To Live Again

Just walking along gives anybody the creeps, even that guy who is very strong, or never gets scared. Everybody refuses to say they are scared., although they all are scared. They just walk right past it nervous that something might pop out and kill them. They all know someone that has been killed there, Me.


1. Introdution

Hi, that girl on this cover, it's me before my life turned around. My name was Marry. You might think, but Bloody Mary doesn't spell her name MARRY she spells it MARY. Well, dur. You can think I am The Bloody Mary, but I'm not I died in Tennessee. At the Tennessee River there is an Indian Burial Ground, or something like that. Well, I was bored and decided to explore the Burial ground... I had no clue I would go through this. When I walked in all I heard was water rushing, I wasn't frightened, I was used to this. I lived just by the river so I had heard it all, at least that's what I thought.

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