Im running away from the big problem in my life that's when I bumped into him


2. School

Sarahs Pov

I woke up to the smell of something good, he was cooking, I taught he never cooked, those people that are coming around must be important if he's cooking for them, I shrugged and got up to get ready for the hell hole I like to call school, I don't like anyone in that shit hole, they no not to mess with me though, cause I beat the head bitch up pretty good, I heard there's a new guy coming into the school from England, I might get along with him cause that's just beside Ireland so we might have a few things in common, I got up and got ready for school, I put on a pair of high waisted jeans, a pair of black creepers, a white crop top and a leather jacket, I put my hair in a high pony and did minimal make up to make it look more natural, I went downstairs to the kitchen thank god he wasn't in here, had my breakfast, got my school bag and headed for the door.

"don't come back till around eight" he said bluntly, I just huffed as a response, I walked out the door and went in the direction for school, I had my earphones in, I was listening to white noise, when I felt a tap on my shoulder, I spun around and saw a pretty attractive guy staring at me, "do you know where Campbell high is* he was English, *yeah im in that school, want to walk with me" I said with a smile, he nodded in response, "your Irish I see* he spoke first *yeah how did you figure out" I questioned with a laugh "just a wild guess he played along, "so your the new kid, the schools been buzzing about" I asked "yeah that's me, Zayn, Zayn Mailk* he said with his hand out for me to shake it, I shook it " Sarah, Sarah Foran " I said, "nice to meet you sarah, sarah foran" he said rather playfully " you too mr.malik " we talked for a while until we reached the school, "well if you want to sit with me at lunch you can" I told him kind of hoping he would " yeah sure ide love to" he smiled, I hugged him as a goodbye and we went our separate ways.

I was sitting in English at the back of the class, bored as usual, when that black quiff with a blonde streak walked in, we immediately spotted each other and he sat in the empty seat beside mine, " hey zaynie " I said to him with a small smile tugging at the corner of my lips " heeeeeeeeey " he dragged the e's out, we both laughed and the teacher walked in, Ms.Gash , she was a small plump woman, that wore to much makeup for her own good, she had bright red lip stick on and electric blue eye shadow on, she looked like she just got up and slapped a different face onto hers, I laughed at my own taught, zany turned his head and looked in my direction, a smile playing on his lips " what you laughing at" "ohhh ermmm nothing" I stuttered " tell me " he whined " Sarah " Ms.Gash shouted at me, I looked at her with a blank look on my face " Care to tell the class what you and mr...." she said looking to zayn "zayn, zayn malik" he told her " you and mr.malik were talking about" she spat "nothing" I huffed, she just glared and turned away looking at the magazine she had in her chubby fingers, I look over to zayn and he sat there making faces at me

I later on found out that zayn was in all my classes, me and zayn were sitting in the cafeteria, chatting, laughing, when the populars walked over to our table, " hey sexy " robin said to zayn and squeezed his shoulder, I found myself getting a bit jealous at her touching him, zayn shrugged her off his shoulder, "ehhhh hey" he spoke to her "what are you doing sitting over here handsome" she said with a look of disgust shooting at me," if your looking for another black eye you going the right way for one " I said smiling up at her, she looked horrified and scurried off, " is everyone in this school afraid of you" he asked " pretty much" I smiled up at him


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