Y.O.L.O (You Only Love Once)

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10. Anna Barbara

~Sam's POV~

"This is all YOUR fault.!"I said sitting on the couch

"What?it is all your fault,I was just drinking your milk when you jump on my back"he said

We just called the repair man to repair the heater.

"whatever mr.blondieee..."

"Don't call me that"He said

It's been hours since I didn't check my twitter,yep!imma twitter addict!,I laugh at that thought when Niall gave me weird looks

"Are you crazy?"He laughed

"Yes I am!"I said giggling

"I don't know why I fell inlove with a crazy girl"he smiled

"And I don't know why I fell inlove with a crazy boy"I said looking at my twitter then I heard a capture sound

"What was that?"I looked at him

"See for yourself"he winked

"wh---"I was cut off when my phone rang

'@NiallOfficial:Busy doin' something on twitter..Sorry babe!<3;) @PrincessBerrieee #Siall #milkcarton #AngryLiam'

"Angry Liam?Really?"I laughed

I wa checking the fans reply when one of them got my attention

'@AnnaBarbara:Aww..My baby is all grown up,you guys are so cute.!I miss you Sam and your Sister...Love you both<3 #Siall" It's my mom

I quickly replied to her tweet 

'@PrincessBerrieee:Mom! @AnnaBarbara I miss you two!I wish your here with me in Uk..;(( Love you MOM!<3<3"

"Hey..you okay?"Niall looked so worried

"Yeah..it's my mom,I miss her"I said

"What's her name?"

"Anna..Anna Barbara"I looked at him and he started thinking

"Familiar...."He said

"Oh I know!I heard there's a missing princess in london 16 years ago and they say her name Anna Barbara...maybe she's the missing princess!"He said happily

"Niall..It's too impossible we live in the U.S and the princess lives in London"I sighed

"And There are many people in the world named Anna Barbara"I continued

"But they said she has two daughters and don't lose hope maybe she's the princess"he smiled

"If she's the princess why did she leave?"I asked him

"We don---" *DING DONG* "OOHH!the repairman has arrived!"Niall ran into the door and gave the man a big simle

"Niall!let him in.."I laughed

"Come in mr.repairman I'll show you where the heater is"he smiled again

~Marianne's POV~

I am currently playing The Sims 3 on Louis' Laptop when I heard my phone beep


    ~Marianne!Sorry we won't be in the house until 9pm because were trapped in a jewelry store,the fans is getting crazy outside.!~"

I replied "Okay" and "Take care"


I went downstairs to our dinner,then I saw Sam watching TV "Sam do you want to help me cook our dinner?"I asked her "Okay..Sure"she smiled

We went to the kitchen and we gather all the things we need to prepare our dinner 

"Sam where is Niall and Liam?"I asked her

"Niall is in the basement and I don't know where Liam is..Maybe he's in Louis' room"she said while chopping the onions

"Marianne,I need to talk to you about our mother"She said

"What is it?"

"Um..Niall said that there is a missing princess in London last 16 years and he said that her name is Anna Barbara and she has two kids"she explained

"When Niall told me that..that story keeps bothering me"she continued

"It's been 16 years now..Maybe they found her or maybe they stop searching for her"I said looking for some pepper

"Maybe we should ask our mother if she knows about it..because last 3 years remember when Mom is crying because she heard in the news that the king in London died..."I said

"Okaayy..."she sighed


*Dun Dun dun DUUUUUNNN!!xD Sorry Short chapter for today..;) Goodnight Sorry for the wrong spelling/grammar....;)



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