Wait, have the twins spoke to you yet?”

“No.” I answer. “Why?”

“No reason.” I see a smirk emerge on his face before he disappears into the next room. I sigh again. This was not the birthday gathering I had wished for. I lie on the floor and drift off into space, imagining what my real birthday would be like. Surrounded by friends that actually cared.

“That’s what tomorrow will be like.” I whisper to myself. That’s when I realise my 19 year old twin brothers are staring down at me. I haven’t seen them since they left for University. They both go to Lincoln but they do different courses.

“Emily, we require your presence.” Says one, putting on a serious face, while the other collapses into hysterical laughter. “We must speak in the other room.” He picks me up by the feet and drags me out of the hall while I wriggle and groan and try not to feel embarrassed by my older brother’s behaviour.


The jokey twin scoops me up and plonks me on the bed in the spare room. They each take a seat on the fold out mattress.

“Now Emily...” the serious one, Zack, starts.

“You are turning big ol’ 15.” finishes Joey, the other twin. They are the pranksters, the immature people in the family. Even if they tried they wouldn’t be able to give me a serious talk, so I begin to wonder what they want to say.

“At 15, lots of opportunities open up for you. Things change. You’re not a child anymore. There are so many things you can do.” Zack explains, the most serious I’ve ever seen him.

Joey starts to make a list: “Yeah, I mean you can go to a pub, go out more with your mates, and even have sex!”

“I thought that was 16, Joey.” I give him an odd look.

“Really? I thought it was 15...”

“Explains a lot.” Zack mumbles and Joey immediately gives him a shove.

“Well at least I had a girlfriend to do it with me, you’re hopeless with woman.”

“That’s not true, remember Stacy?”

“She only lasted a day. I got her sister.”

“Please, shut up!” I yell. I’ve heard the same argument every family gathering and I’m sick of it.

“Okay,” Zack composes himself and keeps going. “What we’re trying to say is even though you have all these opportunities you shouldn’t take them.”

And for the first time in his life, Joey says something serious: “You shouldn’t do something just cos you can. Those things are there just in case you need them, so you should wait until you need them.”

That’s when I know something’s not right. I raise my eyebrow and ask, “Why are you telling me this? Why are you telling me this? I would have expected Harry to give me this talk. Maybe even Nate. But not you two, you are the most immature people I’ve ever met. So why you?”

Joey gives a sigh of relief. “Dad made us do it. He says that the next oldest gives the talk to the new 15 year old. We got our talk from Nate. You’ll give the talk to Sam.” I think of Sam as a 15 year old. I shudder; it’s not a good sight.

“So Dad put you up to this, great.”

“So we can go now?” Joey and Zack pull puppy eyes at me, so I sigh and nod my head. They are out of the room before I can blink.


I start off towards my Grandmother’s kitchen and stop when I hear voices. I duck behind the wall and listen in.

“The first Lilac girl of this generation.” It’s the voice of my Grandma. “She’s finally going to find out why she is so special.”

“I know Mum, I’m very proud, but she is getting very suspicious.” My father. “I’m afraid she won’t be able to wait until the morning.”

“Of course she can. She is curious, just like the Mayes’. She takes that from her mother. But she can wait, and she must wait.”

“I understand. I’m sure she can.”

“Do you have her present?” There is a pause. “It is the original one you forged? The one you made on your 18th?”

“Yes. I have kept it a silver box away from prying eyes. Her amulet is safe and she will receive it in the morning.” I smile. How sweet, an amulet he made when he was young! And he saved it just for me! I feel my mouth turn into a melting smile, the way I do when someone does something sweet for me. I then think of my brothers. On their 15th birthday they all received a copper chain bracelet with ‘Mayes’ engraved on a thin panel hanging off one of the loops. That was also the day they would change their last name from Lilac to Mayes. Will I lose my last name too? Will the stone in the amulet have Mayes engraved on it too?

“It’s good that everything’s in order. It’ll be hard for her, becoming her true self in our current world. Hopefully it will quickly sort itself out, for her sake. If it does become worse then these may become the worst years of her life. Now, let’s get back to the party before anyone misses us.” I quickly dive into the bathroom and wait for the footsteps to disappear.

‘She’s finally going to find out why she is so special...becoming her true self...these may become the worst years of her life...’

“What’s going on?” I wonder. “What on Earth are they talking about?” I think about Harry and Nate and Joey and Zack, and how they’ve gone through it all before. I think about Sam and Will and Natasha and the baby not here for 8 months, and how they will have to go through it all too. I then think about me, and how my time to face it is nearly upon me. I won’t know what happens until it does. So I stop thinking and I go back to my party, and I join in the um-ing and ah-ing at my mother’s belly, and I try to stop thinking about what Grandma said. It doesn’t work.

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