Over Again *Sequel to Perfect Two*

Title credit goes to LouLou116
Yah so Four years on One direction are still four, but when there on tour Mikaylahs at home and she finds out some great news, but Niall isn't there to help


7. Chapter Seven

Mikaylahs P.o.v

"baby pack your stuff were going on Holliday" I heard behind me, he wouldn't tell me where thought? We finaly got ready and headed to our flight, we were in first class "hello" a little girl said to Nall, "can I please have your autograph" she said, he smiled and gave her one, we got in the plane ready to start our honeymoon, "Niall who's looking after Millie and Lieah" I asked him, "Harry and Louis" he said I shook my head, "great there gonna be terrors when we get them back" I said laughing at the thought he chuckled "well relax and have fun so when we go back we can be prepared" he said laughing we did exactly that.

When we got there we packed our luggage back and decided to go for a drink 

or few we got into the hotel room half naked and at each others necks "come on babe quick" I said as We got under the ccovers lets just say you know what goes on..

"I'm tired" I said waking up the next day, I had a banging headache and so did Niall "mm me to" he replied

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