Y.O.L.O (You Only Love Once)

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1. Meeting Harry Styles

Last Day Of School....


Marianne's P.O.V

In our school in New York the faculties and maintenance are getting ready for our graduation day.We help them to decorate the whole stage beacause the teachers said that they need our help.We think that this is our last day that we're gonna hang out so we helped them.When our graduation start,My bestfriend Michelle became valedictorian,Samantha got an award for best athletic of the year,Nicole got an award for being talented,Suzy got an award for being the best dancer in our school and lastly I bacame the salutatorian.When the graduation is over we decided to eat some pizza with our parents, by the way our parents are friends since they were in elementary.

Sam's Mom:"you know we should give them some reward for being focused in their studies."

Michelle's Mom: "Yeah I agree, but what reward should we give to them??"

Suzy's Mom:"I know we could give them tickets to UK to meet Suzy's favorite boyband "ONE DIRECTION".."

Nicole's Mom:"Yeah I should get the tickets tomorrow and give it to the girls."


=Michelle's P.O.V=

My mother called me awhile ago she said that we should meet them now.When we saw our parents we wave our hands to them so that we will get their attention.we sat beside our parents when my mother started the conversation......

"So we called you to say something important.."Suz's mom said with a huge smirk..

"yeah yeah.....straight to the point mom I am tired.."suzy whined...

"hey!don't be so rude Suzy!!"Marianne yelled

"Whatever..."Suzy said with a glare

"okay we bought you girls a............."Samantha's mom said

"A what??"Samantha with a smile

"WE BOUGHT YOU GIRLS A TICKET TO UK!!!"Suzy's mom yelled

"A TICKET TO WHAT???!!! I mean UK???!!girls am I DREAMING??"Suzy said with a perfect shape 'o' in her mouth

"No your not dear Suzy hahaha!!"Suzy's mom said

=Nicole's POV=

So when my mom bought 5 tickets to UK she gave it to us...Suzy Shriek because of joy...When we packed our things to get ready we gone to the airport

"Suzy are you sure you didn't forget some things??"I said while reading a book

"I'm sure I even got the most important things"Suzy said while texting someone

=Michelle's POV=

When we got to the airplane we watched some movies while eating and we talk and talk until we felt asleep when we woke up the plane landed in UK just in time we hurriedly get out of the plane to see some beautiful sceneries in UK until there's something caught my eye,there was a famous cake shop across the street we entered the shop and ordered some cakes...when we're about to pay for the cake we just realize that our money was in our luggages

"How did we forget our luggages??"Samantha said with wide eyes.

"Because of the beautiful shops in UK..We got distracted and forgot our bags"Marianne said with worried face

"No not that,it is beacause Suzy didn't get the bags!!"Michelle yelled to Suzy

"I'm not a strong person to carry all those bags!!"Suzy yelled back

=Nicole's POV=

My friends stopped arguing when we realized that there are so many girls screaming and shouting.Suzy went to the window to figure out what's happening then she went back to us,shocked and screaming.She told us that ONE DIRECTION is there..the Curly boy entered the store to buy some food for the other members of that Boyband Suzy talking about.The curly boy saw Suzy staring at him he walked towards us and talked to Suzy.

=Suzy's POV=

Oh My God. is that Harry Styles??oh yeah didn't I mention that Harry Styles is my childhood slash bestfriend i was cut off in my daydream by waving a hand in front of me I realized it is Harry who is waving his hands on my face....

"Uhmmm....you look familiar"Harry said while looking at me from head to foot

"Uhhh don't you remember me....Im suzy your childhood friend??"

After i said that he stared at me for a minute then

"Oh yeah!!hey Suzy!!it's been a long time...!Why are you in here in UK??"

"Ohhh We're having a vacation here in UK"

"I see....Are you enjoying your stay here in UK?"

"No because we have a problem..We lost our money inside the airplane and now,we can't pay for the cakes we ate."

"Is that so??...I can pay for it"harry said with a grin

"thank you so much harry!!"

"by the way where do you stay??"

"uhmm we d------"I've been interrupted by my bestfriend Sam

"*cough* *cough* hmmmm who's he??"she said

"excuse me you don't know me??!!"harry said in shocked

"will I ask if i know you??duhhh....."

"stop it you guys....oh by the way this is Harry...Harry this are my bestfriends Michelle,Marianne,Nicole and Samantha"

"ohh...your name is samantha???"harry asked

"Are you deaf?!"Sam said

"Im just asking...."Harry pouted

"Whatever"Sam said while taking a sip in her coffee

"Suzy where do you stay again??"

"uhmmm actually we don't know yet"

"I have an idea!!"Harry exclaimed

"what is it??"Michelle asked

"You girls can stay at our flat!"

"no way!!!we can just fi----"

"Shut up Sam!!....Really you can let us stay at your flat ??"

"sure!!why not...?"

"thank you"we all yelled except for Sam and Marianne

=Samantha's POV=

While Suzy and Harry are chatting ,We saw four boys entered the shop..Harry stood and waved at the four boys...I bet they are the other members of 1D...

"Guys!!this is Suzy the girl i talked about when we were in X factor, my childhood friend"Suzy blushed a little....wait is she blushing??!!really??!

"and this are her bestfriend Michelle,Marianne,Samantha and Nicole"

"Hi!!"we said in chorus

"girls this are my bandmates Louis ,Zayn,Niall,Liam"

"Hi girls!!"they shouted

"It is nice to meet all of you but we need to go now...Harry paul said that he is outside of the store now"I think it is liam who spoke

"Uhmmm liam,guys uh I told the girls that they can stay at our flat..is it okay with you guys??"Harry asked

"Sure!!"they all chorused

I have a weird feeling I think someone is staring at me the whole time......



whooppp!!! first chapter is done.sorry if theres a mistake.....This is OUR first story me and my classmates are making this story so plsss support it... i'll update soon

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