Over Again *Sequel to Perfect Two*

Title credit goes to LouLou116
Yah so Four years on One direction are still four, but when there on tour Mikaylahs at home and she finds out some great news, but Niall isn't there to help


1. Chapter One

Fours years on

Mikaylahs P,O.V

"mummy where's my lunch" I heard Lieah say, "daddy's got it sweetheart" I said rushing around to get them to school on time, there shoes were everywhere and Millie wouldn't cooporate, "mummyyyyyyyy I want my teddyyyy" she screamed "when you come back from school darling right now we have to go" I replie pd putting her arm through the arm hole on her coat, Lieah came by the front door waiting patiently "funny how Liam picked the name and Lieah is just like him" I said smiling as the two four year olds, ran ahead, "I know, crazy huh" Niall rely lied grabbing my hand in his, "come on babe" he said whispering as we ran after the girls "no this way" Lieah said "no it's this way" Millie said, "girls none of you are right, it's this way" Niall said pointing straight up "race you daddy" Millie said as they both started to run, Millie beat Niall but I think he let her "come on babe" I said to Lieah who had put her small hand into mine, "I love you" she said kissing me before running to Niall "I love you" she said kissing him and running Millie did the same and ran after her sister "it's funny to say that there twins" Niall started "and there nothing alike" I finished he laughed "do you wanna go see the lads" he asked "sure" I said as we walked into our drive and got into the car 

"Hey" Harry said rubbing his eyes, obviously he Had just woke up "hello" we both said as Eleanor came into view "ELLEANOR' "MIKAYLAH" we shouted each others name and ran into a bear hug, we haven't seen each other in six months and we were best friends, "oh my god I missed you" we screamed, probably waking Liam and Zayn up as they rushed in "Mikaylah, Niall" they happily said as we all entered another bear hug, "so where is My little partner in crime" Louis said, referring to Millie, there both little jokers "and where's my girl". Liam said about Lieah "they went to the first day of school, there is a parents evening later on you coming" we asked and they all nodded "sure" 

a few hours later we were at the school "oh my god your one direction" a little five year old said "no that's my daddy" Millie pouted "your dad isn't in one direction" she replied as Niall came over "daddy" Millie said throwing herself on to Niall "hey baby doll" he said in his Irish accent 

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