Love Game (Sasuke love story)

Reina is a girl that like playing love games. Flirting, making people blush, making them love her. She loves the entertainment and think its funny. But it's not JUST BECAUSE it's funny, also because she needs it. She got to do it anyways, she has to. After Reina joins the Akatsuki, she finds it fun teasing and flirting around in the Akatsuki. Until her curse comes true. She meets Sasuke and falls in love with him, this time in real, but if she really loves him, she should stay away from him. She should never have let him known her. She should disappear.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1


Reina's POV

I was just walking around when I saw the bar. So I went in. Loud music, lots of people, but what caught my eyes was that really hot-looking boy or maybe man I should say, that was sitting beside the bar, drinking, with lots of girls all around him.

His red hair, spiky and smooth and those brown eyes of his really could make girls fall for him. Well, any girl but me. But what could I do?

I went over to him and heard girls around question him about what kind of girls he liked. Then, when I was near enough, I sat on his lap. He looked at me in a way that told me he was bored and actually not really amazed over this action. Well, he should be.. Cause he was going to be amazed!

I throw one of my arms over his shoulder, behind his neck. I rested my head on his shoulder, then whispered:
"Well, what do you prefer? Cute girls? Sweet girls, hot girls, smooth girls, silent girls?" I giggled a bit.

He looked at me. No answer. Then he stood up, took his glassm, drank all the beer and gone out the door. Haha, he was just too weak. Couldn't he even stand that?

Game over. Now that he gone, I didn't have anything to do in the bar any longer. Boring... So I got myself some drink, then went out and began walking without any clear mind.


So that was just the introduction! Hope you liked it! In case you still didn't quiet understand, that "boy" was Sasori! XP

In the next chapter there will be more, and more action than this. This was just a little, short introduction!

I am not really pro in making book covers, but I'll do that later. For now, I'll just have this boring cover.

Vote, comment and keep reading! Then I'll update faster! ;)

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