Im running away from the big problem in my life that's when I bumped into him


1. I Ran

Sarahs Pov

Hey im sarah, I have long brown hair about down to my lower back, I have crystal blue eyes and im about 5'6, my parents died when I was twelve, im seventeen now im from Dublin which is in Ireland but I live in California now, and I live with an abusive uncle, hes an alcohaulic and hits me everytime hes drunk, he apologizes the day after but it never stops.

it was about 4am in the night I was up cause im a bit of a night owl, I hear the front door open and slam shut, I ran to the other side of my bedroom to turn the light off and ran back to me ben to pretend to be asleep, he opened my door "sarah get up" he screamed at me, I whimpered and knew I was caught, "get up now" he roared, I still didn't move, he walked over to me and dragged me out of the bed by my long hair, "stop please" I howled in pain, there was salty tears streaming down my cheeks, I knew he had a bad leg so I kicked him in his bad right leg

I made a beeline down the stairs and to the front door, "you filthy bitch" I heard him scream, I made it to the front door, "im out, im out" I taught in my head, I was wrong, the front door was locked and I knew he had the keys hid somewhere "shit, shit" I cried, I hit the front door in frustration, he was crawling down the stair, "your dead" he roared, I ran for the back door, I ripped at the handle and the door flung open, I didn't have time to celebrate cause I knew he would be behind me any second now, I only had pyjamas on and a pair of uggs, but I didn't care once I knew I was getting away from this hell hole I didn't care, so I ran as fast as my legs would carry me, I stopped when I knew I was a good bit away from the house, I taught I was away

I heard feet thumping on the pavement behind me, arms snaked there way around my stomach, "have you now, you little basterd" he whispered in my ear "Noooooo" I cried, "help, help somebody help me" I screamed, but nobody came, I grabbed and tried to hold onto anything I could, I hit him furiously on the back, "put me down you scumbag" I spat at him poisonously, "shutup" he spat back, we got home and he threw me down hard to the floor, I whined in pain when my back hit the floor, he dragged me all the way up the stairs, my head bounced off every step, "you have school tomorrow, don't be late, I have people coming over, and I don't want you here when the come".



zayn will be in the next chapter this is just the introduction, thanks for reading when you do, read and favourite please :)

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