Y.O.L.O (You Only Love Once)

Hi! I transferred my story from wattpad..Hope yah like it!


4. Meeting G Dragon,,Heartbrakes

=Nicole's POV=

We bought 10 shopping bags from different stores.While we are in the food court,I saw a familiar face he looks like my boyfriend.....When he removed his glasses I felt shocked because Its him!!Its Kwon Ji yong he is one of the members of K-pop group called 'BigBang' and he is my...............BOYFRIEND....I asked myself why is he here in UK??....While my friends are eating I have a chance to talk to him..."Uhmm...excuse me for a second"I said while grabbing my purse "Where are you going?"Sam asked me "I'm going to the bathroom.."I smiled "Oh okay....."she said..When I went out from the bathroom I saw my friends laughing...I didn't mind them..When I remembered my boyfriend when I looked at his table,He's still there!!!I went to his table and talked to him.."Uhmm..excuse me"I said while tapping his shoulder "What do y----...Nicole!!long time no see!!!"he hugged me.."hey! ji----"he cut me off "Don't call me ji yong"he whispered "But why??" "Don't ask" "Ok,Whatever you say"I rolled my eyes "So,why are you here in UK??"I asked "I went here for a vacation and I wanted to see you...I missed you Nicole!!!" "I missed you too ji---" I said "Wait,what do you want me to call you??" I asked him "Oh,just call me Daniel" "Wow...As I was saying....I missed you too Daniel!!"We hugged each other tight...I went back to my friends with Daniel.."Hey!!ji y-----"I cut them off "Guys!!He doesn't like to call him Kwon ji yong...just call him Daniel.."I whispered to them "Okaaayyyyy.....Hello!!Daniel"My friends said..."So,what are you doing here???DANIEL"She laughed "I'm here fot a vacation and to spend time with my girl"he said while wiggling his eyebrows "Awwww....that's so sweet!!!"Sam said...."Love is in the aiiiiirrrrrr!!!!"Suzy yelled...the people beside us looked at us weirdly..."Ooopppss!!Sorry"Suzy said.."By the way where do you stay??"He asked me "We are staying in a house with One Direction...actually that's their house..."Nicole said "Is that so??"He said "We are just staying there for a SHORT time,right guys??" "But I want to stay there until our vacation is over!!"Sam complained "Yeah.....me too!"Suzy said "Whatever....How about you,Where do you stay??"I asked him "I am staying in the hotel for awhile..." ....."And How long are you going to stay here??"Suzy asked him "On friday I will go back to Korea to continue my career.."He said....He's leaving in Friday??!If he's leaving on friday I will going to make sure that he will enjoy his vacation here in UK...:))))

=Michelle's POV=

I'm here at the park waiting for Jonathan...I met him in the school when I slipped on the floor,I was expecting to hit the ground but when I opened my eyes I saw a big brown eyes staring at me...He catched me when I slipped the floor and that was.......EMBARASSING!!!.....I've been interrupted when someone tapped my shoulder.."Sorry I'm late"He said "It's okay!!So..Where are we going??" "Uhhh....It's a Suprise!!!"He said smiling "Urgghh!!I hate Suprises!!"I whispered ".....We went inside the car and he drove to our destination....When we arrived I saw Beautiful Garden with a big tree and many colorful flowers....Under that tree I saw a mat and a picnic basket...."Suprise!!!!Did you like it??"He asked me "No I don't like it..."I said "But....Why?.."He asked with a sadness in his voice "Because I love it!!"I hugged him "Really??!!Then make yourself comfortable.."He smiled..We started to eat and talk then he asked me to dance.."Michelle...If someone says he likes you....would you like him too??"He asked me while we are dancing "Well..It depends on how he treats me and how he show his love to me.." "Why do you ask??"I continued "Because...I-I....." He said nervously "You,what??"I asked him "I Love You"He said staring into my eyes "I loved you since I met you,When I catched you when you fell on the ground,I felt sparks inside me and that is the day I believed in LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT but if you love someo----"I cut him off"I Like You too Jonathan.."I said "You like me too??" "Y-yeah.." "If that is...Michelle Dela Cruz will you be my girl??"When I heard those words I felt butterflies inside my stomach "I would love to!!"I hugged him tight..then I saw my watch and it's already......9pm??!!!Oh My!!I told my friends that I'll be back at 7 but now it's already 9!!"Jonathan!!I need to go home now...My friends will gonna kill me.."I said while panicking "Don't worry,I will take you home.."He smiled.When we said goodbye's to each other,I opened the gate and I saw Liam standing on the door "Where have you been??"He asked me"I went on a date." "With who?!" "With my boyfriend"his eyes widened when he heard I said 'Boyfriend'...Wait is he jealous?? "Y-you have a B-Boyfriend??"He said "Yeah.." " Since when??"He asked me "1 Hour ago" "Ohh...Okay..Let's go inside and have a rest"......

=Liam's POV=

When she said she has a boyfriend..I felt sadness with a mix of anger and jealousy..I don't know why I feel this but I think I like her...While I am in a daydream I felt a tears streaming down on my face...Am I crying??No this is wrong!!I shouldn't be angry because were just FRIENDS...I'll just stay away from her before i'll do something to ruin their relationship...


Awww....Sorry if it is short....

Keep Calm and Love 1D!!


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