On the day of Emily Lilac's fifteenth birthday, her father gives her a purple amulet - a lilac amulet – an ancient relic of her family. When she puts it around her neck, her world, her life changes.
She discovers that she is not human. And neither is everyone else.
She is part of the new generation of Psychics in a world of monsters. She is one of the only, one of the rarest species in existence and she is the key to ending the war between the two most powerful species around.
And in the midst of it all, there is a love. A Gravern and an Eternal come together, set apart because of the war, and must keep down in fear of death.
So Emily fights: not for the Eternals from the sky; not for the Graverns from the ground; but for the love that her friends share.


7. Bus

I get very odd and admiring looks from the five chavs at my bus stop, but none of them talk to me, like always. I see them talk about me though. ‘They can laugh all they want,’ I think to myself. ‘You guys are Beasts and Graverns, and I’m a Physic, suck on that!’ I dare not say it to their faces though; I just stand clear away and pretend to text people on my phone. Nobody talks to me on there either, though I’m sure when they realise that I’m keeping my last name they’ll start.

The bus comes, and I think about what my Dad said. ‘Sit upstairs on the bus!’ Upstairs was where the older, ‘cool’ people sat. If anyone under 15 walked up those steps, they’d come tumbling back down again after Tom Dawson in year 11 threw them. Everyone who was over 15 sat up there; there was no one downstairs older than 14. I figured that I’d just sit downstairs still as I was never ‘cool’, but I decide to give it a try. It must be cool, right?

I take one look at the bus driver and realise that what I thought Orcs looked like was exactly right. Big teeth that pointed upwards out of his mouth, round bald head, green skin and he looked like he’d just ripped a guy’s head off. He gives me a nod and points upstairs; I follow his direction. I take my firsts steps up to the new experience and look nervously at Tom. He, however, looks a little surprised at the newcomer he sees. That make me walk up more confidently, and he lets me right past him.

And there it is: another part of the world I’ve never seen. Loud dance music is blaring out of someone’s phone; older teenagers are smoking on the back seats; boys are playing on their PSPs at the front; 6th formers are making out in the corner: it’s like a teenager’s paradise. I feel odd standing in this new place.


None of the people in my friendship group get on my bus, so I walk to the front near the boys in my year. They stare oddly at me for a couple seconds, but then Charlie offers me the seat next to him. I know Charlie and Lewis from primary school, and I’m kind of friends with Antony and Cory. For some reason I’m very good at being friends with boys but hopeless at getting boyfriends. They all stare at me as I sit down.

“Wow, Emily. You’re a Physic. Never would have guessed! What with your last name and all.” Antony says.

“I thought that you might give up your last name, and end up being something lame like a Gravern.” Cory smirks, and the others all turn to Charlie. He’s a Gravern; he just shrugs off the comment and punches Cory in the arm (I have observed this as typical boy behaviour).

“You guys all know about my gazillion brothers, so I didn’t think it would be much of a shock to you. I am getting attention from people who don’t know me well and it is so frickin' awesome!” They all laugh and high five me. They don’t look the slightest bit jealous, unlike many others on the bus I see staring.

The boys are part of the ‘gamer’ group at school. The group is huge and completely girl free, and is split up into smaller groups. These 4 boys are one of the mini groups, although there is one more who still isn’t 15 so can’t join in our current conversation.

Cory is kind of the leader of the group, and he’s a Vampire. His family is originally from India, so he has a slight Indian accent and his last name is Kapur. He is incredibly funny sometimes and can get hyper really easily. He is like a stereotypical boy though and sometimes says things when he’s talking to me that make me cringe simply because I’m a girl.

Antony Swift is a Fire Beast and he is a total serious gamer. All he ever talks about is his newest shooter. I’m one of the only people he’ll willingly speak to who doesn’t play COD, but he is impressed that I sometimes play Halo. He babies me because I mostly play Pokémon when I do play games, but he still respects me more than most girls; I should feel proud.

Lewis Oliver is the most quiet and geeky. He’s always been incredibly smart (no surprises – he’s an Elf) and will get teased by the others for it. He’s kind of like an older brother: I’ve known him for years and he’s the most likely of the group to listen to me. He’s the only one I could ever have a normal conversation with.

And lastly there’s Charlie Roth, the Gravern. While Lewis is like my older brother, Charlie is like my younger brother. I’ve been good friends with him for as long as I could remember: we have the sort of friendship that means we could just sit on a bench and punch each other for an hour. We’re always taking the mick out of each other and we never take any of it to heart. Loads of people say that we should go out but I think the opposite, because we’ve known each other for so long we couldn’t, we wouldn’t want to.


So for ten minutes I chat with the boys about what it’s like to be the Age of Knowing, and then they give me ‘the tour’ of the bus.

“At the back are the taken 6th formers.” Cory says. “And all they ever do is make out.”

“In front of them are the chavs with the fags, yo brudda.” I laugh at Charlie’s ridiculous impression.

“After them is the single 6th formers and mega-popular year 11 girls, and all they do is talk about how ‘Brad is so yummy’!” I scowl at Antony; he just laughs.

“Then the normal year 11 boys who hit on the year 10 and 11 girls in front of them, and then us, the most awesome bit of the bus!” Says Lewis, trying to look cool.

“Yeah, but that’s only because I’m here man-bitches.” I stick my tongue out at them and they all jeer.

“Nah bro, nah.” Charlie’s still doing the chav impression.

Then the bus stops. It’s time to go to school, the place my whole social life revolves around, and more importantly it’s the launch pad for my adult life. I’m in Year 10, so I’m doing my GCSE courses to prepare me for life. My ambition is to be a doctor, so I’ve chosen to take triple science, French, geography and music. I already have my life pretty much planned out: take biology, math, chemistry and history for A level and go and study medicine at Birmingham. But until then I’m stuck at a public school full of morons, but I guess it won’t be so bad from here on. After all, I am something rare.

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