Y.O.L.O (You Only Love Once)

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5. Truth or Dare

= Sam's POV=

When I woke up,I went downstairs to eat some breakfast...I saw Nicole,Michelle,Niall,Zayn,Suzy,Marianne,Harry and Louis eating their breakfast "Goodmorniiiiinnnngggg!!!!Eveerrryyoonneee!!"I said while grabbing some pancakes and sit beside Zayn"Look who's in Goodmood today"He chuckled while putting his plate on the dishwasher..while I am eating Niall sat beside me "Hello Sam!!How's your sleep??"Niall asked me "Hello Nialler!!It's good and comfortable...how 'bout you?" "Well I cannot sleep because Louis snores so loud"He complained then laughed. 

..Then there's a silence in the room when we heard the doorbell rang "I'll go get it!"Nicole said.When she opened the door she screamed.."Ahhh!!Daniel you're here!!"We heard her screamed, So it's GD......(Oh and if you don't know GD is short for G-Dragon...Remember he is one of the members of BigBang)...Naill poked me in my tummy "Who's Danny?" He said "It's Daniel"I laughed "Oh....So who's Daniel??"He asked me "Boyfriend of Nicole" His eyes widened,"Guys this is Daniel....My BOYFRIEND"she said The boys gasped in shock...then Zayn walked out of the room and ran upstairs we heard him slammed his door..."What's up with him??" She asked "I think he is jealous..."Suzy said "Just saying!!!"she continued "Ignore her..."I said "So GD what are you doing here?" "GD??"He asked "Yeahh...short for G-Dragon"I said,I heard him chuckled "I'm here to spend time with Nicole.."he said...Niall faked coughed "Were still here!"He said "I forgot..Sorry"Nicole said"So guys this is Daniel a--"I interrupted her "Or GD!!"I said then We all laughed "Or GD this is Louis,Niall,Harry,Zayn who ran upstairs and Liam" "Me and Daniel will go out for awhile..."She said "Okay....Nicole be back at 6!!"Marianne shouted "Sure!!"We heard her yelled before closing the door..."Who wan-----"Niall has been interrupted when we heard another doorbell "Who is it now!!!?"Niall said angrily "I'll go check it"Michelle said,When she opened the door,we heard her screamed..We panicked so we grab the fork on our plate and ran into the door,When we were gonna attacked the man,Michelle protected him..."What are you doing??!!!"She said "We thought he's a rapist or something,So we panicked and grab our forks"I said "Thank God I didn't grab the spoon..."Liam sighed,we laughed "He's not a rapist so now will you please put down your forks and stop scaring him....and by the way he's Jonathan my.....Boyfriend"Michelle said "Oh come on!!will you please tell us how many of you already have a boyfriend??"Niall asked "Actually,only Me and Nicole has a boyfriend"Michelle said "Thank God!!!"Niall said in relief "Why??"I asked him "Oh nothing!!..."He smiled "Ooppss...it's already 11:30...we need to go now.. 

..bye!!"Michelle said before leaving the house "Where is she going??"Harry asked me "I think she's on a date..."...When they finished their food they went to the balcony to get some fresh air but Me and Niall were the only ones left eating..."Sam...can you pass me the mashed potatoes?"He said "okay!here you go..."I laughed and gave the mashed potatoes "This is so Good!"He yelled while munching the potatoes "You really do like potatoes...Don't you??"I smiled "Yeahh...."..when he finished eating the potatoes he turn around to face me..."Sam....??"Niall said while staring at me "Uhh...Yes??"I asked him "There's something I wanted to tell you.."Niall said and looked away "What is it??"I said "I-I like you.....I really do....In the name of potatoes!"He said while raising his hand "You're kidding me right??" I said in a serious face "No!I really do like you!!"He said while he stared into my eyes until Louis enters the room and interrupted us. "Hey!!What are you guys doing??"He asked while wiggling his eyebrows "Nothing!"Niall said "So,what do you want??"he continued "Oh...we just got bored so we decided to play some games...mind to join us??"He asked "I'll join!!"I said "Count me in!!"Niall said,"Niall let's talk about it later...okay??"I whispered "Sure.."He smiled sweetly...

