On the day of Emily Lilac's fifteenth birthday, her father gives her a purple amulet - a lilac amulet – an ancient relic of her family. When she puts it around her neck, her world, her life changes.
She discovers that she is not human. And neither is everyone else.
She is part of the new generation of Psychics in a world of monsters. She is one of the only, one of the rarest species in existence and she is the key to ending the war between the two most powerful species around.
And in the midst of it all, there is a love. A Gravern and an Eternal come together, set apart because of the war, and must keep down in fear of death.
So Emily fights: not for the Eternals from the sky; not for the Graverns from the ground; but for the love that her friends share.


13. Hyper

My last lesson is French. I’m decent at French so I can keep up a few kinds of conversations. I have one with Naomi.

“Bonjour à Naomi.” *

“Bonjour Emily. Joyeux 15ème anniversaire!”

“Je vous remercie! J'ai un très bon moment aujourd'hui.”

“Que comptez-vous faire après l'école?”

“Pas tant que ça. Je vais communiquer de vive voix avec mes frères. Qu'en pensez-vous?”

“Je vais avoir des relations sexuelles!” We both laugh. Of all the things to learn in French she learns ‘I’m going to have sex.’

“Non, sérieusement.”

“Ça va être délicieux!”

“Stop that, Miss Bland is coming over...”

“Je ne donne pas une merde! Je vais avoir des relations sexuelles!” She shouts really loudly. I wonder what has got her in such a good mood, whether it was the plan for getting her a boyfriend or the pack of skittles she ate at lunch.

“Soyez tranquille, vous me embarrassant!”

“Je ne m'inquiète pas. Je vis pour vous mettre dans l'embarras!”

“Pourquoi êtes-vous si hyper?”

“Je sais pas, je suis juste dans une ambiance incroyable putain!” Suddenly our teacher comes over.

“Can you girls have a conversation for me?” We both nod, and begin.

“Bonjour à tous. Comment tu t'appelles?”**I start.

“Naomi Mon nom. Quelle est la vôtre?”

“Mon nom est Emily. Comment s'est passée ta journée?”

“Très bon merci, merci de demander. Comment est la vôtre?”

“Il est excellent. C'est mon anniversaire aujourd'hui!”

“Joyeux anniversaire! Qu'est-ce que vous obtenez?” I’m about to answer when I notice that Miss Bland has wandered off. I breathe a sigh of relief. I think we satisfied her for the lesson, so it leaves me and Naomi to talk.

“Are you still coming to my birthday sleepover on Saturday?” She nods.

“Why would I want to miss that? You throw the best sleepovers!”

“That’s only because I provide more sweets, so we all end up hyper.”

“Still, they’re still the best. Who else is coming again?”

“Me, obviously (!), Trixie, Tina, Bella and Alice.”

“It’s gonna be so totally awesome!”

“Don’t get your hopes up, Naomi. It might not be as good as last year.”

“If it’s better than last year then my head may just explode.”

“Okay then, I will make it as boring as I can.”

“Aw, you don’t want my head to explode! You care about me!”

“No, I just don’t want to clear up the mess.” She gives me a jokey, but appalled look. I just laugh. “I’m joking, although really I don’t want to clear up splattered brains anytime soon.” She laughs too. Before we know it the lesson is over. I’m glad; I’m looking forward to the bus journey back, to the birthday messages on Facebook, to the rest of my 15th birthday, the best day of my life. So far.


*Conversation translation:

"Hello Naomi." *

"Hello Emily. Happy 15th Birthday! "

"Thank you! I have had a great time today. "

"What will you do after school?"

"Not that much. I will voice chat with my brothers on Skype. What will you do? "

"I'm having sex!”

"No, seriously."

"It will be delightful!"

"Stop that, Miss Bland is coming over ..."

"I do not give a shit! I'm having sex! "

"Be quiet, your embarrassing me!"

"I do not care. I live to embarrass you! "

"Why are you so hyper?"

"I do not know, I'm just in a fucking amazing mood!"


**Next conversation:

"Hello there. What's your name? "

"My name’s Naomi. What's yours? "

"My name is Emily. How was your day? "

“Very good thank you, thank you for asking. How is yours? "

"It is excellent. It's my birthday today! "

"Happy Birthday! What did you get? "

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