Y.O.L.O (You Only Love Once)

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11. Stuck.The truth.

~Suzy's POV~ "Harry??are we going home now?"I whined "No...the fans are still there"He said hugging me tightly "But I'm hungry.."I said "We can call paul to bring us some foods"He smiled showing his dimples "Can I have your dimples?"I ask randomly "No you can't"He laughed "Hey you lovebirds!Stop fighting!"Michelle said "Hey.!we're not love birds!we're humans!"Zaira said "In fact..it is Zayn's fault that we are stuck in this store.."She pouted "No it's not!"he yelled "Yes!It is your fault"Zaira yelled back "No!" "Yes!" "No!" "Ye-" "Stop!!you're making me dizzy"I shouted holding my head "Are you okay Suzy?"Harry asked helping me to stand up "Nope..I'm hungryyyyyy!"I whined "I already texted paul and he said he will buy some foods"he said -------------------------------------------- It's already 8pm and we've been stuck here for atleast 2 hours! "Great.!It's almost 9pm...How long are we going to stay here?"I said stomping my foot like a kid "I don't know..I guess we can call paul again to help us"Zayn said Harry is in the window making weird faces to the fans "Harry stop it!Come here and help us"I said "Uhmm..Sir,Ma'am Were closing this store now I guess it's time fot you guys to leave"The saleslady said "We can't,there are umm atleast 100 fans out there"Zayn said "But Sir you can go to the back door if you want"The lady said "WHATT!!?we've been here atleast 2 hours why didn't you tell us that there is a back door?!"Zaira yelled "Zaira...Calm down"I said "Fineeee...where is the back door?"she said the saleslady told her the direction while I went to Michelle to wake her up "Michelle wake up..."I said shaking her shoulders "Huh?What?"she said "Were leaving now"I said "But how?there are many fans out there" "I know...we are going to the back door"I smiled "Oh...okay lets go I'm hungry."she said "Harry I thought you called Paul to bring us food"I asked him "I called him but he said he can't go in"He explained... -------------------------------------------- "Thank God!Were homeee!!I'm going to sleep now..Night guys.!Night Loser!"Zaira said referring to Zayn then she run upstairs "Hi Liam!Where are the others?"Harry asked "Sleeping...Do you guys want to eat there's some leftovers in the table.."Liam said "We'll eat it tomorrow..I just want to sleep nooowww.!"I yawned "Okay night!night!Babe!"Harry gave me a peck in the lips "Night Harry!Night guys "I said -------------------------------------------- ~Niall's POV~ I woke up at 8:30 am..I went downstairs to check the others but I saw no one,I guess they are still asleep..I went to the girls room to check my princess and there I saw her sleeping..I sit next to her humming our favorite song while stroking her hair..then I felt her move "Niall?what are you doing here?"She said "Nothing..I can't sleep so I went to your room to check you"I smiled..She went to the bathroom to wash her face when she's finished she slowly made her way to the door but I stopped her "Where are you going miss??"I said "To the kitchen"she said "Why?" "Duhh!?Of course to cook some breakfast"she rolled her eyes "Can I help?" "As long as you don't eat all I cook,got it?"she smiled "Sir yes Sir!"I salute -------------------------------------------- ~Marianne's POV~ I was awoken when I heard people laughing from the kitchen..I groan because it's just 10 in the morning,Yeah yeah I know I'm not a morning person,I went downstairs to check it I saw Sam and Niall cooking in the kitchen "Well,Well,Well look at this two love birds.."I tease making myself a tea "Goodmorning sistah!"Sam said happily "Morning..what do you want?"I asked her "Oohh!you know me too well..hmm..actually I need to talk to you about Mom"she said flipping the pancakes "What with your mom?"Niall said placing the bacons on our plate "Niall,I told Marianne about the princess thingy..It's keeps bothering me so I asked Marianne if she knows about it"she said turning off the stove "Ohh really?."we nodded "Goodmorning everyoneeeee!"Nicole said full of energy "Look who's in good mood"Sam said "I'm always in good mood and..Daniel that he will go back here in UK after his tour"She smiled "Really??but were not here in UK anymore after 2 months"I said "What?!"Niall choked his food out "Niall,we still need to go to college"I said placing my hand on his shoulder "Sammm...what about us?"he whined "Im sorry Niall,but we're here in UK just for a vacation"Sam said "Can you guys just study here?"He pleaded "We can't we still have our families in US"I said "And Niall we still have 2 months here..so we can still make some memories"Nicole said "Marianne,mom is calling"Sam said, "Hello?Mom?"She said ~Sam's POV~ "Hello?Mom?"I said going to the balcony "Hello Sam!how's your day?" "It's great mom!"I smiled "Really?by the way I want to meet your boyfriend Niall when you go back here in US"she said "Mom I can't he has still his career I dont know if he can come with me"I said "Its okay just dont do stupid things there okay?or I will send you back here.."she threatens "Mom!trust me I wont"I laugh "Good."she said "Mom before you hung up can I ask you a question?"I asked "You already asked"she laugh "Mom I'm serious!"I groan because of her childish atitude "Okay okay..what is it?"she asked "Its about you....Niall said that there is a missing princess here in UK so I was wondering if you know about this and her name is Anna Barbara...is it you or maybe its just an coincidence that both of you have a same names"I said "U-uh...Maybe its a coincidence...or maybe not"She whispered the last part "Oh..okay..Mom!I love you and I miss you!"I whined ignoring what she whispered "I miss you too sweety and your sister"She said "Okay mom..bye!" "Bye sweety...remember dont do stupid things!"she said "I will mom!bye...again"I laugh then I hung up "So Sam!" "geez you scared to death!"I said holding my heart,she laugh "Sorry..o what happemed?"she asked "Umm..Mom said that maybe her and the princess has the same names"I said,I didn't tell her that mom said that 'maybe not'because I'm not sure if I heard right "Ohh..really?maybe shes right"she said eating her cookie " Can I have some?"I asked her "You are just like Niall"She laugh "pwleashh?!"I beg "No!"and that she ran.. ~Anna's POV~(This is new..o.o) No I cant tell them yet..yes it is true that I am the the missing princess....I cant tell them that because I need more time to gain confidence..But I will make sure I will tell them when the time comes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What will happen if they found out that their mom is the princess?! Find out on the next chapter!!^.^ @Marian @Kyle @Alyza @Ivy @Realyn @Ate Kara @Pauline @Kayla And many moreeee... --I miss you guyssss!!!:** Remember we will ALWAYS BE TOGETHER!:'( -----xoxoSamxoxo
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