Y.O.L.O (You Only Love Once)

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9. The Date (part 2)

Marianne's POV~


"Louis!Be careful.!"I said to Louis,He is currently playing in the swings,I know too childish -_- 

"Marianne!Come here Carrot!"he said waving his hand in the air "What are we doing here?"I asked

"Nothing,I just want to talk to you"he said shyly "What is it all about?" "Its about you and me" I nodded

"I know we just met 3 days ago and this sounds crazy and weird bu---"he was cut off by someone screaming behind us "Oh my Golly!Its Louis Tomlinson!" then I look at Louis and He's already GONE?! "What the?!LOU!?"I yelled.

"That crazy boy...he left me there and went home without me?pshh!"I said to myself,I am walking to the bus stop when someone grab my waist

"Help!Lou!Rape!Rape!"I said The man placed his hand on my mouth.

"Shut it Marianne!Just calm down..."he said in whisper/yelling voice.Wait I know that voice

"Louis!!where the hell did you go?!"I said slapping his arm really hard

"Oww!Im sorry it's not my intention to leave you there,I just..don't know what to do so I ran"He explain giving me his famous puppy dog eyes.

"You just ruined our..umm.."I said,don't know what to say "Date"he finished my sentence

"Yeah umm Date"I smiled shyly "Oh!wait I forgot!"he said walking away

"Where you going?"I asked him "I call your your sistah!"he shouted

~Louis' POV~

I dialed Sam's number and it just rang..I dialed it 3 times and thank goodness she anwered "Hello Louis!How is it goin'" she said "Umm its great we just got mob from the park"

"You didn't put any disguise did you?"

"No...I thought they won't recognize me.."I whined

"So what can I help you?"she said

"Okay..I need to know if what is Marianne's favorite resturant."

"Easy!her favorite resturant is Shakeys!actually it's our favorite resturant"

"Thanks!your the best Sam!"

"No problem!Ju---Oww!Niall!"she screamed

"What happened?!"I panicked

"Niall!What the hell?!It hurts!"she yelled

"Sorry Sam!"I heard Niall from the background

I heard a loud thud from the phone and I started laughing

"Louis.!help me!It's me Niall!"he said through the phone

"I can't help you Niall...Byeeee!"I said between chuckles

I turn off my phone and turn to see the beautiful girl staring at me I made my way to her and still she doesn't stop staring at me..

"Like the view?"I teased

"Huh?what view?"she asked innocently

"Nothing...Let's go?"I smiled

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*After the date*

"Louis thank you so much!I enjoy this date!"she hugged me and kissed my cheeks

"I-Im sorry I did----"I cut her off 

"It's okay..Come here.." I grab her neck and I kiss her

she placed her hand on my neck to deepen the kiss until we heard someone gasped

"Oh come on!yesterday I caught Harry and Suzy kissing,now I caught my sister and Louis kissing?!"she groan "What's wrong with me?"she asked to herself

"Sam there you are!I've been looking for yo--Hey!Hi Louis,Hi Marianne"he waved his hand

I chuckle because of his cuteness,no wonder why the fans like him...

"Do you want to go inside or you guys want to stay here.."Sam asked

"I think we should go inside cause the sky is turning black"I suggested

When we step inisde the house the cold air greeted us

"Why is it so cold in here?"I asked the two lovebirds

"W-we don't know"Sam said

"Niall?are you sweating?"Marianne asked

"Y-yeah.."he said

"why are you sweating?it's too cold in here.."she said

"Me and Niall played..uhh Tag your it!yeah we played tag your it"Sam smiled

"You sure??"I asked them

"Yeahh.."they said in unison

Liam entered the room and greeted us

"Liam?did you turn off the heater?"Marianne asked him

"No..why?"he asked

"It's so cold in here I think the heater is broken"I said

"I guess so.I'll check it"Liam said walking away

"Are you sure you guys didn't break the heater?"Marianne smiled

They both look at each other "It's her/his fault!!"they said

"What?why me"the both said again


"Double Jinx!"

"Stooooppppp!!!"Marianne yelled "just...EXPLAIN"she said

"Okay,Niall stole my milk from the table so I chased him then he went to the basement beside the heater,he was trapped,so I ran to him but I tripped so fell above him then the milk pour into the small box thingy"Sam explained 

"It's your fault"Niall whined

"If you didn't stole my milk,I shouldn't have chased you"Sam fight back

"Stop it kiddos!"Marianne yelled

"But we are not kids anymore"Sam whined

"But your acting like it"I said

"Look who's talking"Sam stuck her tongue out

"Whatever"I rolled my eyes smirking

We went downstairs to check on liam "Liam?are you done?"Sam asked her

"Yeah...The heater is broken beacause of this"he said holding a milk carton 

"Care to explain Sam?"He said


They started giggling "Liam we're so sorry!It's not our intension"Sam pleaded

"Okay..but you're responsible for this mess okay?"Liam said pointing to them

"And wait..you two will clean the dishes tonight..got it?"he continued

"Yes Daddy!!"they said in unison


TADAAAAA!!!I'll update again tomorrow..bye





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