Y.O.L.O (You Only Love Once)

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12. The break up...

~Zaira's POV~

*1 week later*

"Bye Daniel!Just always remeber that I will always love you..and I know that you are busy so call me when you have time okay?"Nicole said to Daniel

Okayy...it's been a week that they have found me at the park.Me,Marianne,Sam and Michelle are my bestfriends but I feel more comfortable with Marianne compare to the others

"Hey..where's MIchelle?"Sam asked

"We don't know"they all said in unison

"I'll go find her.."Sam sighed

"Byee Daniel take care"Sam said waving to Daniel

"Bye..take care."He winked,Then I felt Niall tensed beside me

"OOH!Someone's jealous.."Louis teased reffering to Niall

"Am not!"Niall said defensively

"I didn't say it was you"Louis spat back

"I know b----"Niall said but it was cut off by Liam

"Niall,Daniel is just a friend of Sam and us..."Liam explained

"I know...Sorry"Niall smiled

"Hey Niall..wanna come with me?"Sam asked

"Sure,let's go find Michelle"Niall took Sam's hand 

"All flights to Korea please proceed to gate C4"

"I guess I need to leave now..Bye guys..I'll miss you all..See you after 2 months!"He waved then he left

~Sam's POV~

"Sam...where do you think michelle is?"Niall asked

"Maybe she's at the house"I said

"Then let's go"He said smiling


"Michelle?are you here?"I shouted when we entered the house

"Maybe she's not at home..it's too dark in here,we should open the light"Niall said searching for the switch

"NIall don't!We should go upstairs"I said pushing him to the stairs

"Okay okay fineee"He whined

We reached our room then we heard someone crying,Then I realized that it was Michelle 

"Michelle!"I ran inside the room 

"Sam wait!"Niall yelled behind me

"MIchelle?what happened?"I asked

"J-Jonathan he c-cheat---"

"WHAT?!"I shouted,then Niall bursted in the room

"What happend?!"Niall said with a worried tone

"Jonathan cheated on me"Michelle said then she started crying even harder

"Shhh....How did you find out?"I said 

"I s-saw him earlier at the cafe"Michelle cried

"Then him and the clown went inside the cafe,I-i looked at my phone for second to check if I recieved any text messages from you guys when I looked back I saw them....K-kissing!"She cried even more harder right now

"Shhh...Michelle don't worry everythings gonna be alright.."I tried to calm her down

"I wish"she whispered

"We're HOMEEEEEE!!!"We heard Louis screetched

"Niall?where are you?"I asked

"I'm here watching you guys"he chuckled

"Niall can you please get me some water?"I smiled sweetly

"Sure do babe"He winked then left

"Hurry up and go wash your face..you look so odd"I laugh

"Shut up!"She smiled

"There's the smile!"I cheered

"Whatever dude!"she said getting up 


Sorry short update for now..:) 




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