Im running away from the big problem in my life that's when I bumped into him


3. Walking

Sarah's Pov

me and zayn were walking out of the school, " so how come everyone's afraid of you " he asked " cause this one time the head bitch robin, tried to intimidate me the first day I was here, she shoved me and I punched her and gave her a black eye, that's why everyone's afraid of me " I told him with a smile, " want me to walk you home " he asked " ohhhhh ermmmm, im not going home im just going to hang around for a while " I said looking down at my shoes " why not " he questioned " I I im just not " I stuttered

" sarah " he said sternly " its nothing can we just drop it " I huffed at him, he stood there gazing at me with those big brown eyes " my uncle doesn't want me there " I sighed " why not " he asked me " because he doesn't like me, he never has, and I don't know what I did to make him hate me the way he does " the tears were building in my eyes, I didn't want to look vulnerable in front of zayn, but I couldn't help it, zayn walked over to me and engulfed me in a hug, he smelled lovely, " im sorry zayn im getting tears all of your jacket " I cried, he laughed " I don't care sarah, come on, you can come to my house and we can talk " he told me, so we walked to zayns house in silence, which was pretty awkward considering that we had to talk once we got to his house

we got to zayns house and there was no one home, "sooooo who do you live with" I asked him wondering around, "no one I live by myself" he told me, I turned on my heels and gave him a questioning look, he just dipped his head to avoid looking into my eyes, "zayn" I said to him, I walked over and stood in front of him, "why do you live by yourself" I asked "sit down and ill tell you the story" he told me, so I sat down on his plush white sofa, kicked my shoes off and got comfortable, I tucked my feet under my legs, zayn came back with two cups of tea, I took a cup of mine and nearly spit it out, "there's no sugar in it" I nearly screamed, "ohh sorry, how much sugar do you take" he shouted from im guessing the kitchen "5 big spoons, please" I shouted, he walked back in with a shocked face and my new cup of tea, "five really" "yeah I have a sweet tooth" I told him, "so now tell me, why do you live by yourself"

Zayns Pov

"so now tell me, why do you live by yourself" she asked, I huffed and started my story "I used to live with four of my best friends, Niall, Harry, Louis and Liam, but one day my ex broke up with me, cause she cheated on me, I didn't know who she cheated on me with, so I left the house for the day, when I came back she was in Harrys room kissing him, so we had a big fight and I pretty much packed my shit and moved over to Cali" I  explained everything to her and then it was her turn to explain everything about her uncle "now its your turn to tell me about your story" I told her

Sarah's Pov

I was about to tell zayn everything, about my life, about my uncle and then the doorbell rang, zayn got up to answer it, while I sat there and waited for him to come back, "where is she" I heard a, squeaky girls voice, I heard the clicks of heel, walking to my direction, a girl with long blonde hair, tanned skin, emerald green eyes, storm in. she didn't look very happy when she saw me, "are you the slut zayns been banging" she roared at me, with a bony finger pointed in my direction, "ehhhh no me and zayn are just friends" I said calm as ever "ohhh really is that so, then why is he spending all his time with you" she roared, I just sat there dumb founded, zayn ran in, and was trying to calm her down, if im honest with you I taught this was all hilarious

so I started to laugh at her, and she made a lead for me, I jumped out of the way and she landed face first into one of the pillows, by this point there was tears flowing out of my eyes laughing at her, she was crying when she turned around, "zayn its me or her" she huffed, with poison in her eyes when she looked at me, "her" zayn said looking at me with a smile, "you cant do this to me" she screamed crying, "please just leave" zayn asked politely, "im going to get you" she told me, I just smiled at her and waved her out, she stormed out and slammed the door on the way, "she seems nice"  

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