Love Game (Sasuke love story)

Reina is a girl that like playing love games. Flirting, making people blush, making them love her. She loves the entertainment and think its funny. But it's not JUST BECAUSE it's funny, also because she needs it. She got to do it anyways, she has to. After Reina joins the Akatsuki, she finds it fun teasing and flirting around in the Akatsuki. Until her curse comes true. She meets Sasuke and falls in love with him, this time in real, but if she really loves him, she should stay away from him. She should never have let him known her. She should disappear.


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2



I was walking away from this town. I got bored, really. I've really stayed long enough, I needed to move on to another.

As I was walking I thought about how I could get some more money, and my chakra was going low... I had to find someone, a boy. If you think that I try on every boy, that's totally wrong! I actually only try on boys that are: 




-Worth it

With worth it, I mean ninjas, and those with chakra. Then it's worth it. I'm not like doing some kind of things without even thinking.

At the moment, I was walking in a forest. I suddenly felt... Something must be wrong! I sensed chakra...closer and closer.

A blond guy and another old man were in the way. They had black....and red and white clouds. No doubt! They were from the Akatsuki. What were they doing?

"The Akatsuki..." I almost whispered.

The blond guy replied. "Wow, we are quiet famous I guess, un."

"We need you to join the Akatsuki, un." the blond informed me.

Me? Why me? Like how did they even get to know about me?

"Who are you?"

"I'm Deidara, and this is my danna, Sasori."

Sasori that left twenty years ago, huh?


"Well...un... We are running short on people. We need new members, un."

So.. That explains, but still, how did they get to know me?

"So, are you joining, un? Not that you've got a choice."

Well, if I didn't even have a choice, then I don't think I can turn this chance down, could I?

I looked at the old man. Something was familiar, something. I could feel that I knew him, his chakra.

"Of course." I said after a silence that felt like forever.

"Ahh... She is not worth joining, look, she didn't even fight us, un. She just accepted it! Even I fought, un."

"Shut up, brat."

Wow, that old mans voice was dark, tired and old. What a voice... He had stared at me ever since he saw me. That was weird... As if he knew me, but I'm totally sure that I've never ever seen him before. Strange.




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