=Harry's POV=

When everybody's here in the living room,I suggested to play Truth Or Dare..Everyone agreed and formed a circle on the floor..I sat between Liam and Suzy,Zayn sat beside Suzy,Niall sat between Sam and Marianne and Louis sat between Liam and Marianne..when the game starts,the bottle points to Suzy "Truth or Dare"I asked her "Dare"she said "I dare you to SLAP...uhhh...Zayn's cheeks!!" "Sure!!!"she turn around to face Zayn and smiled evily to him "Sorry...It's only a dare"She smiled to him..Suzy raised her right hand and slap zayn's right cheek,Zayn moaned while rubbing his right cheek.."Im so SORRY Zayn!!!"She said with puppy eyes "It's okay Suzy,It's Harry's fault anyway...he's the one who dared you to slap my face"He glared at me.....Marianne spun the bottle and points to me "okay Harry it's payback time"Zayn said with a huge grin on his face "Truth Or Dare"Marianne asked me"Dare" I said "I dare you to KISS Suzy........in the lips.."She smiled sweetly..I saw Suzy hid her face with her beautiful hair and blushed "I turned to her so I can face her...We stared for a moment "Can I kiss her in the cheeks instead??"I ask her "No way!!"she said "Fineee..." I said and stared into Suzy's eyes again "Don't worry It's only a dare"I smiled to her and I kissed her for 5 seconds...when we pulled away I felt butterflies inside me...When the kiss is over everyone is staring at us.."That..."Zayn said "Was..."Louis continued "AWESOME!!"they all cheered...Me and Suzy blushed again "Come on!!Forget about it let's continue our game!"I said while blushing..I spin the bottle and pointed to Niall "So,Nialler Truth or Dare" I asked him "Truth!" "What was your most embarassing moment?".."My most embarassing moment is when I went to a underwear store which is for ladies only,then someone asked me 'Sir,what kind of underwear are you looking for?',then everyone in the store stared at me..."He said while blushing "Aww...that is so CUTE Niall!!"Sam said while laughing "So that is the reason why you don't wanna come when we will buy our underwears.."Liam laughed "But Niall,Why arr you in the ladies underwear??"Suzy asked "I just want to check what's inside the store.."He pouted "Moving on!!"Louis shouted.Niall spin the bottle and pointed to louis "Louis Truth or Dare??"He asked Louis "Dare" Louis said nervously "I dare you to....Throw 2 bags of carrots in the garbage bag.."Niall said while laughing "What??!not my carrots!!"He said "It's only a dare Louis!!"Marianne shouted "Fine.....pshhh.."He said while grabbing the 2 bags of carrots and throw it away "Bye bye!!my dear friends"he said while fake sobbing,He spin the bottle and pointed to Zayn "Zaynie!!Truth or Dare?"He yelled "I'll go for a Dare"He said "I dare you to......put some syrup on your...."Zayn cut him off "Please don't tell me it's all about my HAIR!!"He pleaded "Sorry but..I dare you to put some syrups on your HAIR"Louis saod calmly "You'll pay for this LOUIS!!"He said while putting some syrups in his hair "Urgghh...It's so sticky!!I need to take a shower"he said while running upstairs,I spin the bottle for Zayn and landed to Sam "Sam!Truth or Dare?" I asked her "Dare!"She said "I dare you to...HOLD Niall"s hand until the end of the game.."I smiled "Thank you!"Niall whispered to me "I heard that Nialler!"Sam said while laughing and holding Niall's hand.Niall blushed and giggled.."Aww...look!Our little leprechaun is BLUSHING!!"I said laughing "Oh...Shut up!"He said "Okay...My turn" Sam spin the bottle and landed to Marianne "Sis!Truth or Dare?"She asked her "Truth!" "hmmm....Ah!..Marianne among the boys,which of them do you like,not as a friend but as a lover..."She smiled "Oohhh!That's interesting!"Louis said "I like....L-louis"she said while blushing,Louis' eyes widened and Blushed too "I knew it!!Huh!Louis you have a chance!"Sam shouted "Chance for what?"Marianne asked her "Uh-oh...I-I mean Louis has a chance to...uhhh buy a carrot..Yeah!Louis has a chance to buy a carrot!!"Sam said...then we all laughed "So Liam since your the last...Truth or Dare?"I asked him."Dare?" "Please don't do something stupid again"He continued "I dare you to.....eat somethinh using a ....Spoon!"I shouted,His eyes widened when he heard the word 'SPOON',We all laughed when he grabbed a spoon and screamed "I think I can't do it!!"he shouted "Liam just once!!"Sam pleaded "No!!"he said "If you refuse my Dare,you will treat us to NANDO'S!!"I yelled "I'll just treat you guys to Nando's!!"We heard him yelled "yehey!!"we all shouted then laughed....


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