To Live Again

Just walking along gives anybody the creeps, even that guy who is very strong, or never gets scared. Everybody refuses to say they are scared., although they all are scared. They just walk right past it nervous that something might pop out and kill them. They all know someone that has been killed there, Me.


3. History

Hey this is your author here and i want you to read this. This has to do with the setting and character of the book.The setting of this book is real. In Tennessee the Tennessee River has a little place right by the river, the little place is where people were pushed by the Indian ghosts onto the wall and had concrete poured over them. They were buried alive in concrete. They died and joined the other ghosts. One day a group of people, decided to check it out. The people are Ghost Hunters and use all kinds of electronics to hunt for ghosts. When the character of this book said she had heard rushing water, she was correct. Inside there is a pond, part of the river, the pond was a special part of the town that once was there. The Indian's tribe leader lived there and had died. Every time a new person would come inside he was the one to tell them to kill the person.


The character Marry is accually based on Bloody Mary. I thought it would just be fun to name her Marry.


Thanks for reading this A/N,


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