Im running away from the big problem in my life that's when I bumped into him


4. Paddy

Sarah's Pov

after the big ruckus at zayns house, I went back to the house, im not going to call it home because its not home its hell, zayn had given me his number and told me to text him, I gave him mine too, so I decided to text zayn.

Sarah: Hey Zaynie :)

I waited for about ten minutes until I heard my phone beep,

Zayn: Hey You

Sarah: So I see your into crazy bitches ;)

I laughed at my own text, because that's how funny I am, my uncle wasn't home at the time, he was out somewhere and to be honest I didn't really care where he was,

Zayn: She wasn't crazy when I met her.....sheesh

Sarah: LOL....im getting in the shower ttyl :)

I got into the shower, my long brown hair reaching nearly to my bum, I taught about my hair, maybe I should dye it a different colour, just for a change, I might dye it black, just for a drastic change, because if im going to dye it I want to stand out, I washed my hair and body, I got out of the shower, put pyjama bottoms on and a long t-shirt, I decided to text zayn.

Sarah: Might dye my hair black....watchya think?

I got a reply straight away, I was about to check it, when I heard the front door open, I heard a few voices, and then I heard him call my name, or as his friends like to call him Paddy, because his names Patrick,

"Sarah get down here you little slut"

I decided I wasn't going down, so I turned off all the lights in my room, threw my dirty clothes in my wardrobe, grabbed my phone and hid under the bed, I heard his feet thunder up the stairs, I clutched my phone to my chest, he walked around the room and then took something out of his pocket, I heard him press the buttons on his phone, then my phone rang, I didn't have it on silent, I was praying he couldn't hear it even though I knew he would find me, I felt something grab my foot, and then tear me out of my hiding spot,

"No please, leave me alone"

I was crying and he didn't care, he didn't say anything, he was dragging me down the stairs by my arm, he threw me into the sitting room and there was four boys around my age, sitting there looking at me, I didn't know why they were here,

"Strip" Paddy told me,

"What NO" I screeched,

"Strip Now" he roared

I didn't budge I wasn't stripping in front of these perverts, he shoved me to the floor, and laughed at my falling, I just sat there on the floor crying, until I felt someone pick me up off the ground, I look up to see a blonde boy, he had bright blue eyes, and was taller then me, he had a pitying look in his eyes, and when I looked around so did the others, my uncle was gone, I didn't know where and I didn't really care either, I pulled out my phone and decided to text zayn,

Sarah: Hey zayn, can I stay in your tonight...


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