Y.O.L.O (You Only Love Once)

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6. Confessions and a NEW GIRL?!

=Louis' POV= 


We stopped laughing when we heard Michelle and Nicole entered the room,"What did we missed??"Nicole asked "Nothing....we only played truth or dare"I said "So,how's your date??"Suzy asked Nicole"It's fun!!We ate in our fa----"Zayn cut her off "I'll go upstairs.."He said while leaving the room "Me too."Liam said and he followed Zayn in their room."What's up with them?They've been acting very strange"Michelle said "What if you go talk to them??"Niall suggested "Okay....We'll go get change and talk to them"They smiled and run upstairs..."I'm Hungry!!!"Niall whined "It's easy for you to say,My poor carrots are inside the trash rather than my stomach.."I pout "Don't worry Louis,We can buy another carrot"Marianne smiled "Niall,Let's go to the park and eat some ice cream"Sam said "Can we come??"Harry and Suzy said "Sure!!Marianne and Louis wanna come??"She asked us "No thanks love,Im still upset about my carrots"I said while frowning "Me too...I wanna stay inside the house"Marianne said "Okay bye guys!!"They waved "So Louis,Do you know what is the reason why Liam and Zayn acting very strange?"She ask "Maybe,They're just jealous"I laughed "Jealous??....too bad my bestfriends are taken"She chuckled...awww...she's so cute.."Louis??are you listening??"she wave her hands in my face "Oh!!Im so sorry!!what is it again?" "I said what do you want to do??cause I'm getting bored"She whined "okayy....Uhhh.....Let's play a game." "what game??" "Do you know how to play a Wii??" "Of course!!"She said happily "Let's play tennis!"I shouted "Challenge Accepted!"She laughed....While we are playing Tennis we heard someone running from the stairs,We paused the game and we saw Michelle and Nicole..."How was it??"Marianne teased them "Shh....Stop it"I whisper "Well,we already know why they're acting very strange"Nicole frowned "then,what is it?" "They're........JEALOUS...and they confessed their feelings for us"Michelle said calmly "They confessed??Wow!"I said in shocked "Where are the others?"Michelle ask "Oh..they went to the park for a while..."Marianne said "Okayy....Marianne wanna come with us??"Nicole said while picking her purse "Where??" she asked them "We're going to the grocery store" "I don't want guys....maybe next time"she half smiled "Why??" "cause I wanna stay at home and relax"she said "okay....bye guys!"they waved "Shall we continue?"I asked her "Sure!!!"....she shouted...

=Niall's POV=

While we are eating our ice cream Me and Sam sit on the bench while Suzy and Harry sit on the swings "So the 'feeling' you were saying....Is that really true??"she asked "Uh.......Y-yes it's.............True..."I said nervously...I look at her and she dropped her ice cream "Im sorry....uhm..I need to go buy another ice cream" "No..you can have mine.."I smiled "you sure?" "Yep!" "Thank you so much Niall!"she hugged me so thight..I can feel my cheeks heat up "Hey...Niall you're BLUSHING.."she chuckled....I opened my mouth to say something "You're so Cute!"she pinched my cheeks "Sam!!O-owww"I said while laughing.....when she stopped she started licking her ice creeam again..."Sam??can I ask you something?"I said nervously "Sure...what is it?" "Do you like..................Someone??" she look at me and stared for a minute then she look away again "Y-yes"she whispered...I heard it..When she said it my heart was about to explode I felt jealousy inside me "Really??then who is it??" "It's...........Y-you"She blushed...did I heard it right??she likea me back??!!Woooohooo!!!This is the best day of my life "M-me??!"I said happily,she nod in response...."Really??!!" she laughed "what's funny??I ask "You're so cute!!!....Niall I seriously like you...believe it or not."She laugh "I like you too Sam"I said and kiss her cheek...We went to Suzy and Harry with our hands interwined.......


While Sam and Niall laughing together,Me and Suzy are sitting on the swings "Suzy,Do yoi remember when me and Caroline fought?" "Yes,why do you ask?" "Nothing" I smiled....While Suzy eating her ice cream I stared at her for a minute..until I heard her chuckled "Like what you seeing huh??"She teased "N-no!I'm not!"I shouted "I'm just joking....you're so guilty.."She chuckled "By the way,why did you fought with Caroline??"I stop and stared at the ground....Should I tell her?? "It's okay if you don't want to talk about it"she smiled to me "No,I want you to know the reason" "Tell me." "well,we fought because I fell inlove with somebody else..." "Really??oohhh tell me tell me!!" "Uhmm...I know we're just friends but I can't take it anymore??" "What do you mean?"the smile on her face shrinked "It's you!!!I like you Suzy!!I really do like you!!"I shouted..she stared at the floor and blushed "Well,Harry....I-I like you too"She blushed

=Suzy's POV=

When he confessed his feeling for me..I think I am the luckiest girl in the world!!He stood behind me and hugged me from the back "I LOVE YOU"he whispered...those three words melt my heart "I love you too Harry" I said while smiling,He walk infront of me and lean closer to me...until I felt his soft lips into mine...we stopped kissing when someone screamed.."Ahhh!My beautiful eyes!!"Sam screamed while covering her eyes"Sam!stop it!!"I laughed "Is it over??"she peeked "yes it's over!"I yelled...."Thank God!"she sighed in relief then laughed

=Harry's POV=

"So,Sam what is your status??"Sizy asked her "We are currently DATING!"Niall said emphasizing the word 'Dating' "How '.bout you guys??"He asked..I grab Suzy's hand "We are currently DATING too" I laughed...we stopped talking when we heard someone screamed again...."Help!!Help!!!" 

we heard a girly voice..we look at each other then we run into the bushes where we heard the voice..We saw the 2 boys holding a knife..I immediately punch the man in his face and Niall punch the other man in his stomach...when they ran away we help yhe girl to get up.."Hey...you alright??" "Im F-fine"she said "What's your name?"Sam ask her "My name is Z-Zaira Edwards..." "Why are you here alone in the park?"I ask her "The boys brought me here and try to kill me"She cried "Shh....Don't cry..it's all over now.."Sam hugged her then Suzy join them... "Zaira...we'll take you home"Suzy smiled "No!!please don't!!"she pleaded "Why??" "Because my Dad will gonna beat me again"she continued to sob "Okay....You can stay at our house for a while"Niall suggested "O-okay..."She half smiled..



Done!!a new character ehh??xD 

I'll update soon!!!:**Love you guys!!


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