On the day of Emily Lilac's fifteenth birthday, her father gives her a purple amulet - a lilac amulet – an ancient relic of her family. When she puts it around her neck, her world, her life changes.
She discovers that she is not human. And neither is everyone else.
She is part of the new generation of Psychics in a world of monsters. She is one of the only, one of the rarest species in existence and she is the key to ending the war between the two most powerful species around.
And in the midst of it all, there is a love. A Gravern and an Eternal come together, set apart because of the war, and must keep down in fear of death.
So Emily fights: not for the Eternals from the sky; not for the Graverns from the ground; but for the love that her friends share.


21. Elliot

I walk into school with more eyes on me than yesterday. For some reason more people decide to notice me, and I have no idea why. ‘I’m doing everything the same as yesterday, so why are more people looking at me? What on earth would have caused that?’ I ask myself. ‘Maybe word got around that there was a Psychic in school so more people are looking out for me. Or maybe lots of people were ill yesterday. Or maybe it is loads of people’s birthday in my year.’ Pretty soon I know that the last one is not correct. Only one person has changed since yesterday, and that’s Elliot, Tina’s boyfriend. I remember Tina saying. I have a small box of his favourite chocolate in my bag for him. We are quite good friends, apart from the fact that he’s one of my best friends boyfriend and we pretty much have to get along. We knew each other from a drama and musical theatre group we were in in primary school. He is really good at drama and he really enjoys it too, unlike me. I’ve grown out of it a little bit. I never enjoyed the adult stuff and I started looking a bit stupid doing the kids stuff.

“Happy birthday Elliot! Quick question, how are you enjoying being a Gravern?” He definitely suits being a Gravern, although I thought he would be an Elf. He seems shocked when he turns around and sees me. He suddenly seems to understand.

“Oh yeah, your last name is Lilac. Lilac is a colour. Of course, it all makes sense.” I give him a strange look.

“Of course it does, Elliot! What else would I be with this last name?”

“I thought you would be an Elf, personally. No offense.”

“None taken, I thought the same for you. Anyway, you were the stupid one that forgot my last name.” He sticks his tongue out at me and I smile. I then rummage around in my bag for the chocolate box. “Here you go, happy birthday dude. I got you chocolate because I know that people love chocolate. You can’t go wrong with chocolate. No boy, or girl, is immune to the charm of chocolate. So I give you chocolate.” I say in a funny voice.

“Did you know that chocolate contains a specific substance or vitamin – I forget which – that makes people happy? That is why when people are down in the dumps and upset, they look to the sanctum of chocolate.” I roll my eyes at him. Like Bella, he knows too much for his own good. I don’t know how Tina takes it, having Elliot as a boyfriend and Bella as a best friend. I’d go crazy if that was me.

“I did not, but thanks to you, I do now know!” I say sarcastically. “Please, tell me more fascinating facts about chocolate!” Elliot doesn’t hear my sarcastic tone and begins to tell me more.

“Well, I know that people spend more than seven billion dollars a year on chocolate. Shows how much people like it, doesn’t it! Also, more than twice as many women than men eat and crave chocolate, but dark chocolate is most popular among men.”

“I was being sarcastic, Elliot!” He doesn’t hear me, and he carries on.

“The word ‘chocolate’ actually comes from the Aztec word ‘xocolatl’, and that means bitter water. This is because the Aztecs melted it down and drank it in goblets instead of eating it as a bar like we do today. Also the first chocolate bar was produced by Cadburys in London in 1842, but I’m sure you’ve heard that fact before.”

“I didn’t hear it before I wanted to kill myself...” I say quietly to myself. ‘Quick!’ I think. ‘Just tell him to shut up before he drives you crazy!’.
Nestle were the ones that introduced chocolate chips you know, and that was in 1939. Oh, and this is an interesting fact! Did you know that chocolate makers use 40% of the world's almonds and 20% of the world's peanuts? That is more than most other uses for them! The largest chocolate bar ever manufactured was made in Italy in 2000 and the bar had a weight of 2268 kilograms. I wonder if it tasted good...”

“Elliot, if you don’t stop talking I will eat your chocolate myself. All for me, none for you.” He stops talking and looks at me, afraid. “And it’s your favourite box too. The Thornton’s Milk Tray.” His eyes open wide.

“Give me them! Please, don’t eat them! Please give them to me now!” I laugh. I have learned how to control boys just by living with six brothers. Elliot may be smarter and more mature than most, but he’s still just a boy in the end.

“Okay, fine, you can have them if you really want.” He tries to grab the box but I snatch it away. I laugh again; I can’t believe I have reduced this boy to a child! Should I tell Tina about this weakness? “Are you sure you would prefer to eat lovely, tasty, divine chocolate than tell me all your incredibly interesting facts?” I taunt him.

“No, I want the chocolate more, much more! Please, give the chocolate to me! Pretty please?” I actually see a tear come out of his eye. ‘Okay, I think you’ve messed with him enough.’ I think to myself. I hand the box to him.

“Okay Elliot, here is your birthday present. But I’ll take it back if you annoy me – I mean, if you tell me all those interestingfacts – again. Understood?” He nods, suddenly quivering like a small, traumatised puppy. He turns and runs away from me as quick as possible. I just laugh, normally Elliot is ‘smart’ and if anyone tries to control him like that it fails. But it just goes to show; you can do anything with the power of chocolate.

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