Y.O.L.O (You Only Love Once)

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3. Lourian<3

=Nicole's POV=

When the movie is over we decided to get some sleep."Okay...It's time for bed!!"Liam said "Wait..are we leaving this two sleeping in the couch??"Michelle asked us "We can't just wake them up ..look at them they look cute together when they're sleeping.."Sam smiled "By the way I want to sleep guys so Goodnight!!"she continued.We went to our room leaving Harry and Suzy asleep on the couch and the boys doing crazy things to them..When we entered the room we saw Sam sitting in her bed reading something "I thought you were asleep"I asked her "Actually guys I'm not sleepy I just want to be alone to think about something..."She said "Or should I say SOMEONE.."I corrected her "yeahh SOMEONE.."Sam said while frowning "Is it Niall??"Marianne asked her..she nodded "Do you want to talked about it?"Michelle asked her "No need guys..I'll just go to sleep and forget about it.."She said while smiling "Okay let's go to bed!!GOODNIGHT everyone!!"I shouted,We said goodnight's to each other then we fell asleep...

=Suzy's POV=

time check '2:48 am'..I was awaken by someone who is shouting in the balcolny..I went outside to check who it was then when I peeked in window I saw Harry talking someone in his phone..I was just curious who it was so I decided to listen to theit conversation "Sorry Caroline but I like someone better than you!!"harry yelled..."No!!I'm not cheating on you nor using you...because I never LOVED you!!!"he continued "Sorry Caroline..I never had a feelings for you..."he said before he turned off his phone.."Harry..."I said while sitting beside him.."Oh..Suzy you heard all of it??"He asked "No,I heard you said 'Sorry Caroline but I like someone better than you' and 'No!I'm not cheating on you nor blah blah blah....' that's all"I said he laughed when I imitated his voice.."So,where are the others and do you know why am I sleeping in the couch??"I asked "I think they went upstairs...and your not the only one sleeping in the couch..I think we fell asleep while we were watching the scary movie"he replied "Ohh....It's already 3:20 am..we should go to sleep.."I said,he nodded..We went back to the sofa then we fell asleep my head is resting in his shoulder and his arms in my waist...

=Marianne's POV=

I was in a deep sleep when I felt someone lay beside me when I turned around to check who it was I saw a green beautiful eyes,Louis is staring at me,"Hello love""Ahhhh!!!" I accidentally pushed him out of my bed,He fell on the ground while glaring at me I was laughing so hard but when I saw him glaring at me I immediately stopped from laughing "You think its funny?!"he shouted "nope" I said "then why were laughing??"He asked me again "Because its funny??"I said nervously "Oh your gonna pay for it!!!"He yelled while he has an evil smirk on his face,He climbed into my bed and started to tickle me,He stopped when someone opened the door "Hey guys!!Brea-----Oh..Am I disturbing something??"Sam said teasingly "Ye--"I cut him off "No your not he's just playing around,So what were you saying??"I said while smiling "Oh right..BREAKFAST IS READY!!"she said while leaving us alone in the bedroom "Come on Louis lets go downstairs"I said while hopping out of my bed,"Louis??" "Yes??"he asked "I said let's go downstairs.." "Okay" He said...when we entered the kitchen Suzy,Michelle,Sam,Nicole and the boys are staring at us while having a huge smile on their faces.."Is there something wrong with my face??"Louis asked "Louis how dare you!!"Harry yelled at him "Why??!!what's the problem?!"He asked harry "Y-You C-cheated on me"Harry said while making a fake cry "What are talking about?!I bever cheated on you HazzaBear!!"Louis said while hugging Harry "Really??!"Harry asked him,Louis nodded "Okay,what's going on??"I said while laughing "You!!you're the one who ruined our relationship!!"Harry said while pointing at me "Me??!!""Yes!!you ru-----"Nicole cut him off "Shut it Harry....So Marianne is true that you two are having a SWEET moments??"Nicole said emphasizing the word 'SWEET' " Yes we a--"I cut Louis' sentence "No were not!I accidentally pushed him so he's just getting a revenged"I explained "Wait,who told you THAT story??"I said,they all pointed to Sam..."WHY DID YOU TELL THEM SIS?!!!"I asked her "It Do-----"Niall cut her off "You Two are SISTERS???!!"He asked us "Oh yeah I forgot,You guys don't know their full names.."Suzy said "Let me introduce ourselves to you...again"Michelle said "Hi!!I'm Michelle Dela Cruz"she continued "Hello!!I'm Nicole Gonzales""Hey!My name is Samantha Moore""And me,My name is Marianne Moore"I said "You look like a twins"Harry said "No were not....Im a year older than her"I smiled "Yeah..Im 17 years old and she is 18 years old"Sam said "So we have the same age!!"Niall said happily while putting his arm around her shoulder and wiggling his eyebrows "Hey! Don't touch my sister!!!"I said "Why?!"Niall said calmly.

