Over Again *Sequel to Perfect Two*

Title credit goes to LouLou116
Yah so Four years on One direction are still four, but when there on tour Mikaylahs at home and she finds out some great news, but Niall isn't there to help


9. Chapter ten

Harry's P.o.v

awh it was a boy, Niall's face lit up "oh my god" he whispered, "name it Toby" I suggested and he nodded, "that's cute but I was thinking of harry Louis Zayn Liam Horan" he said as we all stared at him "haha kidding" he laughed and out faces dropped "I like Kyle" Mikaylah said everyone didn't hear except me, "that's perfect" I whispered and she hugged me, Niall raised his eye brow but didnt say anything, we got out of the hospital and sat in the Nandos which was by it "hello, can I get you- oh your one direction" the waitress said, "oh uh yeh and..." We said our meals and received them soon after "Mikaylah, I start tour tomorrow " Niall started "I know baby" she whispered looking don, I gave her a pat on the shoulder "were only gonna be ten months babe" he said, she looked up " a pregnancy is nine Niall you will not see Kyle born" she said he nodded "I know" he whispered tears forming on our eyes

none of us spoke the whole ride home  

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