Over Again *Sequel to Perfect Two*

Title credit goes to LouLou116
Yah so Four years on One direction are still four, but when there on tour Mikaylahs at home and she finds out some great news, but Niall isn't there to help


2. Chapter Two

Niall's p.o.v 

"Hey baby doll" I said hugging Millie, "where's Lieah" I asked Millie pointed towards Liam, who was playing with the toy story toys with Lieah Louis and Zayn were walking over to the teacher where harry was, she was young with blonde hair "hey mommy". Millie said waving "see I told you I knew one direction" she turned and said to the little girl who had her mouth wide open "wow" she replied "well my mummy is ready now so bye" she said skipping off, "Niall how cool would it be to perform at her party" Mikaylah said and I. Nodded "awesome bay, but I think that Harry is crushing on the teacher" I replied pointing to them, he handed her a peice of paper "wuhwooo" Lieah and Millie said and we all laughed, "so there first day went well, well for Millie, Lieah was abit timid and didnt make that many friends" the teacher said "she's shy, she is like Liam" I said pointing to them both who were asleep on the floor in the corner, Eleanor laughed and poked Louis cheek "and Millie is like Lou" we all said laughing, we woke Liam and Lieah up and decided to have a sleepover at our house "Guys, what pyjamas do you want to wear" I asked, Millie put her thumb in her mouth and pointed to the Bumble bee onesie, I helped her and asked Lieah, not like her sister, she picked some satin pyjamas, "mummy" Millie asked, "will daddy stay with us forever" I heard Lieah say, "I hope so" Mikaylah said "me too" Lieah said "mee three" Millie replied, I smiled, those are my girls and trust me, I wasn't ever going to leave, we all had a vote to watch a movie, Mikaylah and Eleanor picked the devil wears Prada, Lou Zayn Millie  and me and harry picked nightmare on elm street because the girls would be going to bed but Millie didnt know that  and Liam and Lieah picked toy story. 

With their cute puppy dog faces, we turned out watching that 

again for the fifth time this week, they really were alike, it was unreal you would think Liam was the dad, but with Millie you would think Louis was, they look nothing like each other, Millie has long curly blonde hair and blue eyes, Lieah has long straight black hair ad brown eyes they were both adorable, " well, that was good" Liam Millie and Lieah said "good, well girls its time for bed, kiss mommy good night and I will read you a story" I said as the girls went round kissing everyone and legged it upstairs, as soon as I tucked them in, they fell asleep, no need for a story 

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