Y.O.L.O (You Only Love Once)

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2. Hide and Seek,Scary Movies

=Michelle's POV=

When we arrived to the boys house I went to the balcolony to get some fresh air then suddenly I heard foot steps,I turned around and saw Liam standing at the door....

"Uhmm where are the others??"I asked him..

"Louis and Niall ran into the kitchen to get some food and the others are in the living room"He replied

"I see....." then I saw him staring at me.....I He's been staring at me since Suzy introduced us to them....I wonder why...??

"Why are you staring at me like that?"

"Uhh...nothing....there's just a...um.."He said nervously

When I looked at him he is looking at me and he blushed,His face is like a tomato by the way he looks cute when he's blus------......WAIT!!DID I JUST SAY HE IS CUTE?!?!

"there's what??"I asked curiously...."There's a dirt on your face"....OHHH!!this is so embarassing.."Really??! where??" "Let me wipe it for you"He put his finger on my cheeks then I felt butterflies on my stomach...NO!this can't be happening and how come I didn't felt that dirt on my cheeks..-_-'

=Marianne's POV=

I was in the kitchen watching how Harry cooks,It smells so good he's like a pro when it comes in cooking I'm in a deep thought until someone screamed in the living room,I went to the living room to check it out.I saw Niall and Louis shouting and hitting each other while the others are laughing

"Give me back my donuts!!!"Niall yelled

"No way NIALLER!!"Louis stuck his tongue out

"You guys are really annoying"Zayn said while looking in the mirror

"Hey Louis!!how about if I buy you some carrots in the grocery??"Samantha suggested

"Okay!!can we go now??!!"Louis said like a 2 year old boy

"Sure just give that donuts back to the Blondie..."she said with a huge smile on her face

"Oh right....Nialler here's your donut"

"Uhmm Sam??can I come with you too??"Niall said with a puppy eyes..

"Oh sure!!..i'll go get changed"she said before leaving the room

=Samantha's POV=

(Samantha's outfit on the side -------->) After I changed my clothes I left our room and went down the stairs I saw Niall and Louis sitting on the couch waiting for me.

"Hey!let's go??"I asked

"Let's!"Louis screamed

Louis went outside the house when I realized that Niall is still sitting on the couch staring....at me??! I heard Louis calling our names......I talked to Niall I said that we need to go but he's not listening to me so I decided to call Louis..


"COMING!!"I heard him shouted back

"So what's the problem love??"

"Can you please tell Niall that we need to go??He's not listening to me"I pouted


"NIALL SAM SAID THAT WE NEED TO GO.....NOW!!!"Louis screamed in his ears...Niall fell on the floor with a shock expression in his face

"What was that for??"he asked

"Well,your not listening to what I am saying so I decided to call Louis for help..."I said with a smirk

"Ohh....."he said

"So shall we??"Louis asked

"We shall!!!"We shouted

So were here at the cashier paying for all the foods we bought....Niall almost bought the half of the store,our cart is full of chips,sodas an other fatty foods Louis bought a 2 bags of carrots....We were now leaving the grocery shop...When we arrived to their flat we saw the others watching a movie liam paused the movie when he noticed us he helped me with the groceries

"Niall did you bought the half of the store again??"Liam asked

"umm no??"he said nervously

"Niall the last time I checked that I warned you not to buy so many junk foods....it is bad for your health!!!"Liam said acting like a father.."

=Michelle's POV=

Were here in the living room sitting on the couch while talking...

"Guys!can we play some games I'm getting bored"Zayn complained

"So what kind of game??any suggestions??"Nicole asked us..Louis immediately raised his hand

"I know!!I know!!can we play truth or dare???"Louis begged.."Boring!!"Niall shouted "how 'bout Hide and Seek??"Niall suggested.."No Niall too childish"Liam rejected

"How about we play Hide and Seek with a twist!!"Louis said while raising his two hands "What kind of twist??"Marianne asked him "the twist is.....we should group ourselves into five groups...so there are two members in each group..."Louis said "oh hey Louis!!can Suzs be my partner??"Harry pleaded "is it okay to you Suzy??"Louis asked "Uhmm...Sure??"Suzy said then Harry sat beside her and put his arm around his shoulder "Thanks Love!!"Harry said "Hey!!no PDA allowed!!"Nicole shouted at them Suzy blushed a little when Harry winked at her...."So...Zayn your partner will be Nicole!!"Louis continued with a smirk "Whatt??!!Can umm Sam be my partner??!!"Nicole panicked "No Way!!! I want Sam to be my partner!!"Niall yelled at her....Sam blushed when she heard it."Sam do you want Niall to be your partner??"Louis asked Sam "Sure!!why not??"she said with a smirk....I looked at Niall and I saw him blushing and I looked back at Sam she is blushing too hmm...I think they like each other..x)) "okay...Liam and Michelle and Me and Marianne...Is that clear??"Louis asked "Sir yes sir!!"we laughed "Harry and Suzy do you want to be the first one to find us ??" they looked to each other first then they nod in agreement.."On the count of ten..." they started counting then we started running..I wish were not the first who will get caught.x)

=Marianne's POV=

When they started counting,Louis ran into the closet so I followed him "So what's the plan??" "uhmm...I don't know." "What!!?"I shouted at him "How co-----" he puts his hands on my mouth "Shhh!!keep quiet!!"he whispered...we heard footsteps at the door "Marianne!!Louis!!come out wherever you are!!"someone shouted but I think its nicole and Zayn "I have a plan"I smirked evily "what?"he whispered "Should we scare them or not" "Great idea!"he said while he's trying not to laugh.."On the count of three...One..................Two....................THREE!!!BOOOOOO!!!!!!"Zayn screamed like a little girl and Nicole ran outside the room..and Louis and I are laughing like there's no tomorrow!..."Oh my god Zayn you should have seen your face!!"I said while laughing so hard....were here in the living room we got caught by Liam and Michelle we didn't noticed that there were four people in that room,We just got bored playing hide and seek so we decided to watch a movie........

"Guys!so what kind movie??"Sam asked "Ooohhhh we want scary movies!!"Niall said "Scary movies??really??"Suzy said while eating some ice cream "Hey Suzy can I have some"Niall asked while he's holding a spoon "No way Nialler!!!"Suzy said while taking the ice cream away from Niall..."pwulleeeaaassshhhh!!!"Niall said with puppy eyes "No!!!"she said "Don't worry Blondie you can have mine."Sam said while giving the ice cream to Niall "Oh!!thank you so much Sam!!"He said happily "Can we watch the Scary movie 3??"Liam asked...."No!!I don't want...I'm scared!!"Michelle complained.."Yeah!..can we just watch something like Comedy or Romance??"Marianne suggested "Nope...we will watch this movie 'Scary Movie 3'..."Harry said while smiling "bu---" "No buts!!!"he said "don't worry girls,you can just hug us when you girls are scared...."Niall said......when the killing moments entered I saw Michelle covering her eyes with some pillows and Nicole watching the movie seriously while Sam is hiding his face with her hands Niall comforted Sam He hugged her awww......then I saw something really cute I saw Harry and Suzy sleeping on the other side of the couch Suzy's head rested in Harry's shoulder they are so adorable....


Yehey!!chapter 2 is done!!sorry if there's a mistake =))...Good night guys :***



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