Destiny Foretold

Kelly and Annabelle have been best friends for years. When Kelly is in an accident and is hit by 1D tour bus she is rushed to hospital. Annabelle comes to the hospital and finds 5 familiar guys around, Annabelle has a flashbacks of when in yr 8 she had dreams about Kelly and this moment. What happens when Annabelle finds out who she really is? Will she be safe or will she put everyone in danger?


6. Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Kelly's POV*

I look inside my walk-in wardrobe and quickly look for something to wear. As I was looking through I found a dress I thought I had lost, it was Anna's present to me for my 15th b'day and that time I was short and chubby I should say. It was a strapless with cherry pink lace  outlining the purple velvet dress, it was mid thigh length and it looked gorgeous. I looked at the size, 14. Hmm, it should fit. When I put it on and looked at my huge mirror I saw a beautiful girl looking back at me. The dress tugged perfectly to my every curve and it made my legs look look really long, it also made my ocean blue eyes and blond, curly hair stand out, in fact it would look great with my black wedges and a few accessories. I saved that dress for my 1D concert because Harry won't be able to  take his eyes off me. I looked through and finally found a light blue tank top and denim skirt and also blue flats to go with it and I was off to Anna's place with my special present, her One Direction concert ticket!

Anna's POV*

Someone was knocking on the door, mum and dad said they were going shopping. I wonder who it might be, maybe it could be......TIM! He lives just down the road. Shit! I ran to the bathroom, put on something good, let my hair down and applied mascara and ran down the stairs and opened the door. To my disappointment it was only Kelly. "Hey", she said smiling, "you going somewhere?" She asked."No, but we can go to Starbucks and talk because I need to tell you something", I replied after all I was dressed. "Fine by me and I have to give you your tickets for the concert". OMFG!! I'm going to my first 1D concert ever. She gave me the tickets and I ran to my room and hid it in my secret spot no one knew about, not even Kelly and that's saying something. On my way back I grabbed my bag and my phone and the keys of the house and locked all the doors."I'm ready", I announced walking to Kelly's car. "That was fast", Kelly said. I got on the passenger side and she started the car, on our way she blasted Take Me Home all the way there, we both sung our hearts out.


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