Y.O.L.O (You Only Love Once)

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8. The Date

=Marianne's POV=

When I woke up I saw Louis standing at the door.."What are you doing here??"he sit next to me,"Good Morninnngggg Marianne!!!I'm here to ask some favor..."He shouted..."Will you keep it down..It's too early for you to shout"I mumbled "Im sorry...."He look at the ground "It's okay Louis..So what do you need??" "Can you give me some advice??" "Wha kind of advice??" "I have a date later..so can you give me some advice?".....When he asked me that I felt disappointed because he likes me as a friend...I fake laugh "Wow!!you're grown up!!" "Shut up.."He laughed "Okay..I'll give you some advice later...You should go take a bath and fix yourself first.." "Okay mother..."He was about to leave when he ask me something "Oh!!and Marianne can you come with me later?" "why??" "Umm...My date wants to meet you.." "Really??Uhh..S-sure I'll come"I smiled "Really!?That's great!!I'll meet you downstairs"...When he left I can feel the tears on my cheeks..Why is this happening to me,I shouldn't be jealous because we're just friends...When I took a bath I change my clothes and went downstairs...I entered the living room and I saw everyone sitting in the floor whispering "Uhh..Guys??would you mind if I join in??" "Marianne!!I didn't know your here!!"Suzy said nervously "You look pale"I place my hand on her forehead "No I'm not.....Harry??can you come with me?I think I lost my phone upstairs..." "Sure...Excuse us for a minute"Before they leave Harry whispered something to Louis...Hmmm...What's going on..."Louis..Can I ask you a question??" "Sure...What is it babe??"I always blushed when he calls me that "Do I really need to come with you?" "Yess...Why do you ask??" "Nothing.." "Let's go..?" I nod......"Marianne wait me inside the car"He smiled "But why??" "I need to talk ro your sister.." "About what??" "It's a secret" he gave me a sweet smile..When he closes the door I cross my arms and pout...Why are they keeping secrets to me...

=Louis' POV=

"Sam!!where are you??!" "In the kitchen Louis!!" I chuckled..I bet he's with Niall...again...."Sam!help meeeee" "Abwout What??"She said while her mouth is full of cereals "About Marianne" "Marianne huh?"She giggled "Please Sammm!!I need your help!!"I give her a puppy dog face "Louis you look awful with that look!"Niall laughed and with that he recieved a glare "Whatever leprechaun......Saaaaammmmmm...." "Okay okay!!Call me if you need help" "Thanks!!You're the BEST"I hug her "Hey!!Bro you went too far!"Niall gave me a glare "Don't worry Niall...She's all yours!!....."I left the house and I saw Marianne crossing her arms...When I sit on the driver's seat she glared at me.."What took you so long??" "I ask your sister something" "What is it??" "Secret!" "Please Louis...."She pleaded "No.." "Please..." "Noo...Noo..Noooo!" "Urghhh!Fineee..".....When we reach our destination..Marianne and I sit on a bench.."Marianne are you bored??" "A little...why??" "Ummm Nothing...".."Where's your date??"She ask me "Ummm....Actually--" "What??.......Don't tell me she doesn't want to go to your date" "No!!Actually my date is already here" "Where?!"she smiled "She's.........Infront of me"Her eyes widened "W-wha---...H-how.....??" "Marianne..I....I wanted to tell you this....since the day I met you my heart beats fast and I-I don't know why...Urghh!!This is so embarassing!!"I look at the ground in embarassment...I heard her giggled "You're so cute Louis..." "Marianne..I am going to say this once....." "What is it?" "Iloveyou"She smiled "I L-love you too"She blushed...Did I heard it right??"W-what?!"I looked at her nervously "I said I.Love.You.Too"...I placed mu arms on her her shoulder "Shall we,love??" "Let's go!"she smiled...

=Nicole's POV=

I heard my phone beeps..when I look at the message it's from Daniel..


