To Live Again

Just walking along gives anybody the creeps, even that guy who is very strong, or never gets scared. Everybody refuses to say they are scared., although they all are scared. They just walk right past it nervous that something might pop out and kill them. They all know someone that has been killed there, Me.


4. "Ohhh myyy ggggrrrr mmeeeeooooo"

This time I didn't come back. I stayed in the wall. I traveled inside of the wall and say other dead bodies, more like just bones. The bones didn't creep me out- I heard the rustling of bushes and the crunch of leaves. I am no longer seen, I have been heard. I float over to the people of my tribe and say, "ohhh myyy ggggrrrr mmeeeeooooo" which means, "somebody is here" so they all moan "ohhh myyy ggggrrrr mmeeeeooooo" in harmony. "Weeee ohhh meee ohhh" we all moaned warning the intruders, but they wouldn't go away so I say, "ooohhh mmmeeeoooo mmoooeee myy pooop mmeeooww" which means, " back off my fellow tribe, I will get them to leave and join us."( A/N: I'm going to start saying what they would say if somebody translated it without them saying it.) I left the tribe hoping for the best as I turn visible for the humans to see my and I speak in human words, "Hello, I'm Marriah I see you look very thirsty here drink this." I say in my sweetest voice and hand them the cup as I ran for the cement.


A/N Hey i just wanted to say( that rhymed!!!!) that I love it when you comment and tell me about the book!


Xx Morganna

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