Over Again *Sequel to Perfect Two*

Title credit goes to LouLou116
Yah so Four years on One direction are still four, but when there on tour Mikaylahs at home and she finds out some great news, but Niall isn't there to help


5. Chapter Five

Niall's P.o.v

i can't believe she actually said yes, We got into the car, and started driving to the club, "can't believe our little Niallers getting Married" Zayn said smirking, "and to a hot chick aswell" he said laughed as I socked him on the arm, "come on" I said getting out of the car and into the club, it was amazing and funny, these girls came over and asked us for autographs and pics so we did them the party got started "can I dance" a girl came up to me and said "sure the floors over there" I said laughing "with you" she said winking, I shook my head "sorry I've got a fiancé" I said she stood there gawping "but but I'm pretty" she said I nodded "ok" "please one dance" I said no  "well er fine" she said storming over to harry, "get away" he said as she whispered something in his ear, I walked over "leave" I said sternly she laughed "haha ooh little kids sticking up for each other" she said giggling, "well I'm a man I have kids myself" I said angry, how dare she, she soon walked off.... Eventually "this is my song" I said happily, this was playing when I asked Mikaylah to marry me, "I'm so tired an I got a big day I'm goin alright" I said, they said bye and I went to the hotel, they could got a taxi so I drove. A few hours later the lads came in. Well some "where's harry" I said "down the hall with some girl, I looked down, "why doesn't he just find himself a girl and actually settle down" I said, "I didn't do anything" he said "I'm just saying" I protested he nodded, "I want to" he said, I patted his shoulder "come on guys lets sleep" 

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