To Live Again

Just walking along gives anybody the creeps, even that guy who is very strong, or never gets scared. Everybody refuses to say they are scared., although they all are scared. They just walk right past it nervous that something might pop out and kill them. They all know someone that has been killed there, Me.


2. How it all Changed

 I walked along the creek's bank and sat down I felt like i was seven all over just because I hadn't been walking here for 10 years. I look ghostly just because the sun hasn't touched me in six years. I needed to look ghostly because if i didn't then i wouldn't blend in. I had on an Indian dress and was walking towards the burial grounds. Tonight they came out and i knew they would come and everyone bullied me because im so pale. So today I was going with the others that were in the great flood of mud. They didn't know I was coming they had seen me six years ago and i had died in the wall so yes, that answers your questions. I am NOT a ghost. Im not human, or werewolf, not even vampire. Im nothing. Yup I like it ive left traps as the cover on this says, "I have died, but I'm back, you will fall into my trap, and wonder WHY?" yup that's my motivation to the nothing i have. I was buried and I have came back... nobody knows why I came back to life but the sun couldn't touch me for ten years. Now it can and I'm going back.

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