'Hey babe!!Are you free tonight??Since tomorrow I'll be going back to korea..I want to hang out with you tonight..if it is okay with you...x) Love yah!'

He's leaving tomorrow??!!Oh no!What should I do....I quickly replied to his message 'I'm free tonight (: I didn't notice that today is Thursday...Time fly so fast...:* luv yah too!!:)'...He.replied


'Great!!It's a Date then and I guess I'll pick you up at 3 Make yourself beautiful...Luv you!;*'...I need to find my girls "Michelle!Suzy!Sam!!Zaira!where are you?!"I heard someone fell on the floor I think its in the living room..."Comin'!"Zaira shouted

=Suzy's POV=

Harry and I are currently watching a movie..."Hey Suzy...do you want to do something aside from watching tv....?" "IDK" "IDK??" "IDK means I don't know"he laughed "If you ask me...I want to do something that you will enjoy.." he said staring at me "what is it??" "This..." he leaned in..now we're doing nose to nose,I can feel his breathe against my lips we were about to kiss when someone screamed "Michelle!Suzy!Sam!Zaira!where are you?!"Harry fell on the floor ,I laughed"Urghh!Nicole!"I heard Harry mumbled,I chuckled "We can so this anytime Harry.."I winked "ANYTIME.."He said and laughed "Comin'"I heard Zaira said "Harry I need to go now" he nodded...I went upstairs and I saw Michelle rummaging her closet "Hey!Michelle what are you doing?" "Suzy!help me!I need something to wear...." "Where are you going?"Sam asked her "Daniel asked me on a date" "Ohh...I will fix your hair then..."Sam smiled "I will do the make up!!"Zaira raised her hand "Then I'll help you find your dress..So go now and take a bath first!"I said while pushing her inside the bathroom.....When we finished fixing her,Michelle gasped "Gosh!!!girl you look BEAUTIFUL!!"She screamed "Now I need to put this on twitter"Sam grabbed her cellphone "1...2..3!!"

'@SAMmyummy:Everyone!!Look at this pretty gal over here x) @Nicool_e' I heard Nicole's phone beeped "Wow!I never knew I had many followers..."Sam said while looking at her phone "It's because the boys gave as a shoutout---Oh My!!!Cher Llyod,Chris Brown and Bruno Mars followed me on twitter!!!"Nicole shrieked...I am now getting curious on what's happening on twitter I checked my phone and I saw some celebrities who followed me and the boys "Me too and the boys followed me...especially Harry"I smiled sweetly "Oohh!!So swe---Nicole!!!It's already 2:53 hurry up!!Daniel will be here in 7 minutes...!"Sam screamed..."Let's go downstairs..I'm so excited!I want to see the boys reaction!!"I laughed..We went downstairs and I saw the boys playing Resident Evil 4 "Guys!!"I shouted "Yes babe?"Harry said and I blushed "We want you to meet Ms.BEAUTIFUL"Michelle smiled..Nicole went down the stairs and I looked at the boys and I saw their jaws hanging on the ground "Boys.Boys.Boys.Shut your mouth"Nicole laughed "Wow!Hi Ms. Beautiful...nice to meet you"Zayn joked instead of Nicole he stood infront of Zaira "Uhmm...Zayn??She is not Nicole....She's Zaira..."I bit my lip to refrain from laughing "O-Ohhh...S-sorry!"Zayn blushed "I-it's okay"I looked at Zaira and she is blushing...We can't take it anymore so we all bursted out laughing "Hey!Stop laughing you guys!"Zayn who is now a tomato..I was going to say something when we heard a knock on the door "I guess it's Daniel"Nicole opened the door and we saw Daniel holding a boquet of roses "Good afternoon Nicole...You look...uhh....STUNNING..."He kissed her cheeks "Let's go?"Daniel said Nicole nod "Bye guys!!"Nicole smiles at us "Bye!!"We chorused and We watch them leave the house...


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