=Sam's POV=

While Marianne and Niall are arguing.I have a chance to talk to Louis..."Hey Louis!"I whispered to him "Yes Love?" "Uhmm can I talk to you for a minute" " Sure" "In private??" he nod "Good..Follow me" I went to the balcony,We sat to the bench beside us.."Louis can I ask you a question??" "About what??" "About You and my.........sister" His eyes widened when he heard I said 'my sister' "Uhhhh...Free to a----" "Do you like my sister??"I cut him off "Do I like who!!!???"He asked "I said Do.You.Like.My.Sister.??"I said slowly "I...I-I......" "Oh come on!!!I know you like her.." "Y-yes I-I like H-her"he said while blushing "Hah!!I knew it!!" I said happily "But How did you know??" "Duh??! Isn't it obvious...the way you look at her,the way you smile at her.......When you look at her your eyes are sparkling...and when Nicole asked you the Sweet thing before you both blushed....."I said "Look at you!!!You are blushing!!"I shouted "Shhh....Keep quiet someone might hear you..."he whispered "Can you help me??" "I think you don't need my help because SHE LIKES YOU!"I whispered to him,I left him in a deep thought then I heard him shouting my name....When I entered the kitchen I found the girls sitting on the counter.."Sam!Where did you go??"Marianne asked me "Oh something important..."I said then I recieved a 'Tell me later' look from Marianne.."Okay...So Sam!!were going shopping!!!"Marianne shrieked while clapping her hands.."Im not going with you guys.."Michelle said while texting someone "Oohh tell me!!"I said "Umm I just met HIM last week.." she said "HIM...."we chorused "yeah HIM,So today we were having a date.." "Date?!" we all asked "yep!so bye guys I'll be back at 7"she said while leaving us in the kitchen "Come on guys let's get changed" I smiled......"Suzy!!Are you done!!??"Nicole yelled outside the bathroom "5 Minutes!!"Suzy said from the bathroom.Suzy is currently changing her clothes, When Suzy walked out from the bathroom we all stared at her.."OMG!!Sis you look gorgeous!!"Marianne said "You too guys!!" Suzy said......Suzy is wearing a Stencil Print Maxi Dress and a Bow t-strap sandals,Nicole is wearing a black t-shirt,a pinkish shorts,an anchor necklace and a Black VANS shoes,Marianne is wearing a floral dress and a flat sandals and I am wearing a Superman Hoodie,A denim shorts. ,a ray ban sunglasses and a Blue VANS shoes....we went downstairs and we saw the boys playing Mario Cart."Hey guys!!"I shouted.Zayn paused the game and looked at us...when the boys looked at us their eyes widened and stared at us."Uhmm boys were leaving today"Marianne said awkwardly "Where are you going?"Louis asked her "We're going to the mall today.."she said "oh okay well have fun!"He said "oh by the way girls,you all look pretty!!"They chorused..."Okay...Bye guys!!!"we left the house and went to the mall...

=Nicole's POV=

When we left the house I saw Zayn staring at me the whole time...What's up with him??.......


Cliffhanger!!thanks for reading guys!!=**


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