Y.O.L.O (You Only Love Once)

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7. Meeting Zaira and The Plan

Zayn's POV=

"We're home!!"I heard Niall shouted...I went downstairs to greet them,when I saw a girl beside Sam.. 

"Oh!!There you are Zayn!!"Harry said "Please sit down everyone...We want you to meet someone.."He smiled "Really??a new member of the family??!!"Louis screamed "Shhh....keep quiet!"I said while covering his mouth "Guys!! Meet.........Zaira"Niall smiled "Hi.."Zaira smiled shyly "Hello!!Nice to meet you love!!"Louis hug her tight "Hey!!Louis she can't breathe!!"Liam said "Hello Love,My name is Liam" he smiled.... .."Hello..Nice to meet you guys"Zaira said.."Zayn you're going to introduce yourself right??"Suzy pinched my arm"Ouch!..Hi Zaira my name is Zayn." "Hi Zayn" she smiled sweetly..Wow..she's beautiful like Nicole.."*cough* *cough* Zaynn...Shut it..your mouth is drooling"Louis said,then everyone laughed "I-Im sorry" I blushed "It's okay..."She giggled..Aww so cute.."And guys!!guess what.."Suzy grabbed Harry's hand "What??"Marianne asked "We're Dating"She smiled "You and Harry??!!OMG!!I'm so happy for both of you!"Michelle screamed "Whatever Mich...."Suzy laughed '"Hey..Sam want to cook something??"Niall asked Sam "Sure.."She smiled...they both went to the kitchen to find some foods. "What's up with Sam and Niall??"I asked Harry "Niall confess his feelings for Sam and Sam felt the same way...So they are Dating too.."Harry smiled cheekily "Ohhh..why he didn't announced it?"Marianne asked "I don't know!!Why don't you ask them!"Harry shouted "Why are you shouting??!"she asked back shouting "Cause it's annoying!!"Harry replied "Hey!!Harry stop it!!she's just asking" Suzy said while patting Harry's back "Sorry babe..Let's go watch some movies.."He smiled "Uhmm...Nicole can I talk to you I whispered to Nicole "Sure" "Guys...Excuse us for a moment we need to talk"they nodded..We went to the balcony "Nicole..About the feelings I sa----" "It's okay Zayn..."She cut me off "You sure??"I asked her again "Yep!"she smiled "So are we good?" "Why not??"she hugged me "And Zayn,when Harry introduced Zaira to us....You look at her like there's something..what was that??"she teased "It's nothing....She's just..beautiful..yeah beautiful like you"I smiled "Oh!!stop it..."she laughed "Should we go back??"she asked "Let's go"I said...

=Louis' POV=

"Michelle follow me!!"Suzy said while running upstairs "Why??!"I heard Michelle shouted and ran upstairs..."So,Marianne what do you want to do??" "I don't know" "Want to play something??"I asked her "I'm tired..How about let's just talk about random things"she smiled "Okay....sounds interesting" "What is your ambition in life??"I asked randomly "I want to be an architect or a Fashion designer"She laughed "My turn,Who do you fancy a lot?"....she stared at me waiting for my answer "I.........Fancy a lot??" "Yep!who do you fancy a lot??"she asked me again "I.........Fancy.......Y---".."Dinner is Served!!"Niall shouted..Great!!I almost confess my feeling for her...We went to the kitchen to eat our dinner "It looks delicious!!"Zayn said "Hey..Zaira want some??"He asked her "Sure."She smiled "Dig in guys!!"Niall said while placing loads of Pasta's in his plate "Hey!easy boy!"Sam laughed "I can't help it..it's delicious"Niall smiled "I'm so flattered"she giggled,"Liam...Do you still remember your promise??"Niall smiled sheepily "What pro--Oh....yeah I still remember"Liam frowned "What promise are you talking about?"Harry asked "Remember when we played truth or dare,Liam refused to eat something with a use of a spoon,And he promised to take us to Nandos...right??"Niall said happily.."Let's chwange the shubject guysh..."Louis said with his mouth full of pasta.."Louis don't talk when your mouth is full!"Marianne shouted "Sorry mum"Louis pouted "whatever kiddo"Marianne laughed......When we finished eating our dinner we gather around in the living room "It's only 8pm,what are we going to do??"Zaym asked "Should we do a twitcam for our fans?"Liam suggested "Yeah!That's a great idea!"Harry smiled "And I want to introduce Suzy to our fans..." "Me too!!I want them to meet my future girlfriend.." "Aww..that's so sweet Niall"Sam blushed "Me and Michelle will go to our room and watch some romantic movies.."Nicole smiled "You don't want to join us??......to make a twitcam??"Sam asked "Nahh....I just want to sit down and watch some movies" "How 'bout you Louis??wanna join us??"Zayn said "Too lazy for that" "And I want to talk to Marianne"I saw Marianne looked at me on my peripheral vision......."I guess you guys need some privacy huh??"Zayn teased "If that's the case we should probably go now"Harry winked at me...When they went upstairs Me and Marianne are the only ones left...Silence filled the room "What do you want to talk about??"Marianne broke the silence "I was just wondering what you have just said when we played truth or dare.."I can feel my cheeks burn "What is it??" she sit next to me "W-When Sam asked you who do you like the most andddd.........." "and??" "And you said it was me..is that really true??" She laughed "what's funny about it??!"I pouted "Louis!!!You're so cute when you are blushing!!"She chuckled "But seriously,I like you as my bestfriend"she smiled..Ouch!!I knew it she will never love me..."Ohh...okay..wanna go upstairs and join the others??" "Okay!!But I'm too lazy to walk.."She pouted,I knelt down "what are doing??" "You said you're too lazy to walk so...Hop In!!" "You sure??I'm quite heavy" "It's okay...Hurry up!"...she hop in my back "SUPERMAAAAAAANNNN!!!!!!"then we went upstairs laughing...

=Liam's POV=

"So,Goodnight Guys!!"We shouted and wave at the camera...."Woo!!I'm tired"Sam yawned "Why don't we go get some sleep,since it's already 10pm??"I said while hopping in my bed "GoodNight Guys!!I'm so sleepy"Sam said "Goodnight!Sam!"We said "Night Sam!!"Niall hugged her and kissed her cheeks "I love you"I heard him whispered then she left.."How bout you girls still not tired??"Zayn asked them "Oh! We're tired..Goodnight!!"Michelle said "Goodnight Boys"Nicole said giving us flying kiss "Goodnight boys!!!Goodnight Hazza!"Suzy winked,When they left our room Louis screamed "Urghhhh!!!" "What's the problem lad??"I asked him "I badly want to confess my feeling for her!!"He screamed once again "Why you didn't do it??" Harry said while scratching the back of his neck "I didn't do it because she doesn't like me"He frowned "How can you be so sure??"I asked him "I'm sure, cause I asked her awhile ago about what she said when we played truth or dare.." "What was it??" "I asked her if it is true that she likes me but.........she said she likes as a friend.."He put his hand on his head in frustration I sit beside him and patted his back "It's okay lad....how about if we plan a date for both of you tomorrow night??" I suggested "That's sounds great but......what if she doesn't wa----" "Hey!!!Think POSITIVE man!!"Harry cut him off "Okay I'll try" He smiled "We'll plan it tomorrow morning..let's just go to sleep..."I said and turn the lights off.....




~next chapter:Louis and Marianne's Date!!Yaayyy!! 

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