Destiny Foretold

Kelly and Annabelle have been best friends for years. When Kelly is in an accident and is hit by 1D tour bus she is rushed to hospital. Annabelle comes to the hospital and finds 5 familiar guys around, Annabelle has a flashbacks of when in yr 8 she had dreams about Kelly and this moment. What happens when Annabelle finds out who she really is? Will she be safe or will she put everyone in danger?


5. Chapter 4


Annabelle's POV*

"When you gonna go?" I asked. "Most probably next week", replied mum. So soon I thought. Me and Kelly gonna have the time of our lives. I went upstairs and picked a movie to watch on my smart TV. I love it when my parents aren't there, I mean they don't know how bad we are. I get my laptop and check my Facebook profile.

*New message from Tim*

T- Hey Anna !

A- Heyy 

T- How's it goin??

A- Gwd, wbu?

T- not bad, I was wondering if you might want to hang out sometime, I mean it's ok if you don't.

A- I have to go I'll talk later. Bye.


I love you Annabelle, he said. I love you too Steve, I replied. 


How could I have been so stupid enough to trust him, I mean he was charming, smart in fact he was everything I wanted, then he goes and stabs me on the back and uses me. I spend months crying over him and I could't face anyone, the only person that knew about that was Kelly, from then on I decided I would never love anyone because I was afraid to get hurt. Really deep inside I wanted someone to come and make me feel good again and to forget the past. I want to be like Kelly who forgets and forgives and has no regrets, and isn't so insecure and doesn't get hurt easily, unlike me. I should stop feeling so sorry for myself, maybe I should give Tim a chance after all I have known him for years. I logged online and he was offline so I send him a message saying yes